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 00INDEX . 11K 02-24-08 [No description available]

 P5SDB .ZIP 700K 11-06-02 [No Description File Found]

 WWSTAT4 .ZIP 83K 07-05-99 WWIV Logon Statistics and Quote of the Day.

 CBVV14 .EXE 237K 02-01-97 CallBack Verification for WWIV v1.4

 LOGON .ZIP 1K 02-01-97 LOGON.MSG uses substitution codes for user info.

 NEWUSER2.ZIP 10K 11-10-96 This program thinks that the gfiles\users\ directory is on the current drive and that it (NEWUSER.EXE) exists in your MAIN wwiv directory.

 WMCHAT12.ZIP 41K 11-03-96 WMChat v1.2 Replacement WWIV multinode chatroom! Compiles directly into the source code for maximum speed possible. Whispering, directing, 10 channels, SYSOP-CONFIGURABLE ACTIONS, sysop invisibility, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

 ICESTAT .ZIP 31K 10-14-96 .:| iceStat v1.00 - graphical user status progra Stat v1.00 iceStat v1.00 - graphical user status program Solid, robust

 AUTOM5 .ZIP 208K 09-15-96 | Automessage maker 5.00. By Ram Man | +------------------------------------+ | The Best Automessage Utility. | | Replaces WWIV'S automessage with | | one that is alot better. This | | program makes boarders,colors, | | Powerfull sysop tools are included | | in the registered Version |

 EP10 .ZIP 23K 09-15-96 This is another FREEWARE file brought to you by Every Find Out that your CO-SysOp REALLY needed to talk to you about that hacker on your board?? :-) BUT YOUR PAGER WAS OFF??? This is an EMERGANCY pager. Set up your own CASE SENSITIVE pword and have your co-sysops (or whoever you give the password too) page you whenever their is an emergancy. Straight and Direct from DigCrtn software...were making FREEWARE software is just

 FVB20 .ZIP 97K 09-15-96 FVB v2.0 - External Voting Booth (08/31/96) This software is a voting booth that can be executed as a door, as a logon event or internally to replace the stock one. Nice graphical interface, easy to use. To use with the WWIV Bulletin Board System. (C) 1994-1996 by French Mod Division Software

 ICEST12 .ZIP 33K 09-15-96 iceStat v1.2 - graphical user status program iceStat v1.2 - graphical user status program Solid, robust programming and eye-catching ANSI make this a great chain or logon event. WWIV v4.22+ or greater. Turbo C source code included. This program is FREEWARE.

 USTAT40 .ZIP 59K 09-15-96 UserStat ver 4.0 - Generate user statistic files and BBS statistic files for your BBS. New things added are: more automatic stuff, .CFG file, new activity file, plus more. For use with WWIV ver 4.22 and above.

 WWTIPS11.ZIP 107K 07-05-96 WWIVtips v1.1 - Logon Event by FMD WWIVtip will show your user a tip on WWIV each time they log on, so they can learn more about WWIV and some commands they might don't know. Useful to inform your users about your source code modifications. (C) 1996 FMD Software - Shareware Web Site:

 NEXT11 .ZIP 32K 07-05-96 > NEXT - Msg to next caller <-| | this is the HOTTEST message to next : : caller program! Totally cool looking ANSI grafix. Supports pipe colors, and WWIV heart color codes. Must check it out. Totally un-crippled. ----- -

 WINFO110.ZIP 11K 06-01-96 WWIVinfo v1.10 - JiffMods Modding Group Release An External YourInfo for WWIV - Replace the internal YourInfo, or use as a chain

 WMCH11 .ZIP 37K 05-22-96 WMChat v1.1 Replacement WWIV multinode chatroom! Compiles directly into the source code for maximum speed possible. Whispering, directing, 10 channels, SYSOP-CONFIGURABLE ACTIONS, sysop invisibility, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

 TREKT150.ZIP 92K 05-12-96 Trek Thoughts v1.50 (c) 1994,96 Intuitive Vision Software ------------------------------------------- Trek Thoughts creates ANSI and ASCII files that contain a random thought about the Star Trek series (original and TNG). Great for use in the logon process! SHAREWARE -------------------------------------------

 GNRSDF .ZIP 8K 04-28-96 Guns 'n Roses SDF File - Can be used for chat ca By Spotnick #1 @20900. Date: 04/28/96

 CALLED .ZIP 8K 03-31-96 WWIV logon event shows date/time of user call.

 WWTIPS1A.ZIP 107K 03-18-96 WWIVtips v1.0 - Logon Event by FMD WWIVtip will show your user a tip on WWIV each time they log on, so they can learn more about WWIV and some commands they might don't know. Useful to inform your users about your source code modifications. (C) 1996 FMD Software - Shareware Web Site:

 DBLST15 .ZIP 61K 03-03-96 [ Digital BBSList v1.5 : ShareWare ] Easy to install BBSList Door. Reqs |NO DROP FILE! Now includes SysOp | :utils: external editor & ASV loader!: Features include a String Search, List full list or by Area Code only. Customizable menus. Scrollbar Matrix Random BBSList ANSI Screens using PIPE Codes! Downloadable BBSList!! Shareware: $5 (Must see for SysOps)

 LONEW11 .ZIP 130K 02-24-96 LoneWolf v1.1 text adventure for WWIV w/C source

 NUM10U .ZIP 7K 02-24-96 Next User Message v1.0 logon event for WWIV.

 AOV24 .ZIP 150K 02-24-96 > AVA On-Line Viewer v2.4 : FreeWare! < | The AVA On-Line Viewer (AOV) is a free to | : use online ANSi viewer that can be easily : set up in WWIV's ChainEdit. Supports COM ports 1-4, and any modem speed! Displays ANSI as well as RIP file formats to your : remote callers! Uses CHAIN.TXT too, so no : | additional .CFG file needed! Configurable! | [ CODED BY DELIC / DOCS WRITTEN BY GIZMO ]

 WWBACK21.ZIP 50K 02-11-96 WWBack v4.1 is a small Backup program made for WWIV v4.23 BBS, now 100% better then the last two versions and 50% faster. Still VGA but now will run under 152k free memory inside of bbs to run off the External Event, plus can run off your online chains and from dos. The registered fee is only $10 But the Shareware version is fully functionable all except the VGA restore program, is only available if registered.

 TGW523 .ZIP 68K 01-12-96 The Graffiti Wall v5.23 The BEST Graffiti Wall around! Features include color config., WWIV color codes, autoclean, naughty word scan, sysop side of the wall, security level and maximum lines allowed posted, see what's new, built in chat mode, ANSI and non-ANSI support, notify users of new graffiti on the wall, and MORE! A must have for any sysop! Registration - $5.00

 4NEWS .ZIP 9K 01-09-96 Older but functional NEWS.MSG generator for WWIV

 BBSL15 .ZIP 10K 01-01-96 Colorize your BBS List messages in external even

 AD!V098C.ZIP 78K 12-23-95 ANSI-Do! v0.98c - THE screen File Rotation program for your WWIV welcome, logon, and logoff screens. This version adds the ability to switch your files sequentially or randomly. Run it during your nightly maintenance or for each caller. EXE file edits your config file (in 640x350x16 grafix mode) AND rotates your files (sequentially or randomly). Mouse support, online help, view files, auto-detect feature, more!

 PIPE-CHT.ZIP 1K 12-18-95 Pipe color code chart to display for users. By .6. Date: 12/18/95

 REGV10 .ZIP 57K 12-13-95 Registry v1.0 for WWIV share info among users.

 WWTTT11 .ZIP 15K 12-09-95 WWIV Tic-Tac-Toe v1.1! Fun old but cool game, now playable with the computer online. Uses CHAIN.TXT dropfile created by WWIV software. ANSI required to play. Coded in 1995 by The Usurper. New: easier to play with the numeric keypad!

 BBSLFV12.ZIP 28K 12-04-95 BBS List Format --------------------------- By Louis 'Farmer' Gorenfeld (c) 1995 Alternate Worlds --------------------------- Formats your BBSList.MSG file for nice looking colors. A must for every SysOp! Shareware $7.50

 THDANSI .ZIP 12K 12-04-95 [?7h[255D[15C[0;1mTHDANSI v2 [0;34m[1;37m[0;34m[1;37m[0;34m[1;37m[0;34m[1;37m[0;34m[1;37m[0;34m[1;37m[0;34m[1;37m [0;34m [1;37mThis is a ANSI door That allows Users [0;34m [1;37mto View 5 ANSi Screens Sysop Configure [0;34m [1;37mAble Registration is $10[15C[0;34m [1;37m[0;34m[1;37m [0m[255D

 THDTUNE .ZIP 10K 12-04-95 [?7h[255D[15C[0;1mTHDTUNE v.9 [0;34m[1;37m[0;34m[1;37m[0;34m[1;37m[0;34m[1;37m[0;34m[1;37m[0;34m[1;37m[0;34m[1;37m [0;34m [1;37mThis Simple Door Allows the User to [0;34m [1;37mChoose what song they whould like to [0;34m [1;37mCall the Sysop with over the Pc/Speaker[0;34m [1;37m[0;34m[1;37m[0m

 BDAY122 .ZIP 68K 12-02-95 Birthday v1.22 - WWIV Birthday List Generator Generates user & celebrity birthday lists for WWIV BBS systems. It can be used as a logon event to display birthdays to your users. It prints a nice Happy Birthday message to users who call on their birthday. It requires WWIV v4.22 or above. Written by JAFO.

 WSM104 .ZIP 67K 12-02-95 WWIV System Monitor v1.04 - Displays instance information as well as system statistics. It requires a multitasker or LAN. Supports 1-99 instances. Built-in screen saver. Sysop can chat with users, read e-mail, view log files, and view network pending list.

 BREAK10 .ZIP 32K 11-09-95 BreakStat v1.0 UNiT LogonEvent / Chain, Displays User's/Board's Statistics Well Displayed, ANSI from UNiT Spinning Pause, Easily Abortable Toggleable Ask User "Want To View Your Stats?" (FreeWare!) Shows Sysop Availability, Amount of Posts, Emails, Everything! Well Documented, Easy To Use!

 KLINT21 .ZIP 38K 11-10-95 Klintonov v2.1, displays Clinton bashing tags. A fortune cookie type program that displays randomly generated Clinton bashing tags. Runs over a BBS or on personal computer WWIV, VBBS, Wildcat & PCBoard color support Multi-instance compatible 350 Clinton Bashing Tags can export Tags to text file Released as Freeware.

 WWVREGB3.ZIP 25K 11-10-95 The WWIV Registry - eta-3 release A Tronix Developer's production by CJ aka Charles Sperber ... The WWIV Registry is a unique database capable of storing information on users of your system. It's a great way for users to get to know one another. The WWIV Registry now supports the ability to add customary questions as well as change default colors. Colorful & state of the art programming

 INFO100 .ZIP 15K 10-14-95 Bulletin creation & display chain for WWIV

 ICEST11 .ZIP 32K 10-05-95 iceStat v1.1 - graphical user status program iceStat v1.1 - graphical user status program Solid, robust programming and eye-catching ANSI make this a great chain or logon event. WWIV v4.22+ or greater. Turbo C source code included. This program is FREEWARE.

 ANVLC110.ZIP 26K 09-21-95 Anvil-Chat v1.10 BBS SysOp Paging Program WWIV Mod - Incorporiate It Into Your BBS! 5 Different Paging Songs Only $5.00 To Register Is VERY Simple To Use Uses A .CFG File That Shows Your Address To Encourage Users To Send In Money To Register This, And Many More Programs!

 MTNV10 .ZIP 108K 09-18-95 Message To Next Caller(s) v1.0 Easy to use and setup up MTNC door, mainly designed for WWIV but can be used with ANY BBS supporting PCBOARD.SYS! LOTS of SYSOP choices and 8 header files that can be re-drawn by the sysop with an ANSI editor! (C) Copyright Shiver & Assoc. Written by Adam Shiver

 BSTATV40.ZIP 31K 09-09-95 BeamStat v4.00 - ANSI Statistics For WWIV Eye-catching ANSI make this a great Chain or Login event. WWIV v4.22 or greater. This program is FREEWARE and it is not crippled in any way! NEW: Multi-tasking and Error Handlers

 EXTV1B .ZIP 9K 09-04-95 Improves WFC's "T" Command - ExTernal Menu for WWIV v4.23+ replaces WFC's "T" command with a menu of external commands you customize! This eta Release is Freeware! Read README.NOW. ===[ 1995 VCi Productions ]===============

 FVB10 .ZIP 53K 09-05-95 FVB v1.0 - FMD Voting Booth For CHAIN.TXT System This software is a voting booth that can be executed as a door, as a logon event or internally to replace the original. Nice graphical interface, easy to use, Can set up as many questions as you wish. Another Quality Product From: French Mod Division

 WCHT322D.ZIP 82K 08-21-95 WWIVChat 3.22d (Wide Beta Release) The !ULTIMATE! Multi-Instance Chat Door for WWIV BBS V 4.24 or higher Includes: CB Chat, and Real Time 4-Way Chat Configureable rooms!, Editable Action Files Protect channels by AR, SL or Sex! Can PASSWORD protect channels too!! Can change colors and More CHECK IT OUT!!!

 TF103BA .ZIP 50K 07-27-95 TopFile! v1.03a Top Ten List Creator for WWIV 4 *****************BETA VERSION********************** ****Evaluation Period Expires on 11/01/95**** TopFile! creates several "Top Ten" Lists for posting as bulletins on your WWIV BBS. Fully configurable using WWIV.INI. Please report any bugs to 1@10402.WWIVnet immediately Shareware fee: $10

 TUJOKE1 .ZIP 21K 08-11-95 Logon Jokes v1.0 on various topics as logon even

 AICHAT10.ZIP 24K 08-07-95 WWIV Artificial Intelligence Chat Door v1.0 - First Official Release. Trick your users by having them chat

 FVBJR11 .ZIP 51K 08-08-95 FVBjr v1.1 - FMD Voting Booth Junior For WWIV. This software is a voting booth that can be executed as a door, as a logon event or internally to replace the original. Stock WWIV looking, plus small enhancements. This should save you some Dgroup space. Another Quality Product From: French Mod Division

 REDNECK1.ZIP 27K 07-27-95 It's FreeWare REDNECK-A-DAY LOGON SCREEN GENERATOR Good looking ANSI and ASCII logon screens that feature "You might be a Redneck if" jokes. byOsprey

 AMEC101 .ZIP 121K 06-25-95 [ AMEC v1.01 ] AutoMessage Enhancement Colorizor. When ran it incases your automessage in a box and adds pretty colors (of your choice of course. AMEC is easy to install and needs no drop files! And it puts an extra large border for sysops who like to edit thier own AUTO.MSG so it is longer then normal!

 TOPFL101.ZIP 39K 05-17-95 TopFile! v1.01R Top Ten List Creator for WWIV 4 TopFile! creates several "Top Ten" Lists for posting as bulletins on your WWIV BBS. Fully configurable using WWIV.INI. Shareware fee $5

 CHBNK110.ZIP 39K 05-06-95 ChronoBank v1.10 A time bank/time casino add on for WWIV v4.22+. Offers the user the ability to store ALL of their remaining time for that day, not just the time remaining for that call. Offers a 1 in 10 chance to quadruple their remaining time online.

 CGSS311 .ZIP 56K 05-06-95 Caller Greeting & System Statistics v3.11 CGSS is a configurable logon event for WWIV v4.22+ systems. This version offers full configuration of all features. o Random Greetings o System Bulletins & System News o Today's System Statistics o Past Thirty Days Statistics o Top Ten Users in Eight Categories o User Birthday Watch o Show Network Statistics (if applicable)

 AUTOMSG .ZIP 7K 05-04-95 Colorize WWIV's AutoMsg without the source.

 WWVREGB2.ZIP 67K 05-02-95 The WWIV Registry - eta-2 release (C) Copyright A Tronix Developer's production by CJ aka Charles Sperber ... The WWIV Registry is a unique database capable of storing information on users of your system. It's a great way for users to get to know one another. The WWIV Registry now supports multiple BBS types. Colorful & state of the art programming make this registry worth your time to download.

 LOGMAN10.ZIP 15K 04-07-95 Logon Manager for WWIV allows user-defined seque

 WDM-100 .ZIP 21K 02-21-95 WWIV Dream Match v1.0 online match maker for use

 PROFILE4.ZIP 61K 02-21-95 Profile v4 for WWIV onliner stores users' profil

 TODAY2 .ZIP 170K 03-10-95 More data files for Birthday. This is a medium-sized set that produces a one to two screen display that's just about right for most systems. If this is still too large for you, try the TODAY.ZIP file that is only about 70k zipped. If you're SERIOUS about your "Today's Events" you can try JAFO's DAY*.ZIP files, but they produced as many as ten screens per day when I used them. This archive includes a TODAY.LCL

 NOTEV11 .EXE 19K 01-02-95 Note-It! by DataGen users can leave themselves n

 BETAQUOT.ZIP 48K 03-04-95 ARiSE Software with M Productions presents RuM Quote version 0.7 beta LOGON QUOTE GENERATOR

 SCCD_100.ZIP 127K 03-02-95 sixxac/CHAT 1.00.DOS.0e0 is an all-in-one BBS CHAT utility for DOS. The chat is completly window and character oriented. It supports singleline and MULTILINE chats, several Maximus features and much more. (sixxac/INSTALL 1.00.DOS is included within this package)

 FVB097B .ZIP 49K 02-27-95 FVB v0.97 - Beta Evaluation Copy - DO NOT DISTRI 02/15/95 Version - Will Be Updated When Needed

 CHSNDV11.ZIP 14K 02-27-95 Chatsound Test II v1.1 Freeware! Edit/test the settings you would use for the chatsound void in WWIV v4.23. Copyright (c) 1994-1995 by Adam Harvey/Inphact Software

 W4LOG13 .ZIP 41K 01-22-95 Shows *.LOG files from previous days.

 ELCHAT30.ZIP 29K 01-22-95 Online chat module can restrict chat to certain

 WWIVTALK.ZIP 33K 01-22-95 Tolkien oldie, uses TRAN to "speak" name of chat

 CBVV12 .ZIP 170K 02-06-95 DSD CBV v1.2 Call Back Verification System Tiny, powerful CBV for ANY BBS software! Dupe and bad phone num check, allow/disallow LD calls, allow users to enter number to call, log file, non-standard Com ports, multiple area codes, multi-security level settings and MORE! All displays are external for easy mod- ification. More features than ever before! Registration - $10.00

 MM300S .ZIP 38K 01-22-95 <------------------> Maintenance Master v3.00 - Protect ALL your crucial WWIV data, messages, g-f- iles, and configuration files with ALL new features in Maintenance Master v3.00!! Completely Re-written for a new outlook!! Maintenance Master!!!! <------------------------>

 LOGM500 .ZIP 34K 01-22-95 <---------LogMaster v5.00--------> September 25, 1994 - The best utility is EVEN BETTER!! This utility for WWIV backs up logs to ensure a hack-free environ- ment! Complete Re-Write gives this utility a new outlook!! Distributed by CDE Software Incorporated!! LogMaster!!!!! <--------DU - 301-279-0965------->

 WC-CFG11.ZIP 12K 01-27-95 WWIV Chat Configuration Software v1.1

 TERMSELE.ZIP 12K 01-27-95 =] TermSelect! [= =] Choose which Term [= =] Program to Run from [= =] WWIVs WFC without [= =] modding the source. [= =] Up to 10 Term Prgs! [=

 WWPHRS10.ZIP 24K 01-27-95 WWPhrase version 1.0 for WWIV WWPhrase is a WWIV utility that outputs a phrase (either specified by you or randomly selected from a file) and inserts user information where you specify with special @codes. Easy to run, fun, and useful. Shareware by Platypus Programming - $2

 AEAM100 .ZIP 13K 01-27-95 AEAM v1.0 -- Colorizes WWIV's Automessage. w/C+ Adds color to WWIV's otherwise bland AUTO.MSG. Fully configurable, fast, easy to use. Supports WWIV 4.20a-4.24+. C++ source included.

 INFOST19.ZIP 26K 01-27-95 InfoStat v1.90 ---------------------- FREEWARE Statistics Logon/Anywhere program for WWIV. Fast, nice Configurable, editable By ExPoS (05/01/1994) ----------------------

 MULTIMSG.ZIP 9K 01-27-95 Multi-Message v1.0 Written by Money-Mac Multi-Message is a logon event that can display up to four auto-messages.

 AMEPV10 .ZIP 36K 01-16-95 AutoMessage Enhacement Program v1.0 (AMEP) Allows you to enhance your AutoMessage so it will look nicer than WWIV's plain AutoMessage. Allows random choosing of borders for the AutoMessage. It is also on top of all, FREEWARE. Copyright (C) Shiver & Associates - Adam

 GREETZ44.ZIP 23K 01-19-95 Greetz v4.04 - Informative Login Utility Final 4.0x release. Few more features, enhancements and the like. Many optimizations. Almost 50% now in pure Assembler. Math-co bug is totally gone! Copyright (c) 1994 Double Miracle Software. All Rights Reserved. Designed and Written by Miracle Man & Double Click 2@8344 and 1@8344 (WWIVNet)

 RUMQUOT6.ZIP 46K 01-08-95 Reefer Madness Productions RuM Quote version 0.6 - 250 random quotes - 7 ansi headers - for BBS's

 !!Q-CO4 .ZIP 146K 01-01-95 !SOURCE CODE AVAILABLE! AMAZING logon event for WWIV!! 8,000 quotes, 15 sec. SETUP program, animation, color shifting, no .CFG files ANYWHERE!! HANDS DOWN the BEST logon event EVER written for WWIV!

 20QS .ZIP 4K 01-01-95 20 Questions Logon Event

 IKUOTE .ZIP 139K 01-01-95 IKUOTE 2.1 A logon-event quoter for WWIV, and elsewhere. Includes a large file of user-editable quotes. Easy to install. Freeware! Ikonoclast BBS (713) 721-1538

 VORV11 .EXE 66K 01-02-95 DataGen's Vote-o-Rama v1.1 for WWIV v4.23+

 WWBDAY14.ZIP 61K 12-26-94 WWBDAY v1.40 - WWIV B-Day Bulletin Generator Generate ANSI/ASCII birthday bulletins for WWIV 4.22, 4.23+ BBS systems. Display users and optional celebrity birthday listing, historical events, daily reminders, humor and wit. To many customizable features to list here!! Can be used as a logon event on users first call of the day or every call, as WWIV chain, or to generate bulletins. Registration

 QP3 .ZIP 43K 12-22-94 Quick Page v3.0 (C) Copyright 1994. A Tronix Developer's production by CJ aka Charles Sperber ... Quick Page v3.0 is a simple to-the-point Sysop pager. I'm freeware, download me!

 WWVCHTB1.ZIP 15K 12-22-94 The WWIV Teleconference eta-1 (C) Copyright 1994 A Tronix Developers production by CJ aka Charles Sperber ... The WWIV Teleconference eta-1 is a multi-line compatible teleconference capable of supporting 999 concurrent instances of WWIV. Download me, I'll enhance your system!

 QUOTECO .ZIP 98K 12-09-94 quoteCo v1.0 Logon event has 1,000 plus quotes! FREE REGISTRATION! by: Duo 1@1 PlaNET

 MTSCN303.ZIP 58K 12-09-94 MTI-SCAN Version 3.03 : [12/4/94] Scan Batch And Single File Uploads. Shrink Not Needed. Multi-Instance Aware!

 ARCST22 .ZIP 37K 11-14-94 ArcStat 2.2 Presented By Arcane Studios A Logon Utility for WWIV, shows users Their Stats! with ANSI and NonAnsi support

 UROV10 .EXE 53K 11-10-94 User Registry v1.0 compiles list of user informa

 BDAY10 .ZIP 21K 11-10-94 Reflections Software Birthday Program v1.0 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- A freeware Birthday lister that does listings of Users by Zodiacs, months, past, present, and future. FOR WWIV 4.23 By MirrorShades, Put 'em on your face...

 TOP10-43.ZIP 56K 11-10-94 Top Ten Posters Version 4.3 by Number One -------------------------------------------- | A WWIV 4.22/4.23 top ten posters door. | | Many features including sysop configurable | | colors and several different types of | | output. Registration is $10. | --------------------------------------------

 AUDREY11.ZIP 40K 11-10-94 Audrey v1.1 - flexible WWIV user/system "Infofor Audrey works by reading in a file of any length, and replacing keywords with set variables. Makes all-custom .MSG files, to add flavor to chains, transfers, etc. Supports most all user and system config- UDREY uration variables. Can also be used to

 WW4QV30 .ARJ 23K 11-10-94 WWIV Quote v3.0 A simple program that prints out random quotes from a database. Great program to have in your WWIV logon batch file! Options to remove WWIV color codes and more in this release.

 MTNV21 .ARJ 32K 11-10-94 Message To Next Caller v2.1 Allows your users to leave a message to whoever logs on after them on WWIV BBS systems. This version includes an easy to use setup menu to install and configure the program.

 BIRTHDAY.ZIP 9K 10-31-94 Famous birthdays to include with JAFO's BDAYxxx.

 T10DL16 .ZIP 48K 10-14-94 WWIV Top 10 Downloads Report Program v1.6 (by Al This program operates as an external and will scan all of your file directories to collect the Top 10 Downloads from your file section. It will also build a Top 10 Downloads report for each directory you specify (configurable) and put those reports in your GFiles directory using WWIV colors if desired. The reports work exceptionally well as GFiles or anything

 WWIVGIRL.ZIP 19K 04-11-94 WWIV Girl Rater online rating system!

 LVB093 .ZIP 54K 10-12-94 Logicom Voting Booth v0.93 For WWIV - Nice Design & Fully Configurable - Vote by Sex/Age/SL - Users Can Add Options/Ballots - Mandatory Votes / AutoVote - Run as a door or inside WWIV - Fully WWIV v4.24 aware / VOTE.INI - Trade For Registrations Allowed Another French Mod Division Release...

 ULOG694 .ZIP 80K 04-12-94 Userlog 6.94...a replacement for laston.txt

 MEVENT .ZIP 14K 04-02-94 Run multiple daily events- From Filo Software Productions

 XTRAINFO.ZIP 66K 03-29-94 Xtra Info! v.1.0 w/RIP This little utility asks a few more extra questions to newusers. It can also raise thier SL and DSL (the value is up to you) if they are a sysop (if you set the Sysop Switch). It also supports RIP for the yes/no questions.

 RLQ10 .ZIP 61K 03-29-94 Random Logon Quotes v1.0 For WWIV single and multi-line boards. Have a random 1 or 2 line logon quote (up to 32,000) for each logon. Create your own quote file or use/edit the sample file provided (286 quotes taken from the classic MURF). Not a MOD, but runs as a logon event or part of a logon event.

 BBSB102 .ZIP 21K 03-26-94 BBSB v1.02 delay loading BBS for XX seconds to a

 JEST210 .ZIP 69K 03-23-94 JestBBS 2.10 - Funny BBS utility that displays a joke at logon/logoff. OVER 2120 JOKES INCLUDED!

 RP_260 .LZH 72K 03-23-94 RegPro v2.6 very nice user questionairre, many u

 SBM10 .ZIP 20K 03-21-94 Rook Software Bulletin Maker v1.0 creates logon

 BBSL .ZIP 5K 03-21-94 Comprehensive BBS disclaimer, some typos but ext

 BRM-UPCK.ZIP 2K 03-19-94 Black Robe Mage's upload checker using batch fil

 TOPR104 .ZIP 56K 03-04-94 Topper v1.04 shows top ten, e.g. UL/DL, calls, m

 VAULT103.ZIP 57K 03-04-94 Tolkien's Vault v1.03 external time bank runs as

 ZLOG112 .ZIP 48K 03-04-94 Zlog v1.12 replaces source //ZLOG with much neat

 COOLQ1B .ARJ 14K 02-16-94 This file contains Version 1b of Coolquotes for WWIV. Coolquotes adds some COLORS to your quotes, also allowing you to quote taglines, adding the date quoted, and quote colors from the original msg. Registered versions allow choice of color to be used. Asside from this, it's TOTALLY uncrippled! INCLUDES a Special WWIV 4.22 Compatibility Version.

 RCHT100 .ZIP 20K 02-16-94 RASPUTIN's CHAT for WWIV v1.00 This new, UNCRIPPLED external chat program for the WWIV v4.23 BBS software suports external actions, a full-featured sysop menu, and word-wrap. If you run a 2 instance or more WWIV, this program is a *MUST*!

 MSGCOL1A.ARJ 80K 02-16-94 MsgColor lets you have ALL messages on your board colored to YOUR choosing, Allows PIPE CODES (ansi) to be inserted SAFELY into your/and your users' messages, adds a random,sysop configurable tagline too! You'll LIKE it and it's cheap! A Must Have!

 WWRBV11 .ZIP 5K 02-14-94 WWIV Rainbow v1.1 - This great utility turns the list of last callers from all blue to the 9 WWIV colors.

 CBVW172U.ZIP 84K 02-08-94 CBV - CALL-BACK VERIFICATION FOR WWIV Non-Crippled. Can modify a users SL, DSL, ARs, DARs, Exemptions & Restrict Supports many long-distance options. Can be used with stock or modded WWIV >Registration only $20.00 (disk only)

 STATS .ZIP 13K 02-08-94 Shows WWIV stats from Zlog, can be run as logon

 WW4TB100.ZIP 27K 02-03-94 WWIV Timebank v1.0 onliner (needs shrink) w/many

 RNDSCR11.ZIP 50K 02-03-94 RandScr 1.1 is a BBS Screen randomizer. RandScr an archive and copies it to the designated file and directory. Great for rotating Welcome, logoff or any other screens for any bbs.

 CBLOGV20.EXE 14K 01-19-94 ColdBootLog v2.0 adds a line to sysoplog upon co

 APCV10 .EXE 14K 01-19-94 AutoPost Control v1.0 for use with AutoPost v2+

 WWNEWS11.ZIP 36K 01-13-94 WWNews version 1.1 WWIV news display and editor. Displays only NEW news to callers that HAVEN'T read it. Edits news using your favorite editor and then concatenates to include configurable number of old news items (reg. ver). Editor runs as a chain and display as a logon event. Version 1.1 adds GSA features and GFiles news, fixes bugs. Shareware by Platypus Programming - $2

 TBANK108.ZIP 74K 01-04-94 TimeBank v1.08 for WWIV v4.22/v4.23 store/withdr

 CHAT .ZIP 12K 01-04-94 The President's chat songs plays a tune for chat

 INFLOGIN.ARJ 9K 01-04-94 Creates a user-specific logon event with welcome

 HOWDY10 .ZIP 30K 12-16-93 WWIV 4.22 Welcome Screen Program

 TABLOID .ZIP 31K 09-07-93 WWIV Tabloid v1.0 logon event shows information.

 DUS110 .ZIP 27K 08-28-93 Dawg's User Status v1.1 creates list of male/fem