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 EUE6G0~X.ZIP 1K 06-22-14 [No description available]

 00INDEX . 5K 04-12-12 [No description available]

 AAW562 .EXE 834K 11-06-02 [No Description File Found]

 DEFRAG .EXE 40K 11-06-02 [No Description File Found]

 STARSUB .ZIP 34K 07-27-97 STARSUB.EXE Version 1.0 (beta) Finds Subs to subscribe to if you have a network like WWIVNET. Helps to deside on which subs to get and what the HOST: TYPE: FLAGS: and DESCRIPTIONS are.

 SCSSM10 .ZIP 106K 07-27-97 SysOp Companion SSM Tool v1.0 for WWIV/Win95 This program is a utility built for SysOp Companion v1.5 - Allows sysops to add, edit and remove their WWIV SSM's - Small System Messages Freeware Release.

 GFL100 .ZIP 28K 01-19-97 GFL v1.00 Master file list maker for WWIV bbs systems. Program was written to be fast, simple and easy to use.

 WWSRT122.ZIP 52K 09-15-96 WWIVSort 1.22 - WWIV Transfer Sort/List Utility Copyright (C)1993-1996 by K. Harris / CMI Sorts .DIR files forward or reverse on any of seven different specs, generates file listings, patches bad 'daten' timestamps. Easily configurable and very fast! [WWIVSort is significantly faster than WWIV's

 FLG-W11F.ZIP 51K 06-01-96 -=-=-=-=-File List Generator/WWIV-=-=-=-=- Due to restrictions on my time, I am no longer able to maintain this program. Therefore, I am releasing the source to the public domain. The source is in QuickBASIC v4.5. No support from the author is avaliable. Version 1.10

 SUBCHK14.ZIP 28K 04-21-96 SubCheck v1.4 - A WWIV network sub inactivity checker. This program will keep a log of all network subs on your system that are inactive for a sysop defined number of days. It sends e-mail to the sysop as well, telling you what subs are inactive. This e-mail tells you the status of each sub (sub not listed in SUBS.*, host is unknown, or host is isolated). Local subs can be checked, and auto-requests can be sent to sub hosts.

 DFRAG301.ZIP 65K 02-26-96 DEFRAG v3.01 - WWIV Message Base/EMAIL.DAT compression/repair utility --- 02/27/96 Repairs and converts to/from Type 0, 1, 2 and 5 message bases while removing "dead" space from message/mail files. Bashes through 10+ Mb per minute on a 486DX/33!! Repairs exploding EMAIL.DAT files, message bases with bad msgs (no text, cross-linked msgs, etc.) and more, all while freeing up loads of drive space being wasted by your

 !CDANN11.ZIP 33K 09-25-95 >>>>>>>>>CD Announce! v1.1<<<<<<<<< A must for all sysops who rotate CD's!!! CD Announce! will alert your users to which CD is currently available for them to download from!!! Tested on WWIV 4.24, but should work for other software packages that allow external logon or transfer events as well. By X-Ware Productions!!! No doc problems with this version thanx to Fission at GROUND ZERO!!!

 BP40A .ZIP 37K 09-16-95 Basepack 4.0 Copyright 1995, Mill Creek Software, Inc. It's back, it's faster, it's better, it's bigger, it works again. BasePack 4.0 is a program to pack your WWIV message bases. It does this by removing dead unused space from the message base files. It will pack both the message base and email files. BasePack 4.0 has been tested extensively by a team of beta

 VI4WWIV .ZIP 169K 08-22-95 WWIVI a VI online editor for WWIV.

 FMAIL112.ZIP 63K 07-24-95 FastMail! v1.12 Full Service Mailer for WWIV. ****Evaluation Expires on 11/01/95**** Fast, flexible mailer for WWIV SysOps. Allows mailing single users, all connections in a single network, all connections in all networks, or all subscribers of a hosted subboard. Offers the ability to make and use mailing lists, and send NC/GC/AC FastMail!, Mail all users on the BBS, and send New User Mail. Now offers command

 VMAIL11 .ZIP 21K 06-12-95 Reflections, VMail Version 1.1, -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Takes an ASCII file with parameters and generates a New ASCII file with the parameters replaced with a user's information. Maintains proper word wrap. Source Included, FREEWARE! by Mirrorshades, Put 'em on your face.

 CLEAN11 .ZIP 49K 06-07-95 CleanUp v1.1 for WWIV - Freeware Utility (C) 1994-1995 FMD Software. 06-01-95 This utility will help you to do the maintenance of your WWIV system by deleting unused WWIV data files. Very easy to use, a must for every WWIV SysOp. Another Quality Product From: French Mod Division

 DRMQTE08.ZIP 90K 04-05-95 DreamQUOTE v0.8 The Best In Quoting!!! At last a real release of this great util for WWIV. With this you get 14 different styles to choose from when quoting!!! Read The DOCS for more features! NOT CRIPPLED!!! $10 Registration DreamWARECommunications

 UNCA_QTE.ZIP 2K 03-10-95 Modification to WWIVEdit to add Unca Scrooge's q

 AFA090 .ZIP 32K 01-27-95 AFA v0.9 -- File Area Analysis for WWIV 4.23/4.2 Sorts through WWIV's file areas FA .. v0.9 to produce a report on file count and size. Freeware.

 WWIVQT23.ZIP 21K 01-27-95 Version 2.3 Message Quoting Utility for WWIV 4.21+ With Full Screen Editors

 FLIST21B.ZIP 41K 01-08-95 Reflections, File List Version 2.1b, -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Creates a text file from WWIV File Database files. Very configurable, comes with a MOD to replace the internal /S command, creates lists in 3 styles, directory configuration files, and switchable Extended descriptions. 10 times faster than WWIV's /S command. by Mirrorshades, Put 'em on your face.

 WWRIP10 .ZIP 92K 01-01-95 WWRIP! v1.0 The fastest and easiest way to produce a superb RIP screen from an existing file! This version will produce 81 different RIP styles (more coming!). Tell WWRIP to select the RIP style for you, or do it yourself! WWRIP works great and the best part is, it's free! Download it and check it out!

 AUTOVI .ZIP 17K 12-22-94 Auto-Virii upload event checks using Scan.

 WWSRT121.ZIP 51K 12-22-94 WWIVSORT 1.21 - (C) 1993-1994 by Ken Harris / CM Transfer section auto-sort utility. Can sort on any of seven different specs, forward or reverse. Gene- rates file listings. Automatically packs *.DIR files when necessary. Fast and loaded with features!

 GTOD .ZIP 15K 12-16-94 Reflections Gfiles to PCBoard list -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- A freeware program that will create PCBoard style file listings of your GFILE directories so that you may import them into a file directory or distribute a list of your GFiles. C Source code included, FREEWARE! By MirrorShades, Put 'em on your face...

 WWUFC100.ZIP 71K 11-10-94 WWIV Upload File Converter -- Version 1.00 Have you ever downloaded mass files from one BBS to put on your own? Only to find out that once you uploaded the files to your BBS, you forgot what some of them were? This nifty utility converts your comm prog log file to a FILES.BBS for WWIV 4.23!

 WMAIL456.ZIP 164K 11-07-94 WWIVMail/QWK v4.56 - WWIV BBS .QWK Off-Line Mail WWIVMail/QWK is an installable WWIV chain that generates Industry Standard .QWK compatable mail packets for numerous offline readers. Includes support for Bulletins, Newsfile, New Files Scan, Sysop-defined Extraction and Communications engines, On-Line Help and many user selectable options. No modification to WWIV source is required. Source Code available with registration.

 WOM0929B.ZIP 66K 10-31-94 WOMR v2.32 - The superior offline mail collector for WWIV. WOMR is the fastest, the easiest to setup, and the most reliable package available for WOMR. Its features include: full multi-instance support, easy to use WWIV like interface, full message origin information, support of WWIV colors in the reader, disk buffering for reduced disk strain, and support for remote message validation and deletion. WOMR

 WQW0929B.ZIP 65K 10-31-94 WOMR-QWK v1.03 - The superior QWK mail collector for WWIV. WOMR-QWK is far and away the fastest and most full featured collector for WWIV. It is the easiest to setup and is very reliable. Its features include: full multi-instance support, easy to use WWIV like interface, full message origin information, disk buffering for reduced disk strain, and NO limitations in the shareware version. WOMR-QWK

 ECL0929B.ZIP 63K 10-31-94 ECLIPSE is the user module (offline reader) that accepts packets generated by the WOMR bbs door. This pair comprise the BEST offline reader for WWIV. They support WWIV color, remote validation, remote Qscan configuration and even uses WWIVedit or your favorite editor. The commands are so similar to the BBS that you could easily forget

 FLLIST11.ARJ 9K 10-16-94 Simple WWIV master list creation with your own h

 CLEANUP .ZIP 45K 10-12-94 CleanUp v1.0 for WWIV - Freeware Utility (C) 1994 Logicom Softwares. 07-25-94 This utility will help you to do the maintenance of your WWIV system by deleting unused WWIV data files. Very easy to use, a must for every WWIV System Operators.

 DIZDIR15.ZIP 35K 04-11-94 DIZDIR Version 1.5 (c) 1994 GDSOFT. Creates file lists using FILE_ID.DIZ or SDI,DES contained in archives on any directory on your system. File lists can be created for ARJ,ZIP,ARC,LZH and all SFX files. Command line options allow listing files that DO NOT have FILE_ID.DIZ or ONLY files that do. Ability to create ONE-LINER listings too. EASY to use and FAST !! If you run

 DIZ-WIZ .ZIP 27K 04-11-94 DiZ WiZ v1.0. **FREEWARE** Creates a FILE_ID.DIZ and ZIPs it into a designated ZIP file. Author: KiLLiNG JOkE /TOMiC

 WWMFL103.ARJ 35K 04-18-94 -= WWMFL v1.03 - WWIV Master Files Lister =- WWMFL is the most versatile and easy to use master file list generator available for WWIV v4.2x today. WWMFL automatically generates a master files list for your \GFILES directory and (optionally) a file list for each of your download directories! WWMFL requires no configuration - it works completely by commandline!

 WWFLIST .ZIP 121K 03-29-94 FileLister! v.1.0 A Highly configurable program to build a file list of your available downloads. Supports the Gold system mod.

 MF100 .ARJ 14K 03-21-94 MF* v1.0 file list generator for WWIV v4.23

 WWDMU101.ARJ 38K 03-21-94 WWIV Directory Maintenance Utility v1.01

 WWDAC300.ARJ 34K 03-21-94 WWIVDAC will rename any filename's extension in

 LFILE103.ZIP 17K 03-04-94 ListFile v1.03 generates BBS file listings exter

 DIR2FILE.ARJ 7K 02-28-94 DIR-2-File creates FILES.BBS from filenames in D

 MERG211B.ZIP 40K 02-08-94 Tolkien's Merge v2.11B for maintaining ALLOW.DAT

 MNUANSI .ZIP 10K 01-10-94 ANSI.SYS replacement which handles WWIV's ^P^C c

 DFRAG220.ZIP 67K 01-01-94 DEFRAG 2.20 A WWIV 4.23+, multi-instance aware program to compress WWIV message base & EMAIL.DAT files. Repairs many file problems, incl. exploding EMAIL.DAT file! W/ graphical screen. New cmds & smaller/faster! Saves MEGS of disk!

 MO123 .ZIP 23K 12-26-93 MO! v1.23 Message Optimizer for WWIV subs, save

 MBMPROTO.ZIP 89K 09-11-93 Tolkien's Message Base Manager prototype for WWI

 SE202 .ZIP 53K 09-03-93 Tolkien's SUBEDIT maintains N*.NET files easily.

 ELRBP395.ZIP 28K 08-28-93 Elric's BasePack v3.95 packs MSGS .DAT files to

 WWTYPE21.ZIP 17K 08-24-93 WWType v.2.0 - WWIV/VBBS color in DOS! It's true! WWType recreates the DOS TYPE command except that it displays the screen as if you were logged in with both color and centering! V.2.0 adds full VBBS color support, configurable screen pause, and more! V.2.1 fixes a color bug in [PAUSE]. Shareware by Platypus Programming - $2

 WWSTRP12.ZIP 15K 08-24-93 WWStrip v.1.21 WWIV/VBBS color remover removes WWIV/VBBS color codes and NET33+ routing information from menu files, extracted messages, etc. for easier editing and reading. Very fast and easy to use. Strip directly from the file or specify an output filename. Version 1.2 lets you leave IN the routing info while taking out the color and vice versa. Shareware by Platypus Programming - $2

 LOOK100 .ARJ 12K 08-21-93 Utility to view files with WWIV-color from DOS l

 WWSORT10.ZIP 49K 07-20-93 WWIVSort v1.0 sorts *.DIR directory files by any

 AE200 .ZIP 94K 07-20-93 AllowEdit v2.0 manage upload filenames, w/PackSc

 WWIVDRAW.ZIP 38K 07-20-93 TheDraw-style editor for WWIV ^P^C color codes.

 DFG210JR.ZIP 45K 07-04-93 DeFrag-JR v2.1 optimizes size of WWIV message ba

 ALLOW211.ZIP 97K 06-27-93 Tolkien's ALLOW to prevent certain uploads to BB

 UTS422 .ZIP 9K 05-27-93 Tolkien's UTS for UEdit/other Tolkien utilities

 STRIP100.ZIP 15K 05-26-93 Strip-It v1.0 removes junk fields from WWIV file

 SYSUTL20.ARJ 189K 10-12-92 SysOp Utilities v2.0 collection of excellent WWI

 TAM121 .ARJ 287K 08-26-92 Transfer Area Manager v1.21 for WWIV, my favorit