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 00INDEX . 2K 04-12-12 [No description available]

 FIX .EXE 47K 04-12-12 [No description available]

 WWIV430 .ZIP 1407K 03-06-00 WWIV v4.30 Shareware BBS Package Contains a complete and fully functional trial version of WWIV v4.30 BBS Package. New features include completely reworked FOSSIL com routines, hooks for telnet operation and Internet connectivity using the PPP Project add on. The trial period is 60 days. Registration is still only $80 and includes source code license. This archive is freely distributable in unmodified form.

 NET37 .ZIP 722K 03-06-00 WWIV Network 37 Released: 03/06/2000 Proprietary networking package for WWIV based BBS networks. Now suppports 10-digit dialing. Copyright (c) 1998-2000, WWIV Software Services, LLC

 430SYSOP.ZIP 251K 03-06-00 WWIV v4.30 SYSOP Documentation Documentation is provided in both ASCII and MS-Word (TM) formats. This archive is freely distributable in unmodified form. Copyright (c) 1998-2000 WWIV Software Services, LLC

 430USER .ZIP 88K 03-06-00 WWIV v4.30 USER Documentation Documentation is provided in both ASCII and MS-Word (TM) formats. This archive is freely distributable in unmodified form. Copyright (c) 1998-2000 WWIV Software Services, LLC

 MODEMS .MDM 264K 07-13-97 [No Description File Found]

 WW424RDR.ZIP 476K 09-16-95 WWIV v4.24 - READER.EXE and DATA.424 This is the complete electronic reader and data files. If you wish to download only the data file, you should get WW424DAT.ZIP. If you wish an ASCII version, download WW424TXT.ZIP. You can print the docs by using this READER.EXE.

 W424ATXT.ZIP 238K 09-16-95 WWIV v4.24a BBS Documentation in Ascii This documentation represents a significant revision over the 4.24 documentation. Source code documentation and technical network information have been revised into completely separate documents.

 W4USRTXT.ZIP 35K 09-16-95 WWIV v4.24a User Documentation These user docs have been revised with the help of Will Crawford. They should make it easier for remote callers to utilize WWIV.

 W424ARIP.ZIP 16K 09-16-95 WWIV RipSpeed Documentation Revised for 4.24a release of WWIV BBS Software. This documentation should replace previous documentation regarding the use of RIP in WWIV.

 WW4NTECH.ZIP 30K 09-16-95 WWIV network Technical Documentation This documentation is the ASCII version of the technical documentation that was upgraded and revised by Wayne Heywood with the assistance of Wayne Bell.

 W424ASRC.ZIP 11K 09-16-95 WWIV v4.24a Source Code Documentation written by Wayne Bell. This documentation is to assist registered WWIV sysops with understanding the source code and to provide non-registered sysops with an idea of some of the advantages of registering the software.

 W424ADAT.ZIP 242K 09-16-95 WWIV BBS Documentation v4.24a in READER Format This is the data file for use with the Reader. W4DOCRDR.ZIP contains the reader.

 W4RIPDAT.ZIP 17K 09-16-95 RIPspeed Documentation for WWIV v4.24a Complete rewrite of RIP documentation for use with WWIV v4.24a in READER format.

 W4SRCDAT.ZIP 11K 09-16-95 WWIV 4.24a Source Docs in READER FORMAT This archive contains new documentation for v4.24a source code written by Wayne Bell.

 W4USRDAT.ZIP 34K 09-16-95 WWIV v4.24a USER Docs in READER Format This contains updated user documentation for using WWIV v4.24a.

 W4NTDDAT.ZIP 32K 09-16-95 WWIV Net Technical Docs in READER Format This archive contains the WWIV network technical documentation written by Wayne Heywood.

 RIPDRIVE.ZIP 143K 09-16-95 New RIPdrive 1.01 local RIP driver for WWIV 4.24/4.24a. Adds support for 50- line text mode and different RIPMENUS directories.

 WWIV424A.ZIP 627K 09-16-95 WWIV v4.24 -- Precompiled Shareware Version This archive includes a complete working copy of v4.24 which includes support for RIP, QWK, and more. Documentation is available in separate formats: 424RDR.ZIP, 424TXT.ZIP, and 424DAT.ZIP. Two free utilities are also available: JE103.ZIP and WFIDO201.ZIP. These are archived as WWA1-424.ZIP. If this file is distributed, please make available all

 WWA1-424.ZIP 786K 09-16-95 WWIV v4.24a Accessory Pack #1

 W4N34DAT.ZIP 49K 05-29-94 WWIV NET34 Documentation in new reader format. The NET34 Documentation may be made available for use to your users. The READER.EXE and this file may be made available to users for their use. If all available data files associated with the READER are placed in one directory, the READER will be able to search through all of them at once. Questions about the reader may be directed to Filo at WWIV Software Services or to