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 00INDEX . 6K 04-12-12 [No description available]

 TESTDIR .TMP 0K 04-12-12 [No description available]

 FILES .TXT 35K 11-06-02 [No Description File Found]

 FILES .LST 35K 11-06-02 [No Description File Found]

 ZLABSCRS.ZIP 3K 06-23-95 ZipLab 2.0 Upload Test result screens. Shows tests that were performed and their results. Archive includes PASS & FAIL

 ZL2B0213.ZIP 302K 06-23-95 ZipLab PLUS - 2..13 Upload Tester PCBoard /ProDoor Specific Wide-area BETA of version 2.0 Upload testing for PCBoard/ProDoor Now supports PCBoard /M (Fossil) Seamless integration with ZDCS

 WS110 .ZIP 397K 06-23-95 WILDSCAN! v1.10 - Upload Processor for WC! (Incl WILDSCAN! is an extremely powerful and flexible upload processor for WILDCAT! systems. Completely customizable RIP screens using the built-in editor. Full caller messaging facilities along with offline processing including adding files to the WILDCAT! database by using a file mask. Full DigiBoard and UART support, very low memory requirement (290K) and complete integration into WILDCAT!

 WCUPDC11.ZIP 29K 06-23-95 WildCat! Upload Date Checker v1.1; Program for checking the contents of .ZIP files for valid dates. Designed as an add-on to CAMS-CRC but will work with any upload checker.

 VIRZAP .ZIP 90K 06-23-95 ZZAP converts to/from any archive types.

 VIREX312.ZIP 11K 06-23-95 Scan Maximus Uploads for Viruses, For Maximus 2.01wb Under OS/2 With Mods

 UPNAME .ZIP 8K 06-23-95 Add uploaders name to FILES.BBS.

 UPLOAD20.ZIP 11K 06-23-95 *UPLOAD.PPE* version 2.0 - Dated: 10/24/93 A PPE that will allow you to have different configuration files for your upload processor based on what conference the user is going to upload in. It also stops files with sysop definable extensions from being uploaded in any conference you want. Currently limited to 1000 conferences. MAJOR UPDATE! MUCH Faster, and more multinode aware.

 UPLDR102.ZIP 98K 06-23-95 UPLOADER v1.02; For RemoteAccess 2.00g Database Header File Utility

 UPCHKTD .ZIP 49K 06-23-95 Upload Checker (Test Drive).

 UPCHK23F.ZIP 31K 06-23-95 Upcheck v2.3f SpitFire On/Off Line Upload Tester/Scanner Supports All Formats And Virus Scanners, Great Program

 ULTRCK14.ZIP 20K 06-23-95 UPLOAD TRACKER v1.4beta; tracks daily uploads in a single upload area or multiple upload areas assigned by you. All info is displayed on an attractive screen showing, not only the name of the file uploaded, but the description as well. Small, Fast, Versatile. Easy Set up. A Wildcat! 3.x utility

 ULS213 .ZIP 36K 06-23-95 Upload Scanner for DOS and OS/2.

 ULRPT31 .ZIP 39K 06-23-95 Uploaded Files Report For SpitFire BBS Sysops

 ULPDBFIX.ZIP 30K 06-23-95 A bug fix for the UpLoadProcessor 0.94 database processor ULPDB.EXE. This corrects a bug where the index file may be generated with incorrect data, resulting in validation errors. This bug is not data-damaging, but this executable will correct this nuisance.

 ULPCRC2 .ZIP 10K 06-23-95 UpLoadProcessor CRC calculator, release 2. Please help compile a CRC-32 database of BBS ads for the ULP system, allowing the removal of ads from uploads by ULP. This archive contains a CRC calculation program so that a sysop may simply send me a message listing the file name, CRC and file size of any BBS ads he or she finds. These files are also contained in the ULP090H and later archives. Thanks!

 ULPCRC .ZIP 9K 06-23-95 ULPCRC, a utility to help the UpLoadProcessor developer generate a database of BBS ad CRCs.

 ULP386 .ZIP 158K 06-23-95 UpLoadProcessor/386 1.00; the 80386+ executables ONLY; also download ULP100.ZIP to get the whole v1.00 package. You need be a registered user of ULP and have a registration code for these executables to operate.

 ULP286 .ZIP 91K 06-23-95 UpLoadProcessor/286 0.93 - This archive contains the 286+ executables ONLY. You MUST be a registered user of ULP and have your 286+ registration code for these executables to operate.

 ULP106 .ZIP 215K 06-23-95 UpLoadProcessor 1.06 for PCBoard. Detects all file formats by SIGNATURE. Converts archive formats. Processes uncompressed files, nested archives and imbedded paths. Integrated CRC dual duplication detection system, ZDCS supported. Inserts FILE_ID.DIZ and adds info lines. Supports non-standard ports and FOSSIL drivers. Includes both event and online programs. Menu-driven configuration. Fixes

 ULP104 .ZIP 209K 06-23-95 UpLoadProcessor 1.04 for PCBoard. Detects all file formats by SIGNATURE. Converts archive formats. Processes uncompressed files, nested archives and imbedded paths. Integrated CRC dual duplication detection system, ZDCS supported. Inserts FILE_ID.DIZ and adds info lines. Supports non-standard ports and FOSSIL drivers. Includes both event and online programs. Menu-driven configuration. Fixes

 ULP101 .ZIP 202K 06-23-95 UpLoadProcessor v1.01 for PCBoard; Detects file formats by Signature. It will Convert archive formats; Processes uncompressed files; nested archives and imbedded paths. Integrated CRC dual duplication detection system. Inserts FILE_ID.DIZ and adds lines. Supports non-standard ports and FOSSIL drivers. Many new features, including menu-driven system manager and ZDCS support!

 ULP096B .ZIP 153K 06-23-95 UpLoadProcessor 0.96 - A complete PCBoard upload processor; processes ARC ARJ HYP LZH PAK ZIP ZOO SFX GIF files by SIGNATURE. Handles uncompressed files. Removes BBS ads. Full recursive testing of nested archives. Integrated CRC-32 duplication system. Adds archive info line. Inserts description files. Performs event and online modes, with or without unpacking. NOTE: Review the docs! This is not a drop-in replacement for 0.95.

 ULMAN15D.ZIP 79K 06-23-95 Upload Manager 1.5d upload processor; MEGA upload processor for Searchlight BBS systems! TESTS ZIP, ZOO, PAK, ARC, ARJ, LZH, GIF, SDN's. Integrity test, Virus scan, ZIP & ARJ comments, LOTS of Searchlight specific features, MUCH MORE! LOTS of new features!

 ULFS10 .ZIP 12K 06-23-95 Upload free space monitor for all bbs's.

 UBBSDIZ .ZIP 45K 06-23-95 UBBSDIZ v1.0 Will scan new uploads for file FILE_ID.DIZ. If it exists UBBSDIZ will import the comment into the FILEBASE file. Written by Robert Neal - CHQBBS.

 THDPRO91.ZIP 200K 06-23-95 THD ProScan Version 9.1-File/Upload Tester TEST ARC-ARJ-HYP-LHA-PAK-SQZ-ZIP-GIF-TD0 Perform up to three separate virus scans Complete Accurate file conversions. More features than previous versions. Imbedded file/directory testing, Heuristic testing and MUCH MORE!!! Special features for RA / RG / TG. Works with almost any BBS software. VERY, VERY easy to configure.

 THDPRO_8.ZIP 119K 06-23-95 THD ProScan Version 8-File/Upload Tester TEST ARC-ARJ-HYP-LHA-PAK-SQZ-ZIP-GIF-TD0 Imbedded file/directory testing, Heuristic testing and MUCH MORE!!!

 THD61PCH.ZIP 27K 06-23-95 Patch for THD Version 6 Upload scanner,tester and converter.

 SYSOPUP .ZIP 10K 06-23-95 SysopUp replaces empty "Uploaded By:" fields in the RA Filebase with the sysop's name (taken from RA 2.00's configuration). And best of all, this program is FREEWARE!

 SUPSC30 .ZIP 62K 06-23-95 SuperScan Version 3.0; - Upload integrity Shell Interface - For TELEGARD BBS systems or ANY BBS software that can call a .EXE or .BAT file and pass the file name along in a variable.

 STRIPUP1.ZIP 37K 06-23-95 Utility to strip out that "Uploaded By:" message. Does one directory or multiple directories. FREEBEE!!!

 SQSTRIP .ZIP 38K 06-23-95 Removes "Uploaded by:.." from PCB-dirlists. By Peter Haessig, Squirrel BBS, Switzerland.

 SQLAB22 .ZIP 126K 06-23-95 SQUILAB(tm) Version 2.2 PCB Upload-Checker, CRC-Check, Virus-Scan, Inserts FILE_ID.DIZ, ZIP-Comment and -AV, BBSad insert, Checks all PCB-Dirs for Duplicates, Age check, Deletes unwanted BBS-Ad's, Checks EXE, Trashcan for AV, Checks GIF integrity and inserts resolution into description...and more NEW: detects ZIP version AUTOMATIC!! including: COM1-4, Speed up to 115200

 SLUC250 .ZIP 10K 06-23-95 Stupid little upload counter v2.5; utility for SBBS/QBBS/RA that motivates users to upload by creating a bulletin

 SLC110 .ZIP 32K 06-23-95 Searchlight upload processer (SLBBS 2.25+). Scans new uploads and sends email report to sysop. Freeware.

 SFVL1004.ZIP 88K 06-23-95 SFVLAB v1.00 Upload Files Checker For USE on SPITFIRE & TriBBS system Test For Device problem, Test for File's integrity, Scan for Virus Check for Date. Small, Fast, remote Write, add a banner Maintains Log, 3 Windows for Sysop.

 SFCHKUP .ZIP 17K 06-23-95 [ SFCHKUP v2.5b ] * SPITFIRE BBS Utility From BCS * Use To Test Integrity Of Uploads

 SFADFL15.ZIP 57K 06-23-95 Addfiles v1.15; Automatically uploads files to your SPITFIRE BBS if they contain a FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI. Minor update and bug fix. No more sound effects.

 SCANV22D.ZIP 74K 06-23-95 Scanvert 2.20; Upload scanner and converter for RemoteAccess 2.00G+. It will scan uploads, including gifs for complete and correct archives, and optionally will convert to a different format. Also will import extended descriptions found in DESC.SDN or FILE_ID.DIZ into the RA filebase

 SCANFILE.ZIP 13K 06-23-95 SCANFILE.ZIP v1.00 - Post Upload batch file information for Wildcat v3+ using TranScan v4+ "The Premium File Scanner & Converter!" This file includes sample SCANFILE.BAT, PREUP.BBS, HELLO1.BBS, TS.CMT and *.IMP files. It also contains portions of the TS.DOC file specific to Wildcat v3+ and Wildcat-IM.

 RWWARN11.ZIP 20K 06-23-95 WARNING: NEW UPLOAD HAS NOT BEEN SCANNED Warn your callers that the newly uploaded file has not been fully checked by your system. Your callers will love not having to wait for real time upload checking. Version 1.1 - Requires 14.5a

 RSCN106C.ZIP 60K 06-23-95 Robobbs file uploader scanner and convertor.

 RASCN202.ZIP 17K 06-23-95 RAScan v2.00; An online/offline upload processor for RA 2.00 and higher. Support for importing FILE_ID.DIZ, DESC.SDI, DESC.SDN files into the RA Files Data Base. Support for up to 10 compression programs. Support for your choice of scanning program. Support for commenting of archives.

 RAFHEAD .ZIP 26K 06-23-95 RAFHEAD v1.04; Adds Uploader Names into RemoteAccess ver 2.00 FileBase Header Files! Great for those program that don't add uploader names!

 Q_ZZ115 .ZIP 45K 06-23-95 ZIPZAP v1.15 -/- PCBoard Upload Processor. Supports ZIP/ARJ/LZH/TXT/GIF Files, Searches diz for unwanted Lines, ULBYE Support, Local U/L Mode, Agecheck, deletes BBSAdds, Comment translation, adds files, Converts ARJ/LZH to ZIP Files... ...Check it out, it's the BEST!

 PROWHO18.ZIP 46K 06-23-95 ProWho; The "WHO UPLOADED THAT FILE?" door for PCBoard! This door will scan the system download/upload log and list all entries that mention a specific name. You may select any full filename for scanning. The search is done based on matching keywords (like the Zippy scan function).

 PCBUT142.ZIP 90K 06-23-95 PCBULT - v1.42a :by FeatherNet Software, Inc An outstanding PCBoard Upload Tester & Files Converter. Tests passing archive *WHILE ON- LINE*! Supports FILE_ID.DIZ and DESC.SDI. Optional convertion of archive to ARJ, ZIP, or LHA format. Deletes nuisance BBS ads and inserts archive comment, tests .GIF and .TD0 files. Swaps to XMS, EMS or Disk. Includes easy configuration program.

 PCBUDC11.ZIP 30K 06-23-95 PCBoard Upload Date Checker (PCBUPDC) v1.1 A program for checking the contents of .ZIP files for old file. Designed as an add-on to CAMS-CRC but will work with any upload checker, simply run it after any upload checker in PCBTEST.BAT. During the processing of .ZIP files, it looks at the information of .COM, .EXE and .O* files within the .ZIP, compares the date of with the oldest file date that you set in the config file.

 PCBDESC5.ZIP 16K 06-23-95 PCBDescribe v5.05 12/20/93 release. A utility for PCBoard systems that detects description files inside of uploaded archive files and uses the contents to describe the upload. Version 5.00 adds compatibility with other archive formats and now supports ZIP, ARJ, LZH, PAK and ARC files as well as self- extracting versions of each. Version 5.05 fixes a problem with blank lines in the FILE_ID.DIZ file.

 PCBCK12D.ZIP 144K 06-23-95 PCBCheck 1.2d This VERY EASY to setup PCBoard 15.x upload checker processes FILE_ID.DIZ, internally supports GIF's, self-extracting archives, optionally adds info to description, does 'keyword' description checking, age testing, and much more! This is a minor bug fix of PCBCheck 1.2

 PCBCHK10.ZIP 119K 06-23-95 PCBCheck 1.0 PCBoard upload checker designed specifically for use with PCBoard 15.0 with a primary goal of easy setup! Features easy-to-use setup program, modern looking/advanced/dynamic output, unique modular archive support (easy to support new archivers without source code modification!) Includes standard basic

 MSIUL30 .ZIP 39K 06-23-95 Uploaded Files Report Generator for Spitfire BBS Systems

 MMUPS151.ZIP 16K 06-23-95 MM Uploads v1.51; Superior New File lists; Create easy to read and colourful New File Bulletins that also include a "Thank you" note to all the uploaders contributing.

 LABTST27.ZIP 239K 06-23-95 Labtest 2.7 - Maintenance Release! The Definitive RemoteAccess 2.xx Upload Processor! Labtest will unarchive/ scan/ convert your user's uploads and add a text file as an archive comment. Labtest will import FILE_ID.DIZ descriptions and GIF file resolutions into the RA 2.xx database. Multiple virus scanners, configuration files, display screens. JPG<>GIF conversion, JAM support, full RIP support and much more!

 LABTEST .ZIP 118K 06-23-95 Labtest v2.00v1; The Definitive Upload Processor! Labtest will unarchive, scan, convert your user's uploads and add a text file as an archive comment. Labtest will also import FILE_ID.DIZ descriptions and GIF file resolutions into the RA 2.00 database or FILES.BBS file.

 H_RUCK10.ZIP 41K 06-23-95 Hack Report Upload Checker For PCBoard 15.0 Sysops Only! This is a CO-upload checker - it works with Ziplab, etc.! H-Ruck checks the uploaded file against the Hack Report IDX file and/or the COL file, and will fail the upload if it finds a match. Prevent known trojans and virii that McAfee can miss! Disallows pirated files.... For PCBoard from Maritime Computer -now faster & adds PASSED screen

 FBRAIN .ZIP 354K 06-23-95 FILE BRAIN UPLOAD VIRUS ZIP CHECKER Use this to check uploads for virus and bad zip, arj, lzh, arc, and gif files. Will also extract FILE_ID.DIZ, and check your CDROM for duplicate files. Used in UPCHECK.BAT file for GAP.

 EXZT223K.ZIP 185K 06-23-95 ExZTest 2.23 eta 11 - THE upload tester. Some small improvements for those still using it! This is a public beta release. Please direct all questions to the ExSupport conference on participating boards.

 DIZIT20 .ZIP 55K 06-23-95 DizIt v2.0; Stop wasting time uploading files into PCBoard with the local upload option. DizIt aids the PCBoard sysop by allowing files which contain FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI files to be imported into PCBoard into any directory file you specify. No need to check if FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI exists, DizIt will snoop it out for you. Bew option to import descriptions from text files. DizIt is fast and easy!

 DCHECK .ZIP 31K 06-23-95 Download Checker also adds comments to archives.

 CZBETA2C.ZIP 332K 06-23-95 CheckZip (CZip) v2.00C; The ULTIMATE Upload Processor! Test ZIP/ARJ/LZH/ZOO/PAK/SDN/GIF /TD0! Convert from ANY using any converter Test uploads for valid CRC's, Viruses File dates (4 ways), Dupes. Extract archive comments to a logfile, Remove comments or add your own. Remove BBS ads by BBS/CRC and add you own. Touch dates. Remove -AV tage. Move/Protect -AV protected files. Configurable ANSI screen, custom comments.

 CSPRO10 .ZIP 306K 06-23-95 CatScan Professional v. 1.0 "The Intelligent File Processor" CSPro is the state-of-the-art in Upload File Processors. No other upload file processor provides the rich feature set that Catscan Professional provides its users. Such features include, built in duplicate file CRC checker, internal messaging system, 100% configurable ANSI screen, supports DIGI and Uart, supports RIP Script, speeds up to 115k baud, uses up

 CONADD12.ZIP 34K 06-23-95 CONADD v 1.2 CONADD is a SYSOP's utility that facilitates easy local uploads to a BBS system. It will move archives to the correct directory and at the same time update the FILE LIST for that particular area. Works with most BBS File list types. It fast easy to use and can be confiured just the way you want, also

 CHKPKG10.ZIP 10K 06-23-95 The Checker Package v1.0 - [PPE] The best Registration Utility available. This package of .PPE files will allow you to create, check, and give options according to the registration status. These .PPEs are the best supported out there. From FiRe Productions Ltd. *SHAREWARE*

 CHCKUL10.ZIP 13K 06-23-95 CheckUL; Checks and modifies 'uploaded by' status in the file directories. For use with Telegard 2.7

 CAMCRC20.ZIP 91K 06-23-95 Cams-CRC Upload Processor for WildCat v3.5 Tests the integrity of GIF/ZIP files. Will scan for a virus. Can remove/add ZIP comments. It will check for an oldest file date as well. Best of all, it checks for duplicate files. Very fast and efficient. Registration $20.00. Call our 800 number and order today.

 B_CRC2A .ZIP 374K 06-23-95 B-CRC v0.92; File Upload Checker for WC! Verifies ZIP, GIF and sfxEXE's by CRC check. Complete report of duplications on your BBS. SCANS files after U/L for duplicates and sends report to user & log. Easy to setup and maintain.

 BCRC103 .ZIP 492K 06-23-95 B-CRC(c) File Upload Checker by CRC Signature for DOOR.SYS based BBS's. Verifies ZIP, GIF, JPEG and sfxEXE's while online. Generates complete report of duplications on your BBS. SCANS files after U/L for duplicates and sends report to user & log. Scan's CD-ROM's. Menu Driven. Now Supports Fossil. Converts ZDCS Databases! Easy to setup.IRQ to 15, Comports 1-4. RIP GRAPHICS, Many enhanced features! Ver. 1.03,

 BADLIST .ZIP 9K 06-23-95 Stop DUPE uploads of same file w/diff.

 BADFV10 .ZIP 30K 06-23-95 BADFILES Processor v1.0 - Replace file .ext with in BADFILES.LST to prevent duplicate uploads.

 BADDUPE .ZIP 7K 06-23-95 BADDUPE V 1.0 The Badfiles Maintainer That Reall BADDUPE will Maintain and Update your Badfiles.lst so you don't get duplicate uploads I wrote this utility to fill the gap that existed in all the other dupe scanners that i have used. I am a sysop and I actually use this without any problems.

 AUTODESC.ZIP 26K 06-23-95 Auto-add descrips to uploads.Now supports

 ANTIB105.ZIP 36K 06-23-95 Antibody 1.05: upload processing program for SLBBS.

 ALAB126 .ZIP 180K 06-23-95 ArchiveLAB v1.26; Utility for RA 1.xx & 2.00 sysops to test uploaded archive, GIF/JPG, and TD0 files for errors, and add/remove comment, add/remove advertisment files, extended virus-scanning, -AV removal, FILE_ID.DIZ and DESC.SDI support, and GIF/JPG templating, swapping, on-line conversion of archive types, checks uploads against Hack Report.

 ADDAD35 .ZIP 24K 06-23-95 Puts info. file in uploads. Now adds comments,+M Inserts a text file into a new uploaded file showing information such as, Who uploaded it When uploaded, File name and description. It will also detect if program .ext was changed, by another program, and will automatically compensate for it. If no desc. given, the program will look for a desc. file in the upload and use it. WC3 BBSs,by Larry Edwards