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 ZOOMINIT.ZIP 75K 06-23-95 ZOOM Modem init strings, help, etc.

 USR168 .ZIP 13K 06-23-95 US Robotics modem settings.

 TIESTEST.ZIP 34K 06-23-95 Tests modem for support of Time Idependent Escap

 TESTPORT.ZIP 12K 06-23-95 Returns all diagnostics from modem in bitmapped

 RSTMODEM.ZIP 15K 06-23-95 Reset Your Modem Without Turning It Off. Includes Turbo Pascal Source Code.

 PORTS .ZIP 20K 06-23-95 TestPort and SwapPort diagnostic utilities

 PORTEST2.ZIP 32K 06-23-95 Tests communications port

 PMOPGUID.ZIP 11K 06-23-95 What a Modem Does - Text file explains how modems and communications work

 PCMOD12 .ZIP 96K 06-23-95 PC and Modem communications tutor.

 PCCABLE3.ZIP 10K 06-23-95 Extensive guide to configuring serial cables.

 P144FXSA.ZIP 2K 06-23-95 Practical Perif. Modem inits to work with Wildcat 3.02


 NULCABLE.ZIP 5K 06-23-95 How to make serial/parallel null modem cables

 MODEMTXT.ZIP 12K 06-23-95 A Comparason of High Speed Modems.

 MODEMD52.ZIP 130K 06-23-95 ******** Modem Doctor 5.2S ************* Modem Doctor 5.2S, the premier modem,uar diagnostic utility. Tests ports, IRQ set self-connect modem tests, handshake test and more than 60 others. Ver 5.2 adds aa command line switch /Q that allows user to toggle IRQ diagnostics off. Contains tech reference manual, user manual.

 MODEM20 .ZIP 20K 06-23-95 Modem Version 2.0 - A Berlitz course in high speed modem data communications. Written by Theodore M. Rosenberg of the Baltimore Users Group.

 MOD210A .ZIP 60K 06-23-95 Modem v2.10a. Allows doing basic modem operations within a batch file. Returns errorlevel results.

 MNPMODM .ZIP 2K 06-23-95 Explains How to disable modem error correction (MNP)

 MDRDRV02.ZIP 5K 06-23-95 Modem driver

 MDR401 .ZIP 105K 06-23-95 Modem Doctor v4.01 extensive port diagnostics.

 MDMINIT .ZIP 4K 06-23-95 Modem commands and responses for use in tuning up your modem initialization string.

 MDIC200 .ZIP 53K 06-23-95 The Modem Dictionary v2.00. Freeware. This is a must for anyone using a modem. It contains easy-to-understand definitions of over 730 words that come up when using modems and BBS's. Helpful for both the beginner and expert. No need to try to figure out the jargon anymore!

 MAXID103.ZIP 25K 06-23-95 Caller-ID for Max and Suprafax v.32b modem with Callid JROMs. 01/30/93.

 INITS .ZIP 17K 06-23-95 All types of modems listed with the proper init string to make them run. Very detailed.

 INIT_200.ZIP 35K 06-23-95 Modem Init Strings v2.00; Database contains more than 400 strings Search quickly your modem init - string With a print to paper option

 HVFC1193.ZIP 9K 06-23-95 Hayes Sysop Program Information Kit -- Features Hayes OPTIMA 288 V.FC + FAX 28,800 bps modem for only $288!

 HI_SPE .ZIP 53K 06-23-95 What You Need To Know About Modems

 HAYESTRM.ZIP 87K 06-23-95 Technical reference manual for Hayes modems *** Archive description file (file_id.diz)*** *** created by the authors of BigSky ROMs ***

 FWKCT118.ZIP 70K 06-23-95 FWKCT(TM) Contents_Signature System Test Procedures, Ver. 1.18, 1992 Sep 11. Contains test procedures used in quality control before FWKCS Ver. 1.18 was released. They can be run as partial test for compatibility between FWKCS and your operating system, or to see some of what FWKCS can do. These test procedures are also in FWKCS118.ZIP. If you have that, you can skip this .ZIP.

 DIGICOM .ZIP 3K 06-23-95 Setup for DSI 9624LE+ Modem and Wildcat

 DETECT .ZIP 8K 06-23-95 DETECT -- Reports installed modem(s) using COM1-COM4 on PCs.

 COMST12 .ZIP 27K 06-23-95 Comset 12 Modem/Uart/Serial Port tester Test, setup ports/modems/uarts. Ver 12 supports Com1-4, IRQ2-7, speeds to 115200bps. Returns errorlevels to batch files depending on modem's state. Enable/Disable 16550AFN uart buffers Also swaps ports, logs in Com3&4 to DOS , displays port status. With docs.

 COMST11 .ZIP 23K 06-23-95 COMSET v11.0; 11 setup/test modems/uarts Ver 11 supports Com1-4, IRQ2-7, speeds to 57.6kbps. Returns errorlevels to batch files depending on modem's state. Unlike, Comset works with any Uart. Also swaps ports, logs in Com3&4 to DOS, displays port status.

 COMST10A.ZIP 21K 06-23-95 Communications port status report.

 CHKMDM92.ZIP 36K 06-23-95 ChkModem v2.0: Verify existence of modem. Sends string, looks for "OK" at various speeds. QB source.

 CD_PAS .ZIP 25K 06-23-95 Carrier Detector v1.0 - Detect modem carriers; Support COM port 1-4; Generate ERRORLEVEL codes; Can be used in batch files; Pascal SOURCE CODE included; Batch file example included

 CCOH1A .ZIP 64K 06-23-95 OffHook v1.0a; Puts modem OffHook (busy) while you need the computer. Very easy to set up. Executable configuration file for fast set ups. Supports COM 1 through 15, bauds 300 through 38,400 and Fossil Drivers.

 CALLID13.ZIP 8K 06-23-95 CALLERID utility PPE for PCBoard 15. Must have modem capable of providing callerid info such as Supra or Xyzel. Sysop config- urable for display files, record logging, and storing data in user record. Verifies callerid number against user record phone # entries. ver: 1.3 By Al Segura

 BOCA144 .ZIP 44K 06-23-95 Manual for Boca's 14.4k modem.

 BOCA .ZIP 2K 06-23-95 List Of Modem Initialization Strings For The BOCA High Speed Modems Which Have Been Reported To Work With SPITFIRE

 AZT_V12 .ZIP 10K 06-23-95 Send AT commands, dial etc to modem at the command prompt.

 AT_V12 .ZIP 20K 06-23-95 Send AT commands to your modem from DOS.

 ATZ120 .ZIP 10K 06-23-95 ATZ is a command line modem utility for sending commands/data to a FOSSIL port (FOSSIL required). ATZ is useful for intializing the modem in batch files and, with its interactive mode, as a "quick n dirty" comm program.

 ATPLUS10.ZIP 59K 06-23-95 ATPlus v1.0; Send "AT" commands to your modem from the DOS command line. Accepts command line switches, or reads from its configuration file. Works with or w/out a FOSSIL driver and supports COM1 - COM4 including non-standard ports. Output can be redirected, or suppressed.

 ASYNC10 .ZIP 27K 06-23-95 Async is a program to open Com port 1 or Com port 2, transmit a data string: and monitor the modem response.

 ACU .ZIP 3K 06-23-95 Hayes text regarding new low cost modem line.

 144HEL .ZIP 3K 06-23-95 Boca 14400 Fax/Modem help file.

 15_974C .ZIP 6K 06-23-95 Quick reference card for US Robotics Sportster m

 1ST_MDM .ZIP 5K 06-23-95 Contains over 200 modem initialization strings for 1st Reader. Copy the MODEM.DAT found in this archive into your 1stReader subdirectory *before* executing INSTALL to pick up the modem definitions.