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 00INDEX . 44K 04-12-12 [No description available]


 AA22D .ZIP 69K 09-24-00 Axehandler's Arena v2.2d - LORD IGM

 AB09C .ZIP 72K 09-24-00 Axehandler's BattleGrounds v0.9c - LORD IGM

 ABC .ZIP 8K 09-14-97 ABC iGM FOR LORD2 V1.01a

 ACT5 .ZIP 55K 09-24-00 Across The Tracks v5

 ACTH103 .ZIP 5K 03-28-98 Tien Lung's House v1.03

 ADDMUN10.ZIP 34K 09-13-98 -= Addams Family Meets The Munsters =-

 ADPTMK15.ZIP 30K 09-24-00 Adoption Market v1.15 LORD IGM

 ADULTMON.ZIP 11K 09-24-00 This is an Adult Lenemy.dat file for

 AHKCITY .ZIP 59K 09-24-00 |02Children of Galaexy presents

 AKCITY21.ZIP 69K 09-24-00 The City Of The Sun God 2.1

 ALAD101 .ZIP 42K 09-24-00 Aladdin's Bar v 1.01 - LORD IGM

 ALIEN .ZIP 6K 09-28-97 The Visitors L2 IGM

 AM110 .ZIP 18K 09-03-97 <->- ANSIMap v1.10 -<->

 AMALL103.ZIP 7K 04-25-98 Arrisville Mall v1.03

 ANARCH .ZIP 24K 09-24-00 The Anarchist 1.1 Beta

 AND100 .ZIP 24K 09-14-97 =-=> Andrew for LORD2 <=-=

 ANLORD10.ZIP 26K 10-19-95 Ancients of LORD

 ANSIMAP .ZIP 17K 09-03-97 <->- ANSIMap v1.00 -<->

 APOTH172.ZIP 65K 01-27-97 The Apothecary v1.72 -- a LORD IGM.

 APV200 .ZIP 127K 07-26-96 * * * Aladdin's Palace Version 2.00 * * *


 ARAGONUN.ZIP 6K 04-25-98 Aragon's homely home by Dwsoft (We look out for

 ARENA20 .ZIP 46K 09-24-00 The Arena Of Lords v2.0 - IGM For

 ARENAV2 .ZIP 42K 09-24-00 -=-=-=-Haldar's Arena v2.0b-=-=-=- LORD IGM

 ARTIME11.ZIP 80K 09-24-00 [No description available]

 ASSFA100.ZIP 9K 09-07-97 =-=> Assfamily for LORD2 <=-=

 ASYVI202.ZIP 260K 09-24-00 Lord IGM

 ATMS101 .ZIP 13K 06-30-07 Auto Teller Machine v1.01 LORD2 IGM

 ATRAIN11.ZIP 10K 10-16-97 Arris Training Grounds v1.01: A LORD 2 IGM

 AUSSIE11.ZIP 9K 09-14-97 Aussie World's Two-Up

 AVALON21.ZIP 17K 04-25-98 "The Mines of Mt. Avalon" v2.1 -=- IGM for WT-LO

 AXEA21B .ZIP 62K 09-24-00 Axehandler's Arena v2.1b - LORD IGM

 AXEDOM .ZIP 52K 09-24-00 Axehandler's Dominion v0.9beta - LORD IGM

 BA506 .ZIP 53K 09-24-00 BACKALLY BAR v5.06 - LORD IGM

 BAC403 .ZIP 36K 09-24-00 BACKALLY CHURCH v4.03 - A LORD IGM

 BACKALY2.ZIP 59K 09-24-00 [No description available]

 BAITSHOP.ZIP 5K 08-24-98 -= Big Bad Bait Shop v0.6b =-

 BALDUR20.ZIP 152K 09-24-00 BALDUR'S CAMP v2.0 LORD In Game Modual

 BANDIT11.ZIP 7K 08-03-97 -=Bandit's Hideout IGM v1.1=-

 BANDIT2 .ZIP 7K 09-14-97 -=Bandit's Hideout IGM v2.0=-


 BARAK100.ZIP 55K 04-08-95 -=Barak's House V1.00: LORD IGM=-

 BARBER13.ZIP 26K 04-25-98 Lord County Barber Shop v1.3 -=- IGM for WT-LORD

 BARNLORD.ZIP 24K 05-08-95 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= BarneyLord v1.0 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

 BARSRC .ZIP 86K 04-08-97 Hi! Ever wanted to make your own

 BATTLE13.ZIP 150K 01-20-98 The Battlefield v1.3

 BBAR100 .ZIP 7K 11-06-97 -= Black Death's Tavern 1.00 for LORD2 =-

 BBLOR102.ZIP 34K 09-24-00 New upgrade to your LORD game.

 BBT100 .ZIP 31K 09-24-00 Barton's Battle Training: A great IGM (In

 BCOTT102.ZIP 7K 09-03-97 BeachSide Vottage version 1.02 LORD 2 IGM

 BCOTT103.ZIP 7K 05-23-98 BeachSide Cottage version 1.03

 BD100 .ZIP 60K 09-24-00 | BUSINESS DEPARTMENT 1.00 |

 BDCV101 .ZIP 8K 03-28-98 Black Dragon Castle v1.01

 BEGG100V.ZIP 4K 09-14-97 -= The Begger =-

 BELDON .ZIP 9K 06-07-03 Beldon Village v1.00 LORD2 IGM

 BGSS11B .ZIP 123K 01-23-04 -=-=-=- Biggies Smoke Shop v1.1 -=-=-=-=



 BLACK23 .ZIP 12K 04-25-98 The Blacksmith's Shop! v2.3 -=- IGM for WT-LORD

 BLKSHP15.ZIP 5K 11-01-97 "Black Sheep of the Family" (LORD2 IGM)

 BLKWNG17.ZIP 46K 04-25-98 32 bit IGM written for WTLORD and compiled with

 BLUDLRD .ZIP 25K 09-24-00 Eyeball, Inc. Presents:

 BLUE099 .ZIP 19K 03-28-98 The Blue Dragon's Challenge v0.99

 BOBS23 .ZIP 54K 04-25-98 Bob's Beer! v2.3 -=- IGM for WT-LORD in 32bit wc

 BONG110 .ZIP 6K 09-14-97 Bong Version 1.0


 BRADYREF.ZIP 10K 08-03-97 Brady Bunch Adventure .REF 1.00

 BREANNA .ZIP 6K 08-03-97 -=Breanna's Cove IGM for LORD II=-

 BREANNA2.ZIP 8K 08-03-97 -=Breanna's Cove IGM v2.0=-

 BSTON10 .ZIP 65K 01-24-98 The Blarney Stone v1.0

 BUNNY101.ZIP 25K 09-14-97 The Bunny Cave v1.01 - LORD2 IGM

 BUNNY200.ZIP 25K 02-11-98 The Bunny Cave v2.00

 CAMEL14 .ZIP 30K 09-14-97 -= Camelot V1.4 for Lord2 =-

 CANOE2 .ZIP 8K 08-24-98 The Canoe 2.0 IGM for Lord2

 CARNIVAL.ZIP 48K 11-20-97 Willy Tart's Carnival v1.0

 CAVE10 .ZIP 83K 12-13-96 Lord IGM... The caverns of the

 CAVE14A .ZIP 91K 09-24-00 The L.O.R.D. Cavern v1.4a LORD IGM

 CAVE16 .ZIP 147K 11-10-03 The L.O.R.D. Cavern v1.6 LORD IGM

 CAVE17 .ZIP 161K 06-13-05 The L.O.R.D. Cavern v1.7 LORD IGM

 CAVERHP1.ZIP 10K 09-24-00 The L.O.R.D. Cavern RHP set 1

 CAVERHP2.ZIP 9K 09-24-00 The L.O.R.D. Cavern RHP set 2

 CAVERHP3.ZIP 13K 11-10-03 The L.O.R.D. Cavern RHP set #3 v1.00

 CCIGM11B.ZIP 214K 09-24-00 * * * CASTLE COLDDRAKE v/1.1b * * *

 CCOVRNT1.ZIP 80K 09-24-00 The Overnighter version 1.0 LORD IGM

 CHANCE15.ZIP 52K 10-06-96 Chance's Caf v1.5

 CHANED10.ZIP 76K 05-12-08 The ChangeLing's Player Database Editor v1.00

 CHANGLNG.ZIP 43K 09-24-00 -= The Changeling 1.0 - Lord IGM =-

 CHAT10A .ZIP 99K 09-24-00 Chat Room & Player's Journal IGM!

 CHRIST21.ZIP 15K 04-25-98 "Merry Christmas" v2.1 -=- IGM for WT-LORD in 32

 CHRIST28.ZIP 21K 03-16-03 "Merry Christmas" v2.8 -=- IGM for WT-LORD in 32bit wcCODE for WC5! "WT-LORD v2.0 READY" for WT-LORD v2.5 and Higher ONLY! *FREEWARE* Another fun *WT-LORD IGM* by Joseph Watson HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Open your Stocking and see what Santa has left for you!

 CHRIST30.ZIP 21K 12-29-04 "Merry Christmas" v3.0 -=- IGM for WT-LORD



 CIRCUS20.ZIP 65K 01-17-97 Circus of Freaks LORD IGM v2.0!

 CLINIC15.ZIP 51K 09-19-96 + The Surgical Clinic +

 CLOAK100.ZIP 8K 09-26-97 Dark Cloak Ruins v1.00: A LORD 2 IGM

 CLOAK200.ZIP 10K 09-27-97 Dark Cloak Ruins v2.00: A LORD 2 IGM

 CN20 .ZIP 98K 09-24-00 Cathedral of Nalishar is an IGM for

 CO-005 .ZIP 130K 09-24-00 |06Caldor's Orphanage v0.05 - LORD IGM

 COD101 .ZIP 104K 01-15-97 Caves Of Despair v1.01 - A LORD IGM

 COL100A .ZIP 11K 11-30-97 Northlands Coliseum v1.00a: A LORD 2 IGM

 COL100B .ZIP 12K 12-08-97 Northlands Coliseum v1.00b: A LORD 2 IGM

 COL210 .ZIP 65K 09-24-00 CASTLE OF LORD v2.10 IGM for LORD

 COL230 .ZIP 79K 05-15-07 Castle of L.O.R.D. v2.30 LORD IGM

 CONVHS11.ZIP 21K 01-02-07 H.I.T.S. Player Database Converter v1.10

 CONVHS12.ZIP 23K 10-05-07 H.I.T.S. Player Database Converter v1.20

 CONVKB10.ZIP 19K 03-15-06 K. L. Bank Database Conversion v1.00

 CONVKB11.ZIP 26K 08-21-07 K.L. Bank Player Database Converter v1.10

 CONVKB12.ZIP 26K 09-19-07 K.L. Bank Player Database Converter v1.20

 CONVLS10.ZIP 38K 10-11-08 LORD Skeleton P. D. Converter v1.00

 CONVRL10.ZIP 20K 11-21-06 R.O.L. Player Database Generator v1.00

 CONVRL11.ZIP 27K 01-26-08 Realm of Lore Player Database Converter v1.10

 COURT12 .ZIP 33K 02-02-05 WT-LORD County Court v1.2 -=- IGM

 CRACK100.ZIP 17K 09-24-00 The Crack House IGM v1.00

 CRI1-0 .ZIP 103K 02-27-06 Crossroads Inn V1.0 - LORD IGM

 DAEIGM2 .ZIP 151K 09-24-00 Daemonica, SaTan's Dominion 2.0

 DAEMON40.ZIP 308K 12-23-97 DAEMONICA v0.1


 DAPIT351.ZIP 35K 09-24-00 The Pit by Codax of Dragon's Den Ultd

 DAPONDV2.ZIP 32K 09-24-00 The Pond by Codax of Dragon's Den Ultd

 DARKCT14.ZIP 14K 05-14-03 DarkCloak Tavern v1.4

 DAVIN091.ZIP 116K 09-24-00 Dave's Inn v.0.91 LORD INN

 DAVINN10.ZIP 69K 08-02-03 Dave's Inn IGM 1.0

 DBMV73 .ZIP 101K 09-24-00 -=-=Dragon's Breath Mountain v.73=-=-

 DBS102 .ZIP 55K 09-14-96 -=Dragon's Breath Square V1.02, LORD IGM=-

 DCL201 .ZIP 159K 09-24-00 |10Dragon's Claw Tavern v2.01 - LORD IGM

 DDC-025 .ZIP 67K 09-24-00 |10 Dragon's Den Casino |02v0.25 - |10LORD IGM

 DEATH101.ZIP 31K 09-14-97 Death's Land

 DESCNT15.ZIP 23K 10-29-97 Descent of the Dragon v1.50

 DEV150 .ZIP 231K 12-17-97 MetaLHeaD Softwarez

 DEV666 .ZIP 195K 11-27-97 MetaLHeaD Softwarez

 DGT-LADY.ZIP 88K 04-12-03 Belgarion's LORD LADY Scripts v1.42

 DISCO100.ZIP 4K 09-14-97 G-Dogg's Disco Hall is an

 DIVINEC .ZIP 5K 09-28-97 DIVINE COMEDY lord2igm

 DIYI400 .ZIP 152K 09-24-00 DIYIGM (LORD IGM) v 4.00

 DKLV220B.ZIP 43K 06-04-96 DK-LOTTO v2.20 BETA [LORD IGM] Loads of fun

 DLAIR18 .ZIP 59K 09-24-00 -=-=-=-=Red Dragons' Lair v1.8=-=-=-=-

 DLLORD20.ZIP 28K 02-28-98 DLLORD20 is a menu set and monster set. Designed


 DM01 .ZIP 37K 05-08-95 DSE Lord Monster Editor .1

 DOC200 .ZIP 47K 11-30-97 Doc Farrell v2.00 Lord II IGM

 DOC250 .ZIP 52K 01-19-98 Doc Farrell v2.50

 DOC300A .ZIP 72K 01-22-98 Doc Farrell v3.00a

 DOMANU10.ZIP 4K 11-05-97 ------The Realm Of Domanu------

 DOOFED10.ZIP 71K 02-27-06 Doofus the Gnome Player Editor v1.00

 DOOFED11.ZIP 71K 07-19-06 DoofEdit Player Database Editor v1.10

 DRGNHOME.ZIP 11K 09-03-97 Dragon's Den Housing by Codax Dragon

 ERSCH22 .ZIP 53K 04-25-98 Erschlagenhalle, is a 32 bit IGM for WTLORD, whe

 EVER12 .ZIP 142K 04-25-98 "EverGreen Cemetery" v1.2 -=- IGM for WT-LORD in

 EVER33 .ZIP 332K 12-29-04 "EverGreen Cemetery" v3.3 - IGM for WT-LORD

 EXFUN103.ZIP 14K 09-14-97 Extacy's Land Of Fun

 EXTITEM3.ZIP 53K 02-08-98 Externally Defined Items package v3

 FALLTXT .ZIP 47K 02-23-98 Fall Lord

 FGLAD100.ZIP 4K 08-03-97 The Faerie Glade IGM for LORD 2 Beta 7+

 FGRAVE .ZIP 5K 09-14-97 Father's Grave IGM for LORD 2 v1.00

 FIG012 .ZIP 50K 09-07-97 IGARO CASTL

 FIGARO12.ZIP 30K 09-15-97 FIGARO CASTLE version 1.26

 FIND101 .ZIP 17K 06-30-07 HeLL'S Slaughter House For Lord2 v1.0 +

 FISH .ZIP 9K 04-25-98 Go fishing catch old skipper and even get beat u

 FISH10B .ZIP 5K 09-03-97 -= Fishing Docks for LORD2 =-

 FITEPACH.ZIP 26K 01-09-98 LORD ][: TQFM Fight Patch

 FLINK100.ZIP 3K 09-14-97 FLiNK'S HoWSe iGM FoR LoRD2..

 FORHP1 .ZIP 12K 07-11-03 The Forest Outhouse RHP Pack v1.00


 FROST300.ZIP 13K 07-09-03 (AREA:LORD2FIL) FrostGlint Keep v3.00 LORD

 FT1_0 .ZIP 13K 08-03-97 -=-=- Felicity's Temple ver 1.0 for Lord2 -=-=-

 FTOWN100.ZIP 161K 07-17-96 Fairy Town IGM Version 1.00 for LORD.


 GARLORD .ZIP 31K 09-13-98 Gargoyle LORD!

 GATE12 .ZIP 109K 11-10-03 The Gateway v1.2 LORD IGM

 GATE13 .ZIP 125K 06-12-05 The Gateway v1.3 LORD IGM

 GDALE20 .ZIP 8K 09-03-97 The Lands of Glendale

 GEMTR200.ZIP 99K 04-12-03 The Gem Trader v2.00 LORD IGM

 GEMTR210.ZIP 109K 05-09-03 The Gem Trader v2.10 LORD IGM

 GEMTR220.ZIP 119K 11-11-03 The Gem Trader v2.20 LORD IGM

 GEMTR250.ZIP 242K 12-30-06 The Gem Trader v2.50 LORD IGM

 GEMTR260.ZIP 231K 12-20-07 The Gem Trader v2.60 LORD IGM

 GIFT100 .ZIP 4K 09-07-97 =-=> Giftman for LORD2 <=-=

 GIVERS10.ZIP 5K 03-18-98 Greentree Givers V1.0

 GLOBE111.ZIP 249K 02-08-98 Global Registries v1.11

 GM100 .ZIP 7K 09-27-97 -=-=- Greentree Manor ver 1.0 for Lord2 -=-=-

 GMTXPTCH.ZIP 8K 10-07-97 -= Lord II Gametxt.ref Patch =-

 GNOME20 .ZIP 197K 07-19-06 Doofus the Gnome v2.00 LORD IGM

 GORILLA .ZIP 7K 09-28-97 Gorilla Villa lord2igm

 GRAVE20 .ZIP 43K 04-25-98 The Graveyard (wcCODE 5) Wt-Lord 2.5+ ready IGM

 GRIZ100 .ZIP 5K 09-14-97 LORD II IGM

 GSLORD .ZIP 23K 09-13-98 Changes the Flavor of Lord


 GUMV212 .ZIP 27K 05-03-98 Gumtown v2.12

 GURUB9B .ZIP 14K 02-11-98 Guru Bob and The Tree Of Knowledge V0.9 BETA

 GYPSY .ZIP 19K 09-03-97 =-:-=-:-= Gypsy Encampment=-:-=-:-=

 HAG200 .ZIP 90K 05-07-03 The Nice Hag v2.00 LORD IGM

 HAG210 .ZIP 92K 06-07-03 The Nice Hag v2.10 LORD IGM

 HAG214 .ZIP 94K 10-06-03 The Nice Hag v2.15 LORD IGM

 HAG230 .ZIP 99K 03-26-04 The Nice Hag v2.30 LORD IGM

 HATE .ZIP 1K 11-05-97 Patch for Lord II: Quest for Mom

 HAWOOD .ZIP 19K 11-01-97 -=The Hundred Acre Woods IGM=-

 HELLV3 .ZIP 60K 06-30-07

 HGSV111 .ZIP 135K 03-18-98 Hell's Gate Services v1.11

 HILBILLD.ZIP 50K 09-13-98 -=Beverly Hillbilly Lord Menu=-

 HISCORE .ZIP 33K 09-13-98 Hi Score v1.0

 HITS200 .ZIP 102K 09-28-04 Hiding in the Shadows v2.00 LORD IGM

 HITS230 .ZIP 132K 02-02-05 Hiding in the Shadows v2.24 Beta

 HITS230X.ZIP 1K 03-24-05 Hiding In the Shadows v2.30 LORD IGM

 HITS250 .ZIP 147K 05-19-05 Hiding in the Shadows v2.50

 HITS270 .ZIP 232K 01-02-07 Hiding In The Shadows v2.70 LORD IGM

 HITS300 .ZIP 260K 10-05-07 Hiding In The Shadows v3.00 LORD IGM

 HONGV104.ZIP 66K 11-30-97 -=Hong Kong Studio v1.04 for LORD2=-

 HOTEL1 .ZIP 6K 09-07-97 -=Raptor's Hotel 1.5 IGM for LORD II=-

 HOUSE21 .ZIP 165K 02-27-06 Runt-Abu's Home v2.10 LORD IGM

 HS25EDIT.ZIP 71K 09-22-05 H.I.T.S. v2.50 Player Editor v1.00

 HSCITY23.ZIP 18K 07-09-03 HillSide City v2.3

 HT100 .ZIP 6K 10-07-97 -=< Habib's Tavern v1.00 >=-

 HUNTV103.ZIP 23K 12-08-97 Scavenger Hunt by Codax & Dragon's Den ULTD

 HUT220 .ZIP 194K 08-21-07 The Village Hut v2.20 LORD IGM

 HUT2ED10.ZIP 82K 08-21-07 The Village Hut P. D. Editor v1.00

 ICEINN13.ZIP 8K 06-30-07 iCeMaN's Inn v1.3 LORD2 IGM

 IGMH1053.ZIP 52K 04-25-98 IGMH 1.00


 IGMPACK1.ZIP 5K 09-27-97 Packet that includes two text files

 IGMPACK2.ZIP 5K 09-28-97 Packet that includes two text files

 IGMPACK4.ZIP 9K 11-01-97 Packet that includes two text files

 IGMPACK6.ZIP 10K 12-08-97 Packet that includes two text files

 IGMPACK7.ZIP 7K 01-05-98 Packet that includes two text files





 IGMS12 .ZIP 15K 09-13-98 -=-=IGMS v1.2=-=-

 IGMTIPS .ZIP 11K 02-28-98 Lord IGM Tip Sheets, Vols 1-4. Great tips

 IGMX3073.ZIP 44K 04-25-98 IGMX 3.00

 ILORD210.ZIP 363K 02-06-00 Inter-LORD 2.10 Inter-BBS Gaming for LORD

 ILROUTE1.ZIP 5K 04-26-98 Inter-Lord Packet Routing Transport

 INDIAN10.ZIP 54K 04-25-98 "Indian Joe's Horse Barn" v1.0 -=- IGM for WT-LO

 IPNET .ZIP 15K 09-27-97 IpNet, Interplanetary Gaming Network!


 ISLE45 .ZIP 15K 02-11-98 Isle of the Phreaks ver 4.5

 JACKED10.ZIP 72K 02-27-06 The Gem Trader Player Editor v1.00

 JACKED11.ZIP 73K 12-30-06 Gem Trader Player Database Editor v1.10

 JACKED12.ZIP 77K 12-20-07 The Gem Trader v2.60 LORD IGM

 JAXLORD .ZIP 22K 09-13-98 Menu set for LORD

 JESTER21.ZIP 5K 09-26-97 Jester's Casino Update v2.1: A LORD 2 IGM

 JG100 .ZIP 7K 09-15-97 -------Jennie's house-------

 JOE20 .ZIP 54K 01-01-05 Joseph's Revenge v2.0 -=- an IGM for WT-LORD in

 JOE21 .ZIP 56K 09-11-06 Joseph's Revenge v2.1 -=- an IGM for WT-LORD in

 JWLR19 .ZIP 54K 04-25-98 The Jeweler, is a WTLORD 32 bit, where the playe

 JYINN .ZIP 9K 06-07-03 GreenTree Village v1.00 LORD2 IGM

 JYINN201.ZIP 11K 07-04-03 GreenTree Mountain v2.01

 KALV6_1 .ZIP 67K 04-25-98 KLORD

 KBEDIT10.ZIP 69K 09-05-05 Kiteria's LORD Bank Player Editor v1.00.

 KBEDIT12.ZIP 71K 03-15-06 K.L. Bank Player Database Editor v1.20.

 KBEDIT13.ZIP 76K 01-15-07 K.L. Bank Player Database Editor v1.30.

 KBEDIT14.ZIP 75K 08-21-07 K. L. Bank Player Database Editor v1.40

 KBEDIT15.ZIP 76K 09-19-07 K. L. Bank Player Database Editor v1.40

 KEEP149 .ZIP 26K 11-09-97 -= IceLord Keep (tm) v1.48 =-

 KISS .ZIP 49K 01-10-98 **********The Magic Kiss**********

 KITKAS10.ZIP 18K 09-27-97 KITERIA'S KASTLE v1.0

 KLBANK10.ZIP 106K 01-12-05 Kiteria's LORD Bank v1.00 LORD IGM

 KLBANK12.ZIP 113K 03-13-05 Kiteria's LORD Bank v1.20 LORD IGM

 KLBANK13.ZIP 114K 03-13-05 Kiteria's LORD Bank v1.30 LORD IGM

 KLBANK15.ZIP 222K 01-15-07 Kiteria's LORD Bank v1.50 LORD IGM

 KLBANK16.ZIP 219K 08-21-07 Kiteria's LORD Bank v1.60 DOS LORD IGM

 KLBANK17.ZIP 222K 09-19-07 Kiteria's LORD Bank v1.70 DOS LORD IGM

 KNIGHT65.ZIP 57K 04-25-98 Knight's Of The Golden Horseshoe IGM

 KNOT250 .ZIP 9K 10-13-97 -= Knotwood Village v2.50 for LORD2 =-

 L2AC202 .ZIP 233K 11-05-97 Amber Crystal is an entire New World

 L2AC3B1 .ZIP 252K 01-22-98 Lord II: Amber Crystal v3.00 beta 1

 L2BI_B5 .ZIP 326K 10-16-97 -=Lord II: Beyond Imagination Beta 5=-

 L2BUGFIX.ZIP 9K 01-01-98 [0;1;31mPatch for Lord II v1.01a by M. Freeman

 L2DDDD .ZIP 401K 01-20-99 Lord 2: The deepest darkest dankest dungeon.

 L2DLV045.ZIP 126K 09-28-97 %=-=-=%( lord 2 : darklord )%=-=-=%

 L2EWB7 .ZIP 377K 03-05-98 -= LORD2: V1.01a =-

 L2FN_B1 .ZIP 71K 11-01-97 Final Nightmare

 L2FN_B2A.ZIP 187K 11-05-97 LORD2

 L2FN_B3 .ZIP 261K 12-07-97 LORD2

 L2FN_B3A.ZIP 261K 12-08-97 LORD2

 L2HELP1A.ZIP 5K 09-03-97 Lord II Help v.1a

 L2MAP10B.ZIP 11K 01-05-98 LORD II: Map Viewer v1.0b

 L2MINI1 .ZIP 309K 04-08-98 Minature Lord2!

 L2MINI16.ZIP 311K 05-08-98 Minature Lord2 V1.60

 L2MINI17.ZIP 311K 05-23-98 Minature Lord2 V1.70

 L2MINI19.ZIP 311K 05-30-98 Minature Lord2 V1.90

 L2MINI20.ZIP 311K 08-24-98 --==Miniature Lord2 V2.00==--

 L2POND .ZIP 17K 02-23-98 The Pond -- By MaNiAc

 L2QFMB1 .ZIP 291K 11-05-97 LORD ][: The Quest for Mom vBETA 1

 L2QFM_B2.ZIP 357K 01-05-98 LORD ][: The Quest for Mom vBETA 2.0

 L2REV11 .ZIP 27K 09-03-97 Lord II IGM Reviews v.1.1

 L2REV13 .ZIP 60K 09-07-97 Lord II IGM Reviews v.1.3

 L2SIEGEP.ZIP 534K 11-01-97 Lords of the Realm II Siege Addon Pack fix #1

 L2SOF_B1.ZIP 242K 11-06-97 LORD II: Sword Of Fate

 L2STUF3 .ZIP 24K 09-15-97 LORD Stuff Pack 3

 L2STUF4 .ZIP 56K 10-07-97 LORD Stuff Pack 4

 L2STUF5A.ZIP 80K 10-29-97 LORD Stuff Pack 5a

 L2STUFF6.ZIP 84K 02-11-98 LORD 2 Stuff Pack 6

 L2TL140 .ZIP 463K 03-28-98 TEOS LORD, version 1.40

 L2TL160 .ZIP 471K 01-20-99 TEOS LORD, version 1.60

 LACAST10.ZIP 94K 02-17-99 In 1999

 LADY_147.ZIP 78K 10-07-03 Belgarion's LORD LADY Scripts v1.47

 LADY_150.ZIP 94K 12-07-04 Belgarion's LORD LADY Scripts v1.50

 LADY_160.ZIP 97K 05-19-05 Belgarion's LORD LADY Scripts v1.60

 LAND10 .ZIP 121K 01-23-04 The Land Of The Free

 LAND11 .ZIP 121K 04-21-04 (AREA:LORDFILE) Land of the Free v1.10 LORD IGM

 LAWAC100.ZIP 6K 03-28-98 Lawyer's World v1.00

 LC2ED10 .ZIP 84K 01-26-08 LORD Cavern Player Database Editor v0.20 Beta

 LCOPS200.ZIP 41K 12-21-05 LordCops v2.00 for LORD v4.05 or 4.07

 LCRHP1_D.ZIP 17K 11-10-03 The L.O.R.D. Cavern RHP set #1 v1.25

 LCRHP1_E.ZIP 29K 06-30-07 The LORD Cavern RHP set #1 v1.30

 LCRHP2_D.ZIP 15K 11-10-03 The L.O.R.D. Cavern RHP set #2 v1.20

 LCRHP2_E.ZIP 29K 06-30-07 The LORD Cavern RHP set #2 v1.30

 LCRHP3_A.ZIP 24K 06-30-07 The L.O.R.D. Cavern RHP Set #3 v1.00

 LCRHP3_B.ZIP 26K 06-30-07 The LORD Cavern RHP set #3 v1.10

 LEDLORD .ZIP 47K 09-13-98 -=Led Zeppelin Lord Menu=-

 LENNY200.ZIP 7K 09-15-97 Uncle Lenny ver 2.00

 LIANL21 .ZIP 12K 03-09-98 Lord Igm Authors Newsletter

 LIL100 .ZIP 342K 02-17-99 In 1998-99

 LMCHP13P.ZIP 47K 06-30-07 Chapel of St George v1.30p LORD IGM

 LMENU121.ZIP 11K 04-25-98 ** LordMenu ver 1.21 **

 LNET14I .ZIP 236K 03-21-99 LordNet v1.4I BETA - LORD Companion

 LNET14K .ZIP 234K 03-27-97 LordNet v1.4K BETA - LORD Companion

 LNWS-13 .ZIP 38K 08-11-03 Castle Camelot LORD IGM Authors

 LNWS-13H.ZIP 44K 08-11-03 Castle Camelot LORD IGM Authors

 LOKI103 .ZIP 21K 10-16-97 -= Loki's Inn V1.03 for LORD2 =-

 LOMS .ZIP 22K 04-25-98 Legend of The Magus Slug!

 LOMS10 .ZIP 23K 03-02-04 (AREA:LORDFILE) Legend of the Magus Slug v1.00a

 LORD406 .ZIP 341K 04-18-01 -= Legend Of The Red Dragon 4.06 =-

 LORD407 .ZIP 431K 06-09-06 -= Legend Of The Red Dragon 4.07 =-

 LORDFX11.ZIP 771K 09-09-97 -=-=-=-= LORD FX: v.1.0 =-=-=-

 LORDGC20.ZIP 97K 06-01-03 L.O.R.D. Gambling Casino v2.00

 LORDGC21.ZIP 100K 09-17-03 LORD Gambling Casino v2.10 LORD IGM

 LORDST20.ZIP 68K 03-15-06 LordStat v2.00 LORD Bulletin Generator

 LORDST22.ZIP 74K 12-18-07 LordStat v2.20 LORD Bulletin Generator

 LORDWIN5.ZIP 18K 02-28-98 .oOo. Unofficial Strategy Guide for the .oOo.

 LOTR2SG1.ZIP 497K 10-23-97 Lords of the Realm II Siege Addon Pack fix #1

 LOTTO100.ZIP 90K 02-17-99 -'-'Latexila Lotto v1.00 a LIL IGM'-'-

 LOVE14P .ZIP 51K 04-12-03 The Love Shack v1.40p LORD IGM

 LOVE200 .ZIP 118K 12-31-03 The Love Shack II v2.00 LORD IGM

 LOVE220 .ZIP 130K 07-04-05 Love Shack II v2.20 LORD IGM

 LOVE250 .ZIP 202K 05-28-06 Love Shack II v2.50 LORD IGM

 LPEDIT10.ZIP 94K 03-16-03 ChasWare LORD Player Editor v1.00

 LPEDIT12.ZIP 100K 03-24-04 ChasWare LORD Player Editor v1.20

 LPEDIT14.ZIP 115K 05-15-07 ChasWare LPEDIT v1.40 DOS LORD Utility.

 LRD2HTM2.ZIP 57K 01-23-04 Oddware Software Group Presents

 LRDHLP16.ZIP 62K 04-25-98 The best FAQ for Legend Of the Red Dragon!

 LRDMNU14.ZIP 36K 08-21-07 LordMenu v1.40 Utility for DOS LORD, LORD/32.

 LS2ED10 .ZIP 71K 02-27-06 Love Shack II Player Editor v1.00

 MADDOG18.ZIP 44K 02-02-05 The Mad Dog v1.8 -=- an IGM for WT-LORD in

 MADM26 .ZIP 69K 09-28-06 "The Mad Mage's Tavern" v2.6 -=- IGM for WT-LORD

 MADM30 .ZIP 74K 09-11-06 "The Mad Mage's Tavern" v3.0 -=- IGM for WT-LORD

 MAFIA103.ZIP 277K 09-03-97 -MafiaVille-

 MANNDOOR.RAR 222K 11-10-03 (AREA:LORDFILE) MannDoor v3.08.30 Pascal tool-ki

 MANNDOOR.ZIP 219K 07-04-03 MannDoor v03.06.08 - June 2003

 MANSION .ZIP 23K 09-15-97 The Great Mansion Ver1.0 For LORD II

 MAPSWA11.ZIP 3K 09-15-97 LORD 2 MapSwap Example .REF v1.01

 MARTY20 .ZIP 88K 12-27-03 Marty's Mercantile IGM 2.0

 MARTY22 .ZIP 88K 12-30-03 Marty's Mercantile IGM v2.2

 MARTY25 .ZIP 90K 12-29-04 Marty's Mercantile IGM 2.5

 MARTY251.ZIP 91K 02-02-05 Marty's Mercantile IGM 2.51

 MICE10 .ZIP 18K 05-14-03 Mount Ice v1.0

 MICE11 .ZIP 27K 07-11-03 Mount Ice v1.1

 MIMSIC17.ZIP 54K 02-11-98 Mimsic Isle v1.17


 MMAP003 .ZIP 41K 01-05-98 Magic Map AWGS/LORD II Map Editor

 MMOUNT22.ZIP 48K 04-25-98 The Mystical Mountain 2.0

 MOLD .ZIP 4K 09-03-97 -=[Moldy City lord2 IGM]=-

 MON .ZIP 4K 09-28-97 Monastry lord2igm

 MOSH200 .ZIP 10K 09-27-97 BoneTown Concert Hall IGM v2.00

 MSDRM-21.ZIP 44K 10-07-97 Midsummer's Dream

 MYST150 .ZIP 16K 10-16-97 -= Myst Ville v1.0 for LORD2 =-

 MYSTIC35.ZIP 54K 04-25-98 The Mystic Bar 3.5

 MYTHC112.ZIP 11K 09-15-97 =[ mythran's cottage : lord 2 igm ]=

 MZKLRD60.ZIP 270K 11-11-03 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

 NATVILLE.ZIP 41K 09-15-97 Nathan Ville IGM V1.50

 NWB1-N .ZIP 35K 01-20-99 -=NeW WoRLd BeTa 1=-

 OCEAN .ZIP 19K 05-23-98 Ocean Adventure v1.00

 ODDWOR11.ZIP 137K 04-21-04 (AREA:LORDFILE) OddWorld v1.10 LORD IGM

 ODDWORLD.ZIP 136K 01-23-04 ---=== ODDWorld Version 1.0 ===---

 ODINK200.ZIP 21K 09-15-97 -= Odin's Keep V2.00 for LORD2 =-

 ODINK201.ZIP 21K 09-26-97 -= Odin's Keep V2.00 for LORD2 =-

 ORACLE .ZIP 3K 11-01-97 The Oracle of Stonebrook

 ORC100A .ZIP 6K 11-01-97 The Oracle of What's to Come

 ORC200 .ZIP 7K 08-24-98 The Oracle of What's to Come v2.00

 ORIUS .ZIP 4K 03-02-04 Orius: The Converter

 OTRHP1 .ZIP 13K 01-05-04 The Outlands Tavern RHP Pack #1 v1.18

 OUTH200 .ZIP 75K 04-12-03 The Forest Outhouse v2.00 LORD IGM

 OUTH210 .ZIP 99K 09-13-03 The Forest Outhouse v2.10 LORD IGM

 OUTH220 .ZIP 113K 11-10-03 The Forest Outhouse v2.20 LORD IGM

 OUTH250 .ZIP 150K 06-12-05 The Forest Outhouse v2.50 LORD IGM

 OUTS15 .ZIP 140K 01-03-04 The Outlands Tavern v1.5 LORD IGM

 OUTS15A .ZIP 142K 01-05-04 The Outlands Tavern v1.5a LORD IGM

 OUTS16 .ZIP 160K 06-12-05 The Outlands Tavern v1.6 LORD IGM

 OUTSED10.ZIP 88K 01-26-08 Outlands Tavern Player Database Editor v1.00


 OVERLRD .ZIP 47K 06-21-97 Overlord (video fix)

 P1012 .ZIP 2K 02-08-98 P1012.ZIP

 P1036A .ZIP 3K 10-07-97 Patch that lets you run The Wedding

 P1037 .ZIP 3K 09-14-97 Patch that lets you run Odin's Keep

 P1040A .ZIP 2K 11-30-97 Patch that lets you run Tien Lung's

 P1040B .ZIP 3K 01-19-98 P1040B.ZIP

 P1040C .ZIP 3K 01-20-98 P1040C.ZIP

 P1092 .ZIP 2K 09-26-97 Patch that lets you run The Loose

 P1188 .ZIP 2K 03-28-98 P1188

 P1193 .ZIP 2K 02-11-98 P1193.ZIP

 P1194 .ZIP 3K 01-05-98 P1194.ZIP

 P1278 .ZIP 3K 11-05-97 Patch that lets you run Aussie World

 P1279 .ZIP 2K 09-03-97 Patch that lets you run Shangri

 P1332A .ZIP 3K 10-07-97 Patch that lets you run Beachside

 P1439A .ZIP 3K 10-07-97 Patch that lets you run Seths Crazy

 P1440B .ZIP 2K 08-03-97 Patch that lets you run Wizard's

 P67 .ZIP 3K 09-26-97 Patch that lets you run The New Order

 P956 .ZIP 3K 09-14-97 Patch that lets you run Fortress

 PALO .ZIP 8K 09-28-97 Paladin's Oasis Lord 2 igm

 PASSAGE1.ZIP 3K 01-05-98 Underground Passage v1.

 PASSAGE3.ZIP 20K 03-13-98 Underground Passage v3.0

 PASSMN11.ZIP 9K 09-15-97 Treehouse Password Man! v1.10 - LORD II IGM

 PAWN300 .ZIP 160K 12-03-03 THE PAWN SHOP v3.00. By Camroc

 PAWN310 .ZIP 164K 12-31-03 The Pawn Shop v3.10 LORD IGM

 PHOLE10 .ZIP 46K 07-29-04 Shut The Pie Hole v1.0 - IGM for WT-LORD in

 PHOLE12 .ZIP 60K 12-29-04 Shut The Pie Hole v1.2 - IGM for WT-LORD in

 PHOTEK28.ZIP 8K 12-08-97 -= Photek's House v2.8 LORD2 =-

 PLANEREF.ZIP 15K 08-03-97 Nogit's Airport A small IGM

 PLNETV13.ZIP 22K 02-23-98 <->- Personal LORD Net v1.30 -<->

 POTION10.ZIP 4K 01-22-98 The Potion Store V1.0

 PRISONV2.ZIP 30K 08-24-98 Greentree Prison ver 2.0 by Codax

 PSCONV10.ZIP 39K 12-05-06 Pawn Shop Config File Converter v1.00

 PYRAM120.ZIP 38K 02-11-98 Pyramid's Place v1.20

 QFORT145.ZIP 15K 08-24-98 Q's Fortress v1.45

 QUEST201.ZIP 15K 09-28-97 -= Quester V2.01 for LORD2 =-

 QWKIGM14.ZIP 104K 12-20-97 QWK-IGM programming engine for QB45

 QWKINS04.ZIP 56K 02-28-98 QWK-INS Install program for QWK-IGM

 RACETRK2.ZIP 44K 09-14-97 Strong Man I's Race Trek 2.00 beta

 RDCASTLE.ZIP 3K 01-05-98 The Red Dragon's Castle

 RDHIDE12.ZIP 9K 03-05-98 The Red Dragon's Hide-Out v1.2

 RECD100S.ZIP 10K 09-03-97 |RecDecom - LORD II REC Decompiler 1.0.0|

 REFIDX01.ZIP 13K 09-15-97 REFINDEX is a useful little utility

 REGISTRY.ZIP 137K 01-05-98 Global Registries v1.09

 RESET107.ZIP 8K 02-11-98 Reset ver 1.07

 RESET12 .ZIP 19K 09-28-97 Lord 2 IGM. Freeware. Reset ver 1.02 is an

 RESET16 .ZIP 8K 02-03-98 Lord 2 IGM. Freeware. Reset ver 1.06 is an

 RHONDA11.ZIP 103K 12-29-04 Rhonda's Single's Club v1.1 - IGM for WT-LORD

 RHPSV1 .ZIP 67K 11-30-97 |04.|12R|04ocky |12H|04orror |03v.1|04.

 RHPSV2 .ZIP 79K 12-08-97 |04.|12R|04o|08cky |12H|04o|08rror |03v.2|04.

 RHPTST13.ZIP 125K 11-10-03 RHP Toolkit v1.2 LORD Utility Package

 RHPTST14.ZIP 133K 06-12-05 RHP Toolkit v1.4 LORD Utility package

 RHPTST15.ZIP 131K 09-22-05 RHP Toolkit v1.5 LORD Utility package

 ROL143 .ZIP 120K 01-01-98 *** REALM oF LORE v1.43 *** LORD IGM ***

 ROL2ED10.ZIP 73K 11-21-06 R.O.L. Player Database Editor v1.00

 RTSCR10 .ZIP 35K 11-01-97 Complete Programmer's manual

 RTWED12 .ZIP 27K 03-13-98 The RT World Editor v1.2

 RTWED121.ZIP 27K 03-18-98 The RT World Editor v1.21

 RTWED131.ZIP 45K 06-21-98 The RT World Editor v1.31

 RTWED14 .ZIP 45K 08-24-98 The RT World Editor v1.4

 RUE21 .ZIP 329K 12-29-04 The Rue Morgue v2.1 - An IGM for WT-LORD in

 RUIN20 .ZIP 98K 07-13-03 The Ruined Castle v2.00 LORD IGM

 RUIN22 .ZIP 108K 07-29-04 The Ruined Castle v2.20 LORD IGM

 RUIN23 .ZIP 202K 12-18-07 The Ruined Castle v2.30 LORD IGM

 RUINED10.ZIP 75K 12-18-07 The Ruined Castle v2.28 Beta LORD IGM

 SANSI20 .ZIP 44K 01-05-98 Sansi converter version 2.0

 SANTA10 .ZIP 70K 12-17-97 A Visit To Santa Claus 1.0

 SANTA12 .ZIP 71K 01-24-98 A Visit To Santa Claus 1.2

 SAVE10 .ZIP 8K 02-23-98 SAVE v1.0 by Talaphid

 SBL104 .ZIP 7K 09-15-97 Stonebrook Lodge v1.4 IGM for LORD II

 SCORP110.ZIP 7K 09-15-97 LORD II IGM

 SEAS2003.ZIP 84K 12-27-03 Lord IGM... Tis the Season

 SEAS2004.ZIP 86K 12-07-04 Lord IGM... Tis the Season

 SEAS2005.ZIP 86K 12-21-05 Lord IGM... Tis the Season

 SEAS97L2.ZIP 15K 11-05-97 -= Seasons 97' For Lord 2 =-

 SEAS98 .ZIP 85K 12-13-98 Lord IGM... Tis the Season

 SEASONS3.ZIP 13K 12-04-03 -= Seasons '03 For Lord 2 =-

 SHA200 .ZIP 34K 04-25-98 Shauna, The Princess of Sorcery

 SHADED10.ZIP 73K 01-02-07 H.I.T.S. Player Database Editor v1.00

 SHADED11.ZIP 77K 10-05-07 Hiding In The Shadows P. D. Editor v1.10

 SHANG30 .ZIP 4K 09-15-97 Shangri La

 SHARK121.ZIP 7K 09-15-97 Sharks' Tooth Island v1.21

 SHIPWK10.ZIP 9K 09-15-97 -=The Shipwreck IGM v1.00=-

 SHIP_A .ZIP 12K 09-15-97 -=Sea Serpent IGM for LORD II=-

 SHOPED10.ZIP 117K 12-05-06 Pawn Shop Player Database Editor v1.00

 SKELED10.ZIP 91K 10-11-08 LORD Skeleton P. D. Editor v0.90 Beta

 SLAY201 .ZIP 36K 03-13-98 Slayer's Domain v2.01

 SLUGH50 .ZIP 13K 10-29-97 **** The Slug House ****

 SLVIL22 .ZIP 68K 06-20-03 SandLand Village v2.2

 SLVIL23 .ZIP 68K 07-09-03 SandLand Village v2.3

 SODA12 .ZIP 7K 09-15-97 SODA MACHINE v1.1 - An IGM for LORD II

 SOFC10 .ZIP 4K 03-05-04 The Cannon IGM

 SOLACE1 .ZIP 14K 09-15-97 SOLACE v1.1

 SOMRIGM .ZIP 43K 02-23-98 Sommer's Shiny Things v1.0

 SPELBIND.ZIP 77K 04-25-98 SPELLBINDER 1.01a ALPHA LORD IGM SpellBinder fre

 SRDCSL20.ZIP 52K 05-23-98 The Sword Castle v2.0

 SS20 .ZIP 3K 09-07-97 -=Secret Stuff 2.0 IGM for LORD II=-

 STABLE15.ZIP 111K 10-04-97 LORD Stables IGM Ver 1.5 for LORD 3.53+

 STBAR201.ZIP 55K 09-03-97 THE STAR TREK BAR. Version 2.01.

 STONEB10.ZIP 3K 09-03-97 -= Township of New Stonebrook v1.00 =-

 SUB200 .ZIP 97K 04-25-98 LORD Suburbia v2.00 -- a LORD IGM.

 SUB201 .ZIP 87K 08-02-03 LORD Suburbia v2.01 -- a LORD IGM.

 SWIM035 .ZIP 38K 03-05-98 Stone Beach Pass Swimming Area V0.35

 TCW094 .ZIP 9K 09-03-97 -= The Crazy Wizard 0.94 =-

 TEAML130.ZIP 35K 12-17-97 In 1997

 TELE .ZIP 6K 09-28-97 Magi lord2igm 4

 TELEV7 .ZIP 8K 12-08-97 Magi lord2igm v7

 TELHO100.ZIP 5K 09-03-97 =-=> Teleporter House for LORD2 <=-=

 TENCHI32.ZIP 14K 09-15-97 -----------Tenchi's House IGM-----------

 TENSE100.ZIP 127K 09-03-97 -= House of the

 THEHO101.ZIP 24K 09-03-97 [?7h[255D[49C[0;1;31m[CONFLICTS]

 THEIF310.ZIP 35K 09-15-97 The Bridge of Thieves v3.10

 THOD101 .ZIP 5K 09-26-97 The House of Dreams

 THOR200 .ZIP 6K 09-26-97 -= Thor V1.00 for LORD2 =-

 THOUSE32.ZIP 72K 01-05-04 Turgeon's House v3.20 LORD IGM

 THOUSE33.ZIP 77K 07-29-04 Turgeon's House v3.30 LORD IGM

 THOUSE34.ZIP 80K 12-03-04 Turgeon's House v3.40 LORD IGM

 THOUSE40.ZIP 121K 07-04-05 Turgeon's House v4.00 LORD IGM

 THOUSE42.ZIP 192K 10-14-05 Turgeon's House v41.20 LORD IGM

 THOUSE43.ZIP 211K 09-03-07 Turgeon's House v4.30 LORD IGM

 TIEN201 .ZIP 6K 01-22-98 Tien Lung's House v2.01

 TISLAND .ZIP 3K 01-09-98 Transport Island

 TL170A .ZIP 319K 03-05-04 TEOS LORD 1.70a - LORD2 New World

 TLDEV2A .ZIP 91K 03-05-04 TEOS LORD Development Files

 TLS103 .ZIP 96K 09-03-97 The Looes Screw Resort v1.03

 TM .ZIP 6K 09-15-97 -= OLD MAN'S TIME MACHINE V1.0 =-

 TOK100 .ZIP 12K 09-21-97 *--=* Tower of Krystal 1.00*=--*

 TOMS10 .ZIP 6K 04-25-98 +-+-Crazy Tom's Hut By FPSoft-+-+

 TORIN131.ZIP 5K 09-15-97 -= Torin Castle V1.3 for Lord2 =-

 TOSLORD .ZIP 18K 04-25-98 -= Legend Of The Red Dragon-Star Trek: Original

 TRAIN100.ZIP 3K 05-08-98 Train v1.00

 TRAN .ZIP 4K 09-15-97 LORD ][ IGM

 TRANSIT .ZIP 5K 03-05-04 Transitor, Ver. 1.0

 TTH11 .ZIP 283K 12-29-04 The Trailer House v1.1 - IGM for WT-LORD in

 TTH13 .ZIP 307K 06-12-05 The Trailer House v1.3 - IGM for WT-LORD in

 TURGED10.ZIP 70K 10-14-05 Turgeon's House Player Editor v1.00

 TURGED11.ZIP 75K 09-03-07 Turgeon's House Player Database Editor v1.10


 TZONE21 .ZIP 306K 07-29-04 The Twilight Zone v2.1 - IGM for WT-LORD in

 TZONE22 .ZIP 315K 12-29-04 The Twilight Zone v2.2 - IGM for WT-LORD in

 TZONE25 .ZIP 343K 09-11-06 The Twilight Zone v2.5 - IGM for WT-LORD in

 UCF15 .ZIP 65K 09-28-06 "Up Country Fishing" v1.5 -=- an IGM for WT-LORD

 UCF20 .ZIP 82K 09-11-06 "Up Country Fishing" v2.0 -=- an IGM for WT-LORD


 ULTILORD.ZIP 23K 04-25-98 The ULTIMATE L.O.R.D. Hint File

 UNDER120.ZIP 13K 09-07-97 Underdark v1.00

 UNDER200.ZIP 22K 09-21-97 UnderGround 2.0 City by Thaddeus A O'Brien

 VALDAY10.ZIP 197K 12-26-07 LORD Holidays v0.90 Beta LORD IGM

 VALED10 .ZIP 78K 12-26-07 LORD Holidays Player Database Editor v1.00

 VALEV14 .ZIP 67K 12-14-97 The Vampire of Shadow Vale v1.4

 VALEV141.ZIP 67K 12-17-97 The Vampire of Shadow Vale v1.401

 VALEV15 .ZIP 69K 01-24-98 The Vampire of Shadow Vale v1.5

 VCEDIT10.ZIP 70K 10-14-05 Violet's Cottage II Player Editor v1.00

 VDHUT20 .ZIP 47K 09-21-97 THe VooDoo TeMPLe

 VIOCOT10.ZIP 132K 12-28-04 Violet's Cottage II v1.00 LORD IGM

 VIOCOT12.ZIP 205K 10-14-05 Violet's Cottage II v1.20 LORD IGM

 VIOLET .ZIP 9K 04-25-98 +-+-+-+-+-Violet By FPSoft+-+-+-+-+-+

 VOYLORD .ZIP 18K 04-25-98 -+-LORD - Star Trek: Voyager Patch Ver. 1.0-+-

 WAMPA100.ZIP 3K 08-03-97 Wampa's Cave IGM for Lord2

 WARP11 .ZIP 8K 12-07-97 -= WARP ZONE V1.1=-

 WARPER10.ZIP 3K 01-01-98 Warper's Hut v1.0

 WCXF22 .ZIP 50K 04-25-98 The wcX-FILES! v2.2 -=- IGM for WT-LORD in 32bit

 WEDCHP10.ZIP 17K 09-06-97 -=The Wedding Chapel IGM v1.00=-

 WHORE20 .ZIP 4K 09-21-97 *-* Greetree Whore House 2.00 *-*

 WILMA100.ZIP 6K 09-21-97 Aunt Wilma's Bed and

 WITCH22 .ZIP 54K 04-25-98 The Witch Doctor's Hut! v2.2 -=- IGM for WT-LORD

 WITCH33 .ZIP 139K 01-01-05 The Witch Doctor's Hut v3.3 - IGM for WT-LORD

 WITCH34 .ZIP 143K 02-02-05 The Witch Doctor's Hut v3.4 - IGM for WT-LORD


 WIZARD20.ZIP 4K 08-03-97 Wizard's Tower 2.0 IGM for Lord2

 WK10 .ZIP 121K 01-23-04 Wizards Keep IGM for L.O.R.D

 WL-V02B .ZIP 69K 12-14-97 The Warlock of Shadow Vale v0.1Beta

 WL-V04B .ZIP 69K 12-17-97 The Warlock of Shadow Vale v0.4Beta

 WL-V10 .ZIP 71K 01-22-98 The Warlock of Shadow Vale v1.0

 WOLFED10.ZIP 73K 12-05-06 WereWolf II Player Databases Editor 1.00

 WTSHEL11.ZIP 25K 04-25-98 Wt-Shell v1.1 - Shell for WT-LORD. Will allow yo

 WULFTXT .ZIP 31K 02-28-98 Land of the Wulves - LORD Menuset

 WWELL10 .ZIP 21K 04-25-98 "The Wishing Well" v1.0 -=- IGM for WT-LORD in 3

 WWELL100.ZIP 21K 09-21-97 )-( Wishing Well v1.00a )-(

 WWELL13 .ZIP 23K 02-02-05 "The Wishing Well" v1.3 -=- IGM for

 XMAS101 .ZIP 4K 07-11-03 MERRY CHRISTMAS v1.01

 YMCA11 .ZIP 8K 05-14-98 The Y M C A v1.1

 YODA .ZIP 12K 09-24-97 Yoda's Hut: By Lucas M. Watson V1.00

 YQW104F .ZIP 21K 09-26-97 Yang's Place Final Version