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 ZNEWS97D.ZIP 52K 06-23-95 ZipNews; FAST Usenet News access for PCBoard, Wildcat!, Waffle, & other BBSs; v0.97d BETA. Can handle news article uploads from the new ZipNews Reader/Mailer (available separately). Registered version of the door can handle Internet E-mail downloads and uploads in addition to Usenet NEWS. Like the various PCB gateways, this door only needs Waffle for the uucp transport & news/mail setup; its primary

 YANOFF .ZIP 12K 06-23-95 InterNet FTP site listing.

 WINFO100.ZIP 33K 06-23-95 Winfocom; Game external for Waffle UUCP/ BBS Package. Allows sysop to give access to many of Infocom's interactive fiction games to users.

 WFS203 .ZIP 203K 06-23-95 "Waffle File Server" (WFS) v2.0.0; Features a Mail Based Archive Server, Automatic mail response, Remote command execution, and a Mailing list server.

 VUU101 .ZIP 78K 06-23-95 Another replacement for VUUCP, the VBBS UUCP interface, updated for v6.1.

 UUORIGIN.ZIP 29K 06-23-95 Utilities for UFGate UUCP program.

 UUGAT026.ZIP 142K 06-23-95 UUGate Internet/Fidonet gating utilities.

 UUGAT023.ZIP 131K 06-23-95 Complete Fidonet/Internet gateway

 UUCPFAQ .ZIP 12K 06-23-95 Frequently Asked Questions about UUCP Internals

 UUCODE31.ZIP 192K 06-23-95 UUCODE version 3.1 Compuserve award-winning UUCODE will allow your Windows 3.X equipped PC to send and receive binary 8-bit data over communication links or networks which don't support binary data, such as the Internet. UUCODE can also accept and generate files for UNIX systems. Automatic detection of 12 popular multi-part types is provided, with the exclusive ability to accept parts in any order.

 UUCODE .ZIP 42K 06-23-95 UUdecode/UUencode 1.01 w/long name support

 USENETT .ZIP 76K 06-23-95 List of all newsgroups on Internet. Contains descriptions of what each is

 UQWK18 .ZIP 53K 06-23-95 QWK to UUCP utility package.

 UPC12BAW.ZIP 161K 06-23-95 UUPC/extended v1.2 Documentation

 UPC12BAD.ZIP 350K 06-23-95 UUPC/extended v1.2 ASCII documentation

 UPC12B23.ZIP 113K 06-23-95 UUPC/extended OS/2 32-bit executables.

 UPC12B22.ZIP 378K 06-23-95 UUPC/extended v1.2 OS/2 32-bit executables.

 UPC12B21.ZIP 374K 06-23-95 UUPC/extended v1.2 OS/2 32-bit executables.

 UPC2S1 .ZIP 462K 06-23-95 UUPC/extended v1.2 source code

 UPC2N3 .ZIP 85K 06-23-95 UUPC/extended v1.2 Windows/NT executables [3/3]

 UPC2N2 .ZIP 267K 06-23-95 UUPC/extended v1.2 Windows/NT executables [2/3]

 UPC2N1 .ZIP 254K 06-23-95 UUPC/extended v1.2 Windows/NT executables [1/3]

 UCPT120 .ZIP 24K 06-23-95 UUCPTrack v1.2 for Wildcat! UUCP connect.

 TVBMAIL .ZIP 4K 06-23-95 TVBMAIL [PPE] - For PCBoard systems using FidoPCB v1.5g or later. When placed into the Netmail conference, will prompt for proper Fidonet and Internet addresses before posting a message to the conference.

 SEX100 .ZIP 19K 06-23-95 Waffle BBS utility for news & dir expiration. 11/19/92.

 RXDECODE.ZIP 47K 06-23-95 Intelligent UU/XX-decoder

 RFC822 .ZIP 35K 06-23-95 "Standard for the fomat of ARPA Internet messages." If you've ever wondered about those cryptic lines at the head of every Internet e-mail message, this article will explain them for you, at considerable length.

 REQ101 .ZIP 12K 06-23-95 Request v1.01 utility for WAFFLE uucp/bbs package. Given a username it retrieves and displays all information relevant to that name from WAFFLE/ADMIN/ REQUEST file.

 PDIAL013.ZIP 16K 06-23-95 The Public Dial-up Internet Access List text file, version 13.

 PCBUUCP8.ZIP 72K 06-23-95 PCB-UUCP; Information Package on the full-featured PCBoard - Internet and USENET gateway software. PCB-UUCP v1.1 is now fully compatible with PCBoard 15.0!

 NIXG100A.ZIP 72K 06-23-95 NIX/Gate 1.0 - BBS Door which acts as a DOS-to-UNIX gateway. Provide access to Internet and Usenet to your BBS callers! Shareware - $15 - Brought to you by Cairo Research Labs, the makers of BFE and VID!

 NETST31 .ZIP 48K 06-23-95 NetSTATi v3.1 Edit your NET file from UUPCB, create a PCBoard BLT file with header, avg cps, total pkts sent, total pks recieved stats, does Newsgroup information! FreeWare

 MODER31 .ZIP 13K 06-23-95 A list of MsDos FTP sites, their moderators and other useful information for downloading; by Prof. Timo Salmi, Finland, and Rhys Weatherley, Australia.

 LSTSERV .ZIP 81K 06-23-95 List of Internet Listservers.

 LOGIN10 .ZIP 3K 06-23-95 LOGIN.PPE; Allows UUCP systems to log into your PCBoard system while allowing seamless access for your users.

 JOIN420 .ZIP 12K 06-23-95 *** JOIN.PPE v4.20 - For PCBoard 15.1 *** Allows your users to choose conferences by networks. NOW with *ENHANCED* Conference Scanning! GREAT for SysOps with InterNet! Allows users to scan past PCBoard's 12 char. conference name limit. Can also be used to scan by conference description! 03/08/1994 PCBoard 15.1 [PPE], (C) Copyright 1994.

 IPNET101.ZIP 9K 06-23-95 IPNET.PPE v1.01 - PPL program to make it easy and quick for your users to enter Netmail messages when using InterZone Software's InterPCB program. Allows for an Internet gateway to be designated and eliminates the need of long explanations to your users on how to enter netmail. Re-compiled for use with PCB 15.1 only. Bug fix...

 IP_HOOK .ZIP 35K 06-23-95 Text on Internet IP addresses.

 INT_GLOS.ZIP 35K 06-23-95 Internet Glossary. Decode those arcane insider terms from Internet and Usenet.

 INTERNET.ZIP 90K 06-23-95 "The Beginner's Guide to the Internet" is a full-color, computer-based tutorial about the Internet. It is not only complete, covering email, ftp, telnet, gopher, archie, veronica, wais, www, USENET newsgroups, BITNET listservs, and Internet Relay Chat, it is the only computer-based tutorial that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to do almost anything productively on the Internet, even as an Internet

 INT_ADDR.ZIP 3K 06-23-95 How to address an Internet Message

 IDTEL14 .ZIP 59K 06-23-95 Allows any BBS to offer TCP/IP client dialouts.

 IAB110C .ZIP 46K 06-23-95 IAB: Internet Address Book v1.10C (beta) ------------------------------------------ A PCBoard PPE program that will allow your users to store & retrieve their personal list of on-line contact addresses (Internet, Compuserve, America On-line, Prodigy, AT&T Mail, MCI Mail, RIME Routed, FidoNet & local BBS IDs) on-line. Enter them once and forget'em! For use with PCBoard v15.1 ONLY. Copyright (c)1994 SQLCraft Software

 IAB101 .ZIP 24K 06-23-95 IAB v1.01 - Internet Address Book a PCBoard PPE program that will allow your users to store & retrieve their personal list of Internet addresses on-line. Enter them once & forget'em! -Maintenance Release (minor fixes plus alt. install as 'E' cmd replacement) Copyright (c)1993 SQLCraft Software

 IAB100 .ZIP 16K 06-23-95 IAB v1.00 - Internet Address Book a PCBoard PPE program that will allow your users to store & retrieve their personal list of Internet addresses on-line. Enter them once & forget'em! Copyright (c)1993 SQLCraft Software

 GIGO0209.ZIP 457K 06-23-95 GIGO (pre 1.00) - Fidonet<->UUCP Gateway Pkg. Features services such as ftpmail server, mail- list->echo conversion, moderating of newsgroups thru fidonet mail, sysop-defined mail/news headers, wildcard gateway translations, full node/net/zone routing security, CC:, multiple routing style, full bang!path support, custom node addresses, mailing list processor + source, and FAST!! windowed output. Requires

 FXUC03B2.ZIP 34K 06-23-95 Updated UUCPICO

 FXUC03B .ZIP 43K 06-23-95 Updated UUCPICO

 FXUC02B .ZIP 42K 06-23-95 FX UUCICO v0.2beta; Drop-in replacement for Waffle UUCICO. It's full compatible with Waffle 1.65, but adds a lot of new features

 FRED19Q .ZIP 232K 06-23-95 FredMail v1.9 Fidonet/UseNet gateway package.

 FPCB271 .ZIP 34K 06-23-95 FPCBNM v2.71 - Compiled 02-11-94, this PCBoard 15.0 [PPE] program to replace the (E)nter AND (RE)ply Message commands in your FidoNet netmail conference. Allows simplified user input for both normal FidoNet netmail and into InterNet via FidoNet gateways. New version for Fido- PCB v1.5g changes. FIDOPCB, INTERPCB, and QFRONT compactable. Shareware.

 FEEDER11.ZIP 10K 06-23-95 For uupcb systems who get feeds from waffle sites, this will help select your feeds must be enabled at both ends.

 FDSND_20.ZIP 169K 06-23-95 FDSend v2.0; UUEncode and UUDecode-like utility to send files via netmail messages.

 EARNTOOL.ZIP 79K 06-23-95 Intools: Network Resources Guide from EARN v2.0 9/93 - Internet

 DOVE0902.ZIP 333K 06-23-95 Convert UUCP mail to Maximus message base.

 DGAT05 .ZIP 336K 06-23-95 DOSGATE Release 0.05; A UNIX uucp/mail emulation package for IBM Personal Computers and compatible systems running MS-DOS.

 BIN2ASC1.ZIP 19K 06-23-95 Utility to convert ANY binary file, (GIF, ZIP, EXE etc) to a TEXT file, which can be included in an E-MAIL message. Used on The Internet to include pictures and executables in E-Mail documents. UUENCODE.COM for Encoding the files, and UUDECODE restores it to its original state.

 BIGD10 .ZIP 139K 06-23-95 Big Dummy's Guide To The Internet (C)1993, 1994 by the Electronic Frontier Foundation [EFF]. Distributed by Project Gutenberg Etext #118

 BDG22TXT.ZIP 156K 06-23-95 The Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet was writte doors to the vast amounts of information available on the world's largest network, the Internet. This is version 2.2, Feb. 1994. Over 200 pages.

 AUTHOR20.ZIP 22K 06-23-95 list of MsDos shareware and PD authors with email addresses reachable on and from InterNet.

 ASER28 .ZIP 64K 06-23-95 ASER (UNIX) WaffleBBS utility; Mail-based archive server (MBAS), that is a program that will respond to commands in E-mail.

 APPEND .ZIP 7K 06-23-95 Allows appending UUE'd files together.

 ADDR1193.ZIP 14K 06-23-95 Text file on finding addresses on Internet.

 ACT_UP .ZIP 238K 06-23-95 Act-Up! reformats Internet mail for Fidonet.

 6332A .ZIP 17K 06-23-95 PCB UUCP - message capture of troubleshooting