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 FU_W32 .ZIP 563K 05-14-13 FREQ-U, the universal file request processor. FREQ-U is a console application that is available for the Unix, Windows, and Mac operating systems. It has never been tested with a Mac. This is the Windows version. Written by Fred Riccio, 1:1:132/174.

 MM049W64.ZIP 483K 05-14-13 MultiMail/Win64 v0.49 Native Win64 build of the popular MultiMail offline mail reader. Built using Visual Studio 2010 Pro by Robert Wolfe of Omicron Theta BBS.

 NETF105A.ZIP 107K 05-14-13 NetFoss 1.05A - Windows Telnet FOSSIL driver --------------------------------------------- High performance 32-bit FOSSIL for Windows 7, 8,Vista,XP,2008.2003 and 2000. Allows DOS BBS software & doors to use Telnet connections or dialup. Includes the Net2BBS Telnet Server. Freeware from PC Micro. ---------------------------------------------

 TESTDIR .TMP 0K 02-24-08 [No description available]

 00INDEX . 18K 02-24-08 NEARDATE.DOC Version 2.12 - Reminds

 NETF097 .ZIP 62K 07-27-07 NetFoss 0.9.7 - Windows Telnet FOSSIL Driver. --------------------------------------------- High performance 32-bit FOSSIL for Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, and NT4. Runs DOS BBS software & doors over Telnet connections or dialup. Includes the Net2BBS Telnet Server. Very fast, and Freeware! ---------------------------------------------

 FILES .LST 64K 11-06-02 [No Description File Found]

 FILES .TXT 64K 11-06-02 [No Description File Found]

 YINFO130.ZIP 16K 06-22-95 Your Info: Displays Telegard BBS user stats

 YESTRDY6.ZIP 198K 06-22-95 YESTERDAY v3.0; Log scanners for Wildcat! BBS

 YESTAT1 .ZIP 35K 06-22-95 Yesterdays Stats For Renegade BBS

 YELL25 .ZIP 39K 06-22-95 Yell 2.5: replacement chat command for SLBBS versions 2.xx.

 Y3_00 .ZIP 48K 06-22-95 All-Files List Generator for most any BBS software

 XTRACT10.ZIP 11K 06-22-95 XTRACT v1.0 Extracts selected caller logs. Xtract takes a string you send it and looks for that string in the "login line". You can tell Xtract to create a new log with callers either matching or not matching the string. Small, Fast activity log parser. Free. XTRACT activity log string trim Bryan Henderson IRONHEAD BBS! (614) 794-2646

 XPRESS25.ZIP 541K 06-22-95 E-X-P-R-E-S-S v2.5; SoundBlaster Support with VGA Font. This Program Is The SysOp's Marketing Tool For The 1990's. If You Want Your Users To Know About Your BBS And Set Yourself Apart, This Menuing Utility Will Do The Job For You! Easy To Configure.

 XFAX006B.ZIP 30K 06-22-95 XFAX Fax receiving software suitable for Waffle or other BBS v006b

 XBBS7200.ZIP 150K 06-22-95 Sandy Zelkowitz's XBBS for UNIX and Xenix

 X00153A .ZIP 111K 06-22-95 X00 v1.53a FOSSIL comport driver.

 X2T11 .ZIP 23K 06-22-95 AtX2Txt v1.1 Convert files containing PCBoard's color codes and @ variables to text files; automatically ZIP them for downloading; will process unlimited number of files; smart enough to know if original has not changed. Freeware, A. Keeves

 WWIVVBBS.ZIP 43K 06-22-95 VBBS utility to convert all WWIV BBS sections to VBBS format.

 WWIV2PCB.ZIP 14K 06-22-95 Convert WWIV Master file listings to PCBoard DIR format. Fast, easy, and free.

 WVY201 .ZIP 14K 06-22-95 WHO VISITED YESTERDAY v2.01 for WC! 3.xx Who Visited Yesterday v2.01 for WC! BBSs We all know who called the BBS today but now you can track users that called the BBS yesterday! Creates Hello/Bulletin screens easily. Command line driven, CHECKS FOR VULGAR LANG. New version is faster, better multi-node support, and WC 3.xx '@' compatable! **NO FEE REQ.**

 WUP100 .ZIP 19K 06-22-95 Waffle bbs utility programs (for waf164).

 WTICK103.ZIP 46K 06-22-95 Wildtick - simple TIC processor for Wildcat 3.x. v1.03. Wildtick is a simple to use TIC-processing system for Wildcat BBS version 3 and higher. It integrates with WCFile to update your WC file databases. Options include message upload to your BBS via Tomcat, passthroughs, bullx/hellox .bbs output, and "runlater.txt" for virus scanner/archiver. Registration: $10.00 U.S.

 WKEYS107.ZIP 85K 06-22-95 WILDKEYS v1.07 - Generate KEY WORDS in a Wildcat! v3.x file database. Strips wasted words from keys. No more THE, AT, WAS, etc. Strip or keep numbers. Select and process a single or a range of areas. Runs in background while Multi-Line BBS stays up! ** Generate those missing key words that WCFF forgot to add. FAST mode for single line systems. Now process a single file or a list of file names.

 WIO106 .ZIP 102K 06-22-95 Who Is Online Door for RemoteAccess 2.00. Version 1.06 allow users to see who is on the other lines of the BBS and to send and recieve online messages. It's screen update feature allow the user to see changes in other users status as they occure. Added handles support.

 WINFO100.ZIP 33K 06-22-95 Winfocom; Game external for Waffle UUCP/ BBS Package. Allows sysop to give access to many of Infocom's interactive fiction games to users.

 WILDSL34.ZIP 37K 06-22-95 WildStats/Call Log v3.04! @Color & RIP display f The best is even better now! WildStats will generate an @Color coded display AND a RIP display detailing who has called your system for the day, PLUS a detailed listing of what has occurred on your BBS! It's all new and it's cheap! (Only $5.00!). It's got too many features to list here, so download it and check it out!

 WHTDAY11.ZIP 4K 06-22-95 WhatDay v1.1; Batch File Utility returns day of week via ERRORLEVEL. Written in Assemby Language, WhatDay is very small, very fast, and very functional. Includes example batch files in the documentation.

 WHOU102 .ZIP 189K 06-22-95 * * WhoUsers/WhoBilling * * Release 1.01 NON Cri Release. Allows Larger PCBoard System Operators Or PCBoard Subscription Operators Who Wish To Bill Their BBS Users By Per/Minutes Used - Per/Messages Posted - Per/Bytes Downloaded. **REQUIRES**-WhoCalled-V7!

 WHO503 .ZIP 195K 06-22-95 * WhoCalledPRO! * V5.03 * New In 5.0 - Design Your OWN Bulletin Headers! WhoCalled Professional Is For PCBoard SysOps To Track Their Previous XX Callers And Post The Info Into Bulletin XX. It Tracks & Posts The Users DateOn, Name, Speed, TimeUsed, Msgs Posted, Files U/D/L'd And Average CPS On File Xfers. Has An Easy To Use Installation And Editing

 WHO2 .ZIP 29K 06-22-95 Allows users to know whos using other nodes

 WHATDAY .ZIP 36K 06-22-95 rotate bulletins for according to what day of the week it is

 WFILE10 .ZIP 28K 06-22-95 Wild File Lister v1.0! The Newest WildStuff This will create a display file using the WildCat @ color codes AND a straight ASCII text file of the files on your BBS. You can configure it to exclude up to 20 file areas if desired. It's easy to set up and run. Just type WILDFILE /C and you are off! Files are listed by file area in the manner in which they appear in your file database. Only $5.00 and it's $FREE$

 WCWWH09D.ZIP 78K 06-22-95 -=- WC Who Was Here ver 0.9 -=- A call tracker (logger) program that creates .RIP & .BBS files for WildCat 3.9 and up BBSes. Very Nicely RIP'ed. Will let you choose whether to post User's Name or Alias!! DUOnline Production. 513-324-8606

 WCPCB102.ZIP 22K 06-22-95 Utility to convert Wildcat! 3.5 user and message files to PCBoard 14.5a format.

 WCOLOR .ZIP 42K 06-22-95 WCOLOR v1.0; Designed to convert between `ansi' files and WILDCAT! BBS `@' coded files (and visa versa), while optimizing the output

 WCINFV11.ZIP 3K 06-22-95 WCINFv1.1 - System and User Info. Screen for WC3 WCINF.BBS is a System and User information screen designed for WildCat BBS's using the @-code system. Rename this file to the appropriate HELLOx.BBS screen or BULLx.BBS screen and place in the appropriate WC directory. Those who find this screen beneficial may make a donation of up to $5.00 to: Chris Jones c/o The HOT PURSUIT BBS P.O. Box 126 Houston, Texas 77001

 WCINF10 .ZIP 127K 06-22-95 WCInform v1.0 - Easy to use Wildcat! BBS newsletter generator featuring mouse-able windowed interface and multiple newsletter formats. Supports editing from within the program, overwrite and append options, and RIP graphics.

 WCHANGE .ZIP 8K 06-22-95 Welcome Change; The Purpose is to let any BBS with events Change the Welcome Screens to the time of Year.

 WCFF352 .ZIP 127K 06-22-95 WCFF! v3.52 - TICK clone for WILDCAT! BBS. WCFF! is the equivalent of TICK for tossing incoming SDS/SDN files into the WILDCAT! file database. This program has been used very successfully with SDS and SDN, and automates the process of receiving files via a mailer and tossing the file and description into the WILDCAT! file database. Please read the WCFF!.DOC for more details.

 WCFBRO10.ZIP 45K 06-22-95 WildCat BBS File Browser; Prints list, fast searches, Multi-node version

 WCCOM .ZIP 9K 06-22-95 This program will simply look for DOOR.SYS and change the com port.

 WC30_SF .ZIP 12K 06-22-95 Converts Wildcat! v3.? ALLUSERS.DAT file To SPITFIRE's v3.? SFUSERS.DAT File!

 WC3_10UT.ZIP 147K 06-22-95 10 Great utils for Wildcat BBS

 WC3RADOR.ZIP 16K 06-22-95 WC3RADOR v1.13; Converts your Wildcat! door files into working Remote Access 1.12 DORINFO1.DEF and EXITINFO.BBS files at the same time, updates the USER*.BBS files.

 WC3EUTI .ZIP 177K 06-22-95 Enhanced WildCat 3.0 UTIs for using PcRelay,

 WC2PCB_2.ZIP 21K 06-22-95 A utility to convert Wildcat! 3.5 user and message files to PCBoard 14.5a format. Version 1.01. Fixes problem converting kilobytes to bytes and reduces memory requirements. Freeware. Copyright (C) 1992, Clark Development Company.

 WATDG121.ZIP 13K 06-22-95 WatchDog 1.21 !!FREE UTILITY FOR BBS!! Monitors Carrier on a COM port, detects hanging programs (e.g. faulty doorways). If carrier is lost, a program hangs, or the BBS fails to go offhook, the machine is rebooted. Boot may be delayed to allow cache pgms to flush to disk. COM1-COM4 and custom serial ports supported. 10-30-92

 WAITTL11.ZIP 32K 06-22-95 WAITTIL v1.1 A little batch file utility that will pause execution until particular time arrives. WaitTil will simply set around watching the clock until the time arrives that you have requested. WaitTil will allow you to abort the process and exit errorlevel 99, continue the process and exit with an errorlevel 0, or specify an errorlevel to exit with, 1 - 10. WaitTil also cares enough

 WAITTL10.ZIP 31K 06-22-95 WAITTIL v1.0 A little batch file utility that will pause execution until particular time arrives. WaitTil will simply set around watching the clock until the time arrives that you have requested. WaitTil will allow you to abort the process and exit errorlevel 99, continue the process and exit with an errorlevel 0, or specify an errorlevel to exit with, 1 - 10. WaitTil also cares enough

 WAITFR11.ZIP 10K 06-22-95 WaitFor: Add delays to batch files. 1 to 3600 secs (hour). No key press! v1.1

 WAFSRTR2.ZIP 18K 06-22-95 Waffle BBS sort utility.

 WAFDL111.ZIP 20K 06-22-95 WAFDL v1.11; Utility for Waffle BBS's (and possibly others) that is a very simple way for people to download files without using Waffle's very confusing FILES section.

 W3EUTI25.ZIP 194K 06-22-95 Enhanced UTIs v2.5 - For WildCat v3.6 and PCRelay/PostLink.

 VWW4CHK3.ZIP 10K 06-22-95 VWW4-CHK v4.0; This program is to fix VBBS's problem with not fully loading all the parameters of the WWIV CALLOUT.NET.

 VWGIF21 .ZIP 38K 06-22-95 VIEWGIF v2.1 - SysOp Utility for Viewing files locally. Put right in you current VIEWCOMP.BAT ViewGIF will automatically detect when user is on locally and call User Defined viewer by the extension of the file name. Remote users will not even know that ViewGif was run. A must have utility for SysOps. Call a GIF viewer for GIFs, a JPEG viewer for JPGs, a ZIP utility for ZIPs ...etc... you define it and ViewGIF will run it.

 VPIX19I .ZIP 332K 06-22-95 Now Users Can View GIFs while online! Great Program for SYSOPS to install on their Bulletin Boards as GIF viewing Door! Easy installation, innovation and application makes this program a must on all BBS's.

 VIEWLOGS.ZIP 12K 06-22-95 VIEWLOGS v2.0 For use with Spitfire v3.3+ Allows the SysOp to view HEYSYSOP.LOG, CALLERS.LOG, FD.LOG, SFNEWU.REP, and others, from FD or DOS. Freeware from Justin King The King's Corner BBS (713) 550-2661

 VID_FX2 .ZIP 81K 06-22-95 VGA/EGA graphic program for batch files? Yes! [[ VIDEO EFFECTS 3.0 ]] Spice up your batch's with 33 AWESOME graphic effects. Trash the old text-mode stuff and make a REAL impression on the user. Change between 4 text-line configs, change interval/timing and configuration of all the effects + more. You MUST see these to believe. ** Appeared in COMPUTE magazine (jan 94) **

 VCHAT10 .ZIP 103K 06-22-95 Enhanced chat program - for Renegade BBS.

 UTILMENU.ZIP 92K 06-22-95 UtilMenu v1.0 Expand your 2 DOS hooks into many Tired of having only two DOS hooks from each menu? If so, get this program. FINALLY, an inexpensive way to expand your hooks!! Full voice and BBS support!

 UTIL170 .ZIP 136K 06-22-95 Utilities for OPUS BBS; PTIC pre-processor for TICK or FLEA, CONFILE for converting Files.bbs to database, OFARE file database re-indexer.

 URESET10.ZIP 10K 06-22-95 Ultra BBS: Reset message pointers for Ultra BBS messages in user records.

 UPSNDNS .ZIP 8K 06-22-95 Ups & Downs; SpitFire BBS Caller's Log File Extractor

 UPDNLOG .ZIP 62K 06-22-95 Designed for use with Wildcat! BBS software. They create ASCII and ANSI display files for Sysop use to track files that have been uploaded and downloaded.

 UNRIP .ZIP 37K 06-22-95 UNRIP - Fixes DOOR.SYS for non-RIP doors.

 UNICDA15.ZIP 11K 06-22-95 Check Drive Availability v1.5 before accessing d

 UNICAT10.ZIP 17K 06-22-95 Universal door converter utility for Wildcat. Run 2.xx doors on 3.xx and visa versa. Program also restores changes made to callers stats before returning to bbs.

 UNCONX74.ZIP 16K 06-22-95 Opus Files database UNconverter for v1.73a+

 ULTRA62 .ZIP 150K 06-22-95 -= The Ultimate Batch Util 6.2 =- Over 250 functions, including compression, graphics, sounds, video, detection, keyboard, files, archive listing, system manipulation, plus hundreds more. This thing blows away ALL OTHER BATCH file utils!

 ULTRA60 .ZIP 146K 06-22-95 The Ultimate Batch Util v6.0; Over 250 functions, including compression, graphics, sounds, video, detection, keyboard, files, archive listing, system manipulation, plus hundreds more. This thing blows away ALL OTHER BATCH file utils!

 ULRPT31 .ZIP 39K 06-22-95 Uploaded Files Report For SpitFire BBS Sysops

 ULFS10 .ZIP 12K 06-22-95 Upload free space monitor for all bbs's.

 UFB2PCB2.ZIP 25K 06-22-95 UFB2PCB version 2.0 - Converts UltraBBS file database file to PCBoard 14.x compatible directory files quickly and easily.

 UEDIT55 .ZIP 145K 06-22-95 Virtual BBS External User Editor v5.5

 UDIZ101 .ZIP 13K 06-22-95 UDIZ v1.01; Utility to import a FILE_ID.DIZ description in an archive into the UltraBBS FileBase. Supports multiple archive types and opens the FileBase in shareable mode to allow multi-line use.

 UBRAV100.ZIP 196K 06-22-95 BBS activity tracking system for RemoteAccess

 UBDATE .ZIP 9K 06-22-95 Ultra BBS utility to insert the date of the latest file in a zip as the last line of the file description.

 UBBSTU11.ZIP 44K 06-22-95 Ultra bbs top user v1.1. Create top user reports for top callers, up and downloaders, message posts, etc. Colour and text output.

 U_SET114.ZIP 80K 06-22-95 USERSET Door for RemoteAccess 2.00. Version 1.14 allow users to view and change their BBS setup in a full screen door will all options built-in. An option to disable options is now available. Added full language support.

 U_SET112.ZIP 63K 06-22-95 USERSET Door for RemoteAccess 2.00. v1.12; Allow users to view and change their BBS setup in a full screen door will all options built-in. An option to disable options is now available. Added colors definisions.

 TXT2RAMG.ZIP 17K 06-22-95 RemoteAccess BBS utility to insert a text file into a message.

 TXT2MSG3.ZIP 37K 06-22-95 Import text file into GT BBS message base

 TXT2BAT1.ZIP 15K 06-22-95 Takes A Text File And Converts To BATCH File

 TTULI010.ZIP 6K 06-22-95 Creates users listing for Tritel BBS software Can be run independently or as an event. works well with Sendnote.

 TTRANDOM.ZIP 29K 06-22-95 Randomizer For TriTel BBS's picks from 5 different logon screens, and copies it to the directory you specify.

 TTLVL20 .ZIP 45K 06-22-95 TRI-LEVEL; Utility for TriTel BBSs that allows the Sysop to automatically adjust user levels according to up/download ratios or using a subscription method.

 TTDC11 .ZIP 9K 06-22-95 TriTel BBS. Warn user about carrier drops.

 TTAC10 .ZIP 7K 06-22-95 TriTel BBS. Voice notice of User logoff.

 TSBAT .ZIP 83K 06-22-95 Assorted Batch File Tricks With Examples

 TRI_SF .ZIP 11K 06-22-95 TRI_SF v1.0; Utility That Converts the TriBBS Users File to the SpitFire BBS Format. FAST & EASY, Low Cost! Author: Tim Klan

 TRIMMER .ZIP 17K 06-22-95 Program To Maintain SpitFire BBS CALLERS.LOG.

 TOPPST11.ZIP 49K 06-22-95 Top message poster utility for Tag BBS.

 TOP15 .ZIP 10K 06-22-95 Make Top 15 Users Bulletin For SpitFire BBS. Fast And Freeware!

 TNLT10 .ZIP 12K 06-22-95 TNET log trim utility for Wildcat BBS.

 TJYEST13.ZIP 60K 06-22-95 TJYest v1.3 -- Activity Log analyzer for Wildcat! 3.xx BBS's which makes a nice display screen of who called yesterday. Display shows time, name, and baud rate. Local logons do not show, easy setup and easily configures for multi-nodes. A FREE utility brought to you from T&J Software!

 TJTOP30 .ZIP 59K 06-22-95 TJTop30 v1.2 -- Makes a display of the top 30 downloaded files based upon reading your file. This is for Wildcat! 3.xx BBS's only. A free utility for Wildcat! SysOp's from T&J Software!

 TJSTAT14.ZIP 63K 06-22-95 TJStat v1.4 -- Activity Log analyzer for Wildcat! 3.xx BBS's. Makes a concise one screen display of your activity log file for up to 10 different log files. No registration fee! A free utility for Wildcat! SysOp's from T&J Software!

 TIMEWAIT.ZIP 24K 06-22-95 BBS Utility to Allow 1 Node to Wait until a Specific Time

 TICIT130.ZIP 17K 06-22-95 TICIT 1.2 is a tic file preprocessor for Planet Connect Systems satellite service. With TICIT you may pick up to 1000 tic areas to both delete received files or move files where your normal tic processor may finish your tic processing. An auxiliary directory may also be specified to check further for dupe tic files. Up to 2,500 files may be processed by each pass of TICIT. TICIT is FREEWARE and is not crippled

 THDUTL11.ZIP 43K 06-22-95 Tri - HD's - Utility. A Multi function utility for TriBBS 5. Last 15 Callers, New Users, and Door usage screens, plus Download and upload tracking. Try this one for sure. From HD's Support BBS. Recompiled 93/10/24 as V1.01 w/some new features. see THDUTL.NEW.

 TGPAK .ZIP 72K 06-22-95 Some utilities for telegard bbs.

 TGCE10 .ZIP 47K 06-22-95 TGCE v1.0; Tag BBS Color Editor

 TFM122 .ZIP 49K 06-22-95 TurboFileManager: file finder for Tag bbs.

 TEL_SF .ZIP 10K 06-22-95 Convert Telegard USER.LST To SpitFire BBS SFUSERS.DAT

 TBUTI50 .ZIP 106K 06-22-95 TriBBS UTI 5.0 - Universal Text Interface for TriBBS. Let's TriBBS systems use PCRelay, Postlink, and MegaMail.

 TBT321 .ZIP 50K 06-22-95 TurboBAT Batch File Compiler 3.21 12/21/93 TurboBAT creates a .COM program file from a DOS batch file. Eliminates the need to distribute batch files with source code Registered users do not need to pay royalties on programs created with TurboBAT. Shareware registration forms and manual included. From Foley Hi-Tech Systems (ASP).

 TBDROP01.ZIP 10K 06-22-95 Checks To see if the last caller dropped carrier. If so, it Sends them a Logon Note, Samples included.

 TBACK543.ZIP 26K 06-22-95 TagBack v5.43; Allows a BBS SysOp to backup his/her BBS in nightly maintanence with out the bother of a lenghtly batch file. Instead s/he can create a short .CFG file and let TagBack do all the work.

 TASKER18.ZIP 38K 06-22-95 Executes any defined task at predefined times.

 TAG_SH41.ZIP 96K 06-22-95 Shuttle Logon for T.A.G. 2.6d BBS. Replaces TAG_40.ZIP with Desqview support.

 TAGL0593.ZIP 82K 06-22-95 TAGLIST: ASCII listing of the TAG BBS's in the world. Color listing with TAG's Ctrl-C# codes, for bulletin use. Uploadable Submission form for additions to the list. Netmail/Echo form for updates/additions to the list.

 TAGGER01.ZIP 57K 06-22-95 Tagger is a utility for WildCat sysops and other their choice to text files for use on the Internet News Groups (UUCP). .ShareWare. It is very simple to install and use. Extremely flexible in operation. By KD9FB SoftWare, Copyright (c) 1993 by Peter Mikalajunas, All Rights Reserved. Updates available from the Ham Shack BBS 708 369-0730.

 TAGFAM03.ZIP 97K 06-22-95 File Area Manager for T.A.G. BBS: many features.

 T_TOP_2B.ZIP 15K 06-22-95 The Record Keeper v2.1 for Telegard BBS

 SYSPRO31.ZIP 47K 06-22-95 BBS Activity Report For SpitFire BBS Sysops

 SYSLST12.ZIP 23K 06-22-95 SYSLIST V1.2 - Makes a Bulletin of BBSs'. Works with any version 3.xx Wildcat BBS. Syslist now creates 2 files, BULLx.BBS for BBS display and BULLx.TXT, for a list to download. Using the 2 new supplied Questionaires all Visiting Sysops can be listed in the bulletins. From Tinker Software and Larry Edwards.

 SYSFIX .ZIP 36K 06-22-95 Fix modem baud rate door.sys/fd/renegade.

 SWITCH_L.ZIP 30K 06-22-95 SwitcheRoo v2.0; Effective in giving your BBS a "new" look. What Switcheroo! does is after each and every call, switches your menu and display screens so that your next caller is met with all new displays.

 SW_44 .ZIP 60K 06-22-95 Batch File Enhancer

 SUPRDOOR.ZIP 35K 06-22-95 Great BBS utility for converting door information between door types. Supports PCBOARD.SYS, CHAIN.TXT, DOOR.SYS, DORINFO.DEF and more. Even let's you create manual information files.

 SUPERBBS.ZIP 356K 06-22-95 * The Best Promotional Tool For A BBS! * ((((((((("JUST RELEASED!"))))))))))))) SUPER BBS SHOWCASE VERSION 1.2 Sound Blaster! ((Easy To Configure!)) Smart SYSOPS: Download this program NOW! and find out how to increase the # of users to Subscribe to your board! * Upload To Your SYSOP Today! Try It! *

 SUBSF321.ZIP 15K 06-22-95 SUBSF Version 3.2. This program allows Spitfire BBS Sysops to run a second copy of Spitfire as a door from the main BBS. It supports UL/DL ratios and QuickLogons. An easy to use config program is provided. This utility comes in handy for those adult sub-boards.

 STATSO .ZIP 50K 06-22-95 Statso v1.0 ++ Activity Log analyzer for Wildcat! 3.xx BBS's. Makes a concise one screen display of your activity log file for up to 12 different log files. No registration fee! A free utility for Wildcat! SysOp's! From The Star Link BBS!

 STAR_108.ZIP 73K 06-22-95 SpitFire Bulletin Generator v1.08 ** Part of a New type of Utilities written by a SpitFire BBS SysOp who wants to see more people creating Inexpensive Add-Ons for our BBSi For More Popular BBSi, added a RIP Graphics Into the Bulletin. (Quicker on every time RAN!)

 STACKEY .ZIP 348K 06-22-95 Batkey/Stackey, The Ultimate BATCH Enhancers

 SRCHRV1 .ZIP 37K 06-22-95 Search bbs file lists for filename or string.

 SPRDOR12.ZIP 41K 06-22-95 Door file convertor for bbs's.

 SPEDSTAT.ZIP 5K 06-22-95 Gives 260f connect speeds from Proboard bbs log file.

 SNIGLETS.ZIP 24K 06-22-95 THOUGHTS.BBS for SpitFire BBS, Made With Sniglets! Very Funny!

 SMSFBBS .ZIP 6K 06-22-95 Utility to convert the FILES.BBS file listing in each directory on the SO MUCH .. CD-ROM's and output a listing without size/dates.

 SLUTILS .ZIP 63K 06-22-95 Searchlight BBS Autodoor Batch Utilities v1.1 A suite of utilities to enhance the abilities of SLMAIL.EXE, VALIDATE.EXE and to provide the SLBBS Sysop with tools for providing access based upon agreement with the SYSOP's criteria for use of the BBS. Additionally, a simple questionnaire-type of utility is included to further enhance the SLBBS Sysop's ability to process users.

 SLSTATUS.ZIP 16K 06-22-95 Searchlight status door utility for Searchlight BBS software, Lets user see board statistics.

 SLNOTE .ZIP 13K 06-22-95 Slnotice Autologin door for Searchlight BBS. V1.0 displays a message to registered & unregistered users bases on access level. From The So Much(tm) MODEM MADNESS(tm) CD-ROM

 SLF .ZIP 7K 06-22-95 Security Level Filter For SpitFire BBS SFUSERS.DAT

 SLE2 .ZIP 8K 06-22-95 Security Level Editor For SpitFire BBS's Change All Callers On One Level To Another Fast - Desqview Aware.

 SL2QBBS .ZIP 37K 06-22-95 Converts Searchlight 2. to doriinfox.def.

 SL2DORIN.ZIP 7K 06-22-95 Convert Searchlight BBS to DORINFO1.DEF run doors needing the DORINFO1.DEF file.

 SIO120 .ZIP 79K 06-22-95 SIO.SYS and VSIO.SYS are companion device drivers for Version 2 (and up) of the OS/2 operating system. These drivers are a functional replacement for the distributed OS/2 comm drivers COM.SYS and VCOM.SYS

 SIFTER25.ZIP 12K 06-22-95 SIFTER v1.25 - Converts BBS file listings into neat columns for disk catalog use. Handy utility when importing comments or file descriptions into your favorite disk catalog program such as Intellicat,etc.Now handles Wildcat,TBBS,PC-Board,and FEBBS files.Handles multi-line file descriptions too.Graphic interface with several options.

 SHIFTKEY.ZIP 9K 06-22-95 Run A Program Or Batch File While Booting Up

 SHAMPGE2.ZIP 36K 06-22-95 Answers pages whether sysop is there or not.

 SHAMPAGE.ZIP 169K 06-22-95 SHAMpage: Auto-answer SysOp page door. FREE! A.I. program will answer page bell and chat with caller even when SysOp is not there! Uses standard DOOR.SYS or DORINFOx.DEF file. IRQ 1-15, COM 1-4 up to 115,200 baud, FOSSIL support, XON/XOFF and CTS/RTS. Drop to DOS, various timer functions (user's time left, input timer, SysOp hot keys to change user's time, etc.), carrier detection, CTS checking and more.

 SFUTI316.ZIP 204K 06-22-95 The Universal Text Interface (UTI) Driver Set for Spitfire BBS

 SFUSRLST.ZIP 34K 06-22-95 Prints Contents Of SpitFire BBS Sfusers.DAT.

 SFUP18 .ZIP 8K 06-22-95 SpitFire BBS User Purge Utility.

 SFTOPMSG.ZIP 6K 06-22-95 [ SFTOPMSG v1.1 ] Create Display Files Listing Top Ten Message Entries - For SPITFIRE v3.? Use As An Event - BBS/CLR/RIP Support [ Buffalo Creek Software ]

 SFTOPDL1.ZIP 27K 06-22-95 [ SFTOPDL ] Very Informative Download Tracker For SF BBS's - SysOp Configurable With MANY Options! Makes Bulletin

 SFLOG .ZIP 20K 06-22-95 [ SFLOG - Version 2.0 ] Callers Log Statistical Utility Creates BBS, CLR & RIP Files! [ Buffalo Creek Software ]

 SFLF_31 .ZIP 51K 06-22-95 SFLAST5 v3.1; Create an ASCII and an ANSI file for your SPITFIRE BBS which lists the last callers to your system. SFLAST5 can also be used to create an ASCII and ANSI bulletin which graphically illustrates when users call your system and what bps rate they connect with.

 SFLASTEN.ZIP 7K 06-22-95 [ SFLASTEN - Version 1.5 ] Create Last 10 Caller Display Files Creates BBS, CLR & RIP Files! [ Buffalo Creek Software ]

 SFHEAD33.ZIP 43K 06-22-95 SFHEAD v3.03; Spitfire FILSTxxx.BBS/.CLR generator. Very Fast!, colorful!, Freeware!

 SFFAST .ZIP 104K 06-22-95 Creats BBS/Clr Display Files Showing Daily Usage Graph, And Last 1-1000 Callers (Sysop Configurable) Plus A Sysop Info Screen Showing # Calls Per Day For Last 7 Days

 SFDOOR .ZIP 7K 06-22-95 Create & Maintain SFDOOR.MNU For SpitFire BBS

 SFDIZ .ZIP 11K 06-22-95 [ SFDIZ v1.0 ] Alters SPITFIRE's SFFILES.BBS file description by use of FILE_ID.DIZ. [ Buffalo Creek Software ]

 SFCNF101.ZIP 16K 06-22-95 SpitFire BBS Conference Usage Bulletin Maker

 SFCHKUP .ZIP 16K 06-22-95 SFCHKUP v2.4; SPITFIRE BBS Utility From BCS Use To Test Integrity Of Uploads

 SFBMLG20.ZIP 18K 06-22-95 SpitFire BBS Bimodem Interface v2.0

 SFBIRTH2.ZIP 15K 06-22-95 SFBIRTH Version 1.10 SFBIRTH Will Creat BBS/CLR Display Files Of Users Birthdays. FreeWare [Hidden Software]

 SFAREA .ZIP 9K 06-22-95 File Area Manager For SpitFire BBS

 SFADFL15.ZIP 57K 06-22-95 Addfiles v1.15; Automatically uploads files to your SPITFIRE BBS if they contain a FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI. Minor update and bug fix. No more sound effects.

 SF35FAX .ZIP 4K 06-22-95 Text file on how to set up Spitfire to receive F

 SF2SRE10.ZIP 40K 06-22-95 Converts SFDOORS.DAT To Doorfile.Sr. For Bre, Sre, Ac6, Lea, Etc. Fast! Version 1.0

 SF2PC100.ZIP 13K 06-22-95 Utility converts SPITFIRE 3.2 user and message files to PCBoard 14.5a format.

 SEX100 .ZIP 19K 06-22-95 Waffle BBS utility for news & dir expiration. 11/19/92.

 SETMASS .ZIP 7K 06-22-95 SetMass v1.0; Utility for Renegade BBS's running Renegade will allow the sysop to set EVERYONES startout menu or QWK archiver to THEIR specifications without changing each user on an individual basis.

 SECMSG31.ZIP 9K 06-22-95 Different message for every security level on a BBS.

 SECLEVEL.ZIP 7K 06-22-95 Search SpitFire BBS Users By Security Level.

 SCREENS1.ZIP 13K 06-22-95 Rotate WELCOME-GOODBYE Screens SpitFire BBS

 SCREAM20.ZIP 29K 06-22-95 callers choose tune to y)ell for the Sysop.

 SCCD_100.ZIP 145K 06-22-95 Sixxac/CHAT v1.0; BBS CHAT utility for DOS. Supports singleline and MULTILINE chats, Maximus features and much more.

 SBRAIN .ZIP 198K 06-22-95 SHOP MASTER CREDIT CARD ORDER DOOR Let your callers order products or obtain BBS subscriptions online by credit card. Instantly changes level and expiration date to sysop determined levels for GAP and PCBoard. Stores ordering information in sysop defined file. Can process orders online with TelePC. Very configurable. DEMO VERSION From The Brainex System 310-275-2344.

 SAPB113 .ZIP 21K 06-22-95 SAPB v1.13 for BBBS; Reads a BBSlogfile and creates 2 bulletin files. Calculates total logins, new users, time used, chats with sysop, messages entered and read, downloads, uploads, doors opened, QWK upload and downloads etc.

 S2TRITEL.ZIP 19K 06-22-95 convert SpitFire BBS SFUSERS.DAT to TriTel USERS.DAT.

 S2R_110 .ZIP 13K 06-22-95 S2R; Super BBS to Remote Access convertor.

 S_LIST11.ZIP 45K 06-22-95 SpitList v1.1 allows definable filelist on Spitf

 RUNFLY10.ZIP 10K 06-22-95 Run-on-the-Fly v1.0 compresses batch files until

 RUNCOUNT.ZIP 14K 06-22-95 Keeps count during batch file, executes at defin

 RTUTI101.ZIP 66K 06-22-95 RBBS 'Turbo' UTI Rev 2.01 Ver 1.01 Universal Text Interface (UTI) for RBBS-PC and Postlink(tm). This UTI was designed to work specificaly with PostLink(tm).

 RTOP_12 .ZIP 10K 06-22-95 Renegade BBS System Records v1.2 Now works with Renegade r4-01-93 No more CFG file, command line Paramaters

 RSCRN20 .ZIP 44K 06-22-95 BBS / Autoexec screen rotator. Cycles through unlimited screens, for BBS hello/goodbye screens, or local pc screens. Now Desqview aware.

 ROTATE .ZIP 57K 06-22-95 RotateIt v1.5; BBS Automated Screen Rotation program. Up to 5 different screens.

 ROBOUE01.ZIP 49K 06-22-95 Edit user records for robo graphical BBS

 ROBOUC01.ZIP 73K 06-22-95 Utility to change user stats for ROBO BBS

 RNDSCR11.ZIP 57K 06-22-95 RandScr 1.1 is a BBS Screen randomizer. RandScr an archive and copies it to the designated file and directory. Great for rotating Welcome, logoff or any other screens for any bbs.


 RIM300 .ZIP 295K 06-22-95 Robo-board icon mover utility.

 RGWEEDER.ZIP 19K 06-22-95 Renegade BBS user weeder. Delete inactives.

 RGUE20 .ZIP 22K 06-22-95 Renegade BBS Global User Edit v2.0

 RGBULLS .ZIP 34K 06-22-95 Renegade BBS top users bulletin maker.

 REV1UTI .ZIP 35K 06-22-95 Powerboard BBS 1 UTI drivers. For use with UTI-1 type mail software, such as the TNET .qwk message networking system.

 REQ101 .ZIP 12K 06-22-95 Request v1.01 utility for WAFFLE uucp/bbs package. Given a username it retrieves and displays all information relevant to that name from WAFFLE/ADMIN/ REQUEST file.

 RENELIST.ZIP 21K 06-22-95 Renegade BBS Lister creates/maintains listings.

 RD0421 .ZIP 13K 06-22-95 Update RG users.dat with info from DOOR.SYS. Can use with Rombrain.

 RA_SF .ZIP 10K 06-22-95 Convert Remote Access BBS Users File To SpitFire BBS SFUSERS.DAT

 RAVE_12 .ZIP 10K 06-22-95 Renegade BBS System Averages v1.2 Will now work with Renegade r4-01-93 No more CFG file, command line paramaters

 RAUPDATE.ZIP 9K 06-22-95 RA BBS file updater

 RATIO111.ZIP 32K 06-22-95 Spitfire BBS RATIO checker/upgrader/degrader

 RATE10 .ZIP 502K 06-22-95 Create Multi-Page BBS Screens for Ra1.xx-2.xx

 RAPNOTE2.ZIP 42K 06-22-95 Sysop note leaving utility for most BBS Systems

 RANEWS .ZIP 37K 06-22-95 News Bulletin generator for RA BBS systems creates both ANSI and ASCII output files, supports NEWS.A?? and ANEWS.A?? Files, On screen color selection, Output looks like printer paper.

 RANDSCR1.ZIP 49K 06-22-95 RandScr BBS Screen randomizer. Chooses at random a file from an archive and copies it to the designated file and directory. Great for rotating Welcome, logoff or any other screens for any bbs.

 RANDOM .ZIP 17K 06-22-95 Random V1.1b Gives you a Random Errorlevel. Tons of BBS uses. *FREE*

 RAEXIT05.ZIP 33K 06-22-95 Convert RA 2's Exitinfo to 1.11 and back.

 RADLC200.ZIP 17K 06-22-95 Remote Access BBS download counter.

 RAD215 .ZIP 101K 06-22-95 RAD Plus - REMOTE ACCESS DATABASE is a dBASE compatible Database Door. Lotus like online menus or a command mode using basic xbase like commands. Has SysOp related features like Chat, Jump to DOS, Toggle User Levels, immediate hangup, etc. Displays info files on databases, has user passwords. Can be maintained remotely. For any BBS system that can create a Dorinfo1.def file.

 RACNT10 .ZIP 10K 06-22-95 RA Count v1.0 - A RemoteAccess v2.* Total Call utility. Command line utility to change the number of calls reported to the bbs. Used for corrupted or lost SYSINFO.BBS. ! FREE ! By jLc Software.

 R1742PCB.ZIP 13K 06-22-95 Convert RBBS v17.4 MASTER.DIR file to PCBoard v14.x DIRxxx files.

 R2DBF121.ZIP 33K 06-22-95 Convert v1.21; Writes a .DBF from RBBS users file. Includes Clipper, C, Pascal Source

 QUOTA01 .ZIP 20K 06-22-95 QUOTA v0.1 For Waffle BBS

 QUICK33B.ZIP 41K 06-22-95 Quickie! Screen Rotator For SpitFire BBS! Rotates Welcome And Goodbye Screens.

 QRFM41 .ZIP 250K 06-22-95 BBS File Manager for BBS Systems that use Files.BBS to describe files. QRFM will Move Files; Virus Chk.; Recompress; Edit Desc., Name, Date. Backup/Catalog files on floppy. Creates file lists including AllFiles and Cross Ref. Lists. CD-ROM Compatable & More.

 QOFDV605.ZIP 151K 06-22-95 Quote O' The Day v6.05- For almost any BBS Display random quotes to users online. Has door so users can add quotes of their own. Sysop can add, edit delete quotes, and screen added quotes before they are used. Uncle Productions

 QMWSOFTI.ZIP 5K 06-22-95 BBSSOFT.DLL v1.0, a set of BBS software icons in a dynamic link library. Contains icons for various BBS software programs, for use in Qmodem Pro for Windows. Author: Matthew Ota (

 QFAX11 .ZIP 68K 06-22-95 Converts Message to Fax.

 QB_XMOD .ZIP 2K 06-22-95 ASM code to generate CRCs and checksums on files

 PTRLOOK .ZIP 9K 06-22-95 Look At SFmsgxxx.Ptr Files (SpitFire BBS) Informative SpitFire Message Header Viewer.

 PRIVLIST.ZIP 11K 06-22-95 Privlist (UNIX) Waffle BBS utility; Utility that will through a Waffle BBS's password file and list all users that match a special privilege.

 PCRSET11.ZIP 15K 06-22-95 PCRSET v1.13 for Renegade BBS; Allows you to set multiple PCR levels to affect each user's access.

 PCFAE094.ZIP 188K 06-22-95 PCB-Board File Area Editor 0.94 Beta Fully working Version. Amazing Speed. This program is the most complete editor available for the PC-Board BBS software. FAE can manage all your file areas with such ease, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. A MUST for PCBOARD. Written by Stephan Surdek.

 PCB_SF .ZIP 12K 06-22-95 Convert PCBoard Users File To SpitFire BBS

 PCBWHO10.ZIP 95K 06-22-95 PCBWhoCalled Utility v1.0 03/06/94 PCBWhoCalled is a PCBoard 15.x Utility that will log to a BLT who logs on and off your BBS. This utility is used in the $$Logon.bat and $$Logoff.bat. Easy to set up and use. Requires PCBUtility v1.0 to be set up. A part of the PCBUtility v1.0 Package from Casto Software.

 PCBV_PB .ZIP 2K 06-22-95 Utility to allow use of pcbverify door w/ powerboard.

 PCB2ANSI.ZIP 10K 06-22-95 PCB2ANSI v1.0 (12/20/91) Utility to convert PCBoard @X graphics files back to regular ANSI files with escape code sequences. Command line driven, wildcards allowed, retains original files. Public Domain by Kendall Anderson.

 PBUTI220.ZIP 45K 06-22-95 Powerboard UTI Driver version 2.20, for 2.1 UTI specification. For use with Postlink, PCRelay, Megamail and all other UTI 2.1 compatable mail software.

 PAKTOC10.ZIP 17K 06-22-95 Press a key to continue for use by BBSs.

 PAGER304.ZIP 229K 06-22-95 Superpager for door.sys bbs. Use your Sound Blaster to page you. 01/24/93.

 PAGE .ZIP 90K 06-22-95 PAGE BRAIN SYSOP PAGE DOOR Set page hours, bell on/off times. Callers can leave a one line comment with reason for paging.

 OFLINWC .ZIP 15K 06-22-95 Convert an entire dir text file dates to 'off-line'. This comes in handy if you need to mark an entire dir text file offline real quick. Includes C source code. The source code is commented very well. Compiled with Topspeed C (includes .PR file for Topspeed). 02/12/93.

 ODOORS41.ZIP 379K 06-22-95 OpenDoors v4.1 C program libraries for writing o

 NWSMAN12.ZIP 101K 06-22-95 News Manager; Allows a SysOp to maintain multiple text files on the BBS from remote

 NWSHAR11.ZIP 17K 06-22-95 NW_SHARE v1.1 - If SHARE driver installed, set ERRORLEVEL. Excellent for network batch files that need to make sure the end user still has a SHARE driver loaded! By Steve Meirowsky of New World Designs.

 NWANSI11.ZIP 17K 06-22-95 NW_ANSI v1.1 - If ANSI driver installed, set ERRORLEVEL. Excellent for network batch files that need to make sure the end user still has an ANSI driver loaded! By Steve Meirowsky of New World Designs.

 NULIST18.ZIP 16K 06-22-95 NULIST1.8 - Makes a list of files for BBSs. Nulist takes the work out of adding file names and descriptions to a new Wildcat BBS Uses file lists made by "FLIST" by Larry Edwards, "FLOP" by Michael Conley, or "WCPRO" by Mustang Software. Once the list is converted by NULIST the new list can be imported into a Wildcat BBS database thru "WCFILE".

 NUEXPIRE.ZIP 5K 06-22-95 Waffle bbs news expire perl script.

 NR306 .ZIP 145K 06-22-95 NewsRoom v3.06; BBS News generating software. Create news files using ANSI, PCBoard color codes. A few minor fixes to formatting of files created by external editor, and loss of "days to keep" field from external editor.

 NODESC15.ZIP 9K 06-22-95 NodeScan v1.5 - PCBoard 15.1 [PPE] The most powerful WHO replacement ever made for PCBoard! It comes with tons of nice features incl.: Full coloursetup,Broadcast function Enable/Disable Broadcast by default or security,recipiant security match for broadcast messages,multilanguage compatible,fully configurable,Amazing animated Display. This version is *FREEWARE* by EuroStar BBS Kiel.

 NM2DT11 .ZIP 13K 06-22-95 Name-To-Date is a freeware utility written to allow you to rename a file with it's date as the major part of the filename. Very useful for QWK and logfiles. Another DoubleZ Freebie!

 NIXG100A.ZIP 72K 06-22-95 NIX/Gate 1.0 - BBS Door which acts as a DOS-to-UNIX gateway. Provide access to Internet and Usenet to your BBS callers! Shareware - $15 - Brought to you by Cairo Research Labs, the makers of BFE and VID!

 NEWFIL21.ZIP 34K 06-22-95 NEWFILES 2.1: Generates bulletins showing uploaded files "nnn" days old. Supports multiple nodes and conferences. For Powerboard 1.25a

 NETSUM25.ZIP 32K 06-22-95 Waffle BBS NET file summary report generator

 NEARDATE.ZIP 11K 06-22-95 NEARDATE.DOC Version 2.12 - Reminds the user of future events. For use in a frequently used batch file (e.g. AUTOEXEC.BAT or CALL from there).Just enter the file name NEARDATE without its parameters for Help. Usage is: NEARDATE YYYY MM DD XX message