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 TESTDIR .TMP 0K 02-24-08 [No description available]

 00INDEX . 15K 02-24-08 List generator for TAG BBS systems.

 RWWBBS .ZIP 86K 01-19-02 The Easy-Door Library v2.80 The professional doors development library for QB/PDS/VBDOS. It features: ANSI/AVATAR, Supports COM 1 to 8, Fossil/Built-in comm., Menu routines, Box drawing, SmartColor (tm), Multitaskers aware, Chat mode, DOS Shell, Function keys, Status bar, RIPscrip, etc. Compatible with QBBS, RA, SBBS, RBBS, GAP Telegard, Wildcat, PCBoard, Genesis, WWIV, Spitfire, Osiris, Force!, etc.

 FILES .TXT 69K 11-06-02 [No Description File Found]

 FILES .LST 69K 11-06-02 [No Description File Found]

 FILES .TXT 69K 11-06-02 [No Description File Found]

 MULTIBBS.ZIP 56K 06-22-95 Lets user choose which BBS software to load.

 MTAOVF10.ZIP 130K 06-22-95 MTA is a conversion utility to convert al- most any archive and/or GIF to another for- mat. It contains special support for BBS's, exits, doors and such. Also you can check for virus inside the archives while you convert. Add-on utilities included !! See MTA_VF10 for a description of changes. ** THIS IS THE OVERLAY PART OF MTA **

 MSGV1 .ZIP 37K 06-22-95 Adds Music, Sound & Graphics To Batch Files!

 MSGRTO12.ZIP 89K 06-22-95 MESSAGE/RATIO v1.2 Encourages your users to become more active in your message bases, for the "Posting" of messages!! Limits access to areas of your choice by a specific Post/Ratio FULLY FUNCTIONAL.........Another fine utility from The Laser~Coast~Line BBS!

 MSGFAX15.ZIP 14K 06-22-95 Allows users to send FAX from *.MSG base.

 MRUTI201.ZIP 102K 06-22-95 UTI drivers for RA BBS; Set of programs allows RA to work with with programs that require a Universal Text Interface (UTI), (currently PC Relay). It implements version 2.1 of the UTI specifications, but does not handle LastRead pointers as would be needed with the MegaMail door.

 MPCG30 .ZIP 108K 06-22-95 CITY GUIDES 3.0 - by Mike Perry / PCS MPCG is a multipurpose database "door" (that can also be run stand-alone) supporting "guides" of restaurants, clubs, hotels, attractions & more! MPCG supports almost any BBS incl. PCB, RBBS, Max, Wildcat, WWIV, and can be run via command line parms. Maintain online "guides" of local, national & international restaurants & clubs & more; register and receive

 MMQUES20.ZIP 27K 06-22-95 MM Ques -- List BBSs with WildCat! Create easy to read BBS lists from a standard WildCat! questionnaire. This archive includes a sample questionnaire, sample bulletins and a database editor for complete offline control. PLEASE SUPPORT SHAREWARE!!!

 MIRIP105.ZIP 201K 06-22-95 MI-RIP Graphics Script Editor 1.05 Edit the RIP scripts being used on several Bulletin Board Systems now. Allows you to load, edit, and save your script files. The program is WildCat! smart for some of their screen @@ variables such as @BBS@ and colors to better get an idea of what the script will look like to the users. From John Haro, the creater of MI-Programs.

 MDOOR10 .ZIP 101K 06-22-95 MultiDoor V1.0. Front end utility for BBSes. Read and log Caller ID info,compare # against twit list. Distinctive ringing support (one number for BBS and another for voice calls), saves extended connect info (protocol and compression used). For multi-node systems, MultiDoor can be used to notify callers that the BBS is down while performing maintenance. -AV by author, Affordable Computer Services. Shareware, $20 registration.

 MBULL219.ZIP 122K 06-22-95 MaleBull; ANSI/PCB/WC! CDE Support For BBS

 MANDOWN6.ZIP 125K 06-22-95 ManDown! v1.6 force your callers to d/l file of NEW & IMPROVED menu system for your users to add additional optional files to their file queue. Many other new features. Full voice and BBS support!

 MAILSUM .ZIP 15K 06-22-95 Waffle BBS Mail Logfile Summary Report Generator.

 MAIL2FAX.ZIP 83K 06-22-95 Mail2Fax; Send out PcBoard messages via Fax. Messages are directly read from the PCB message base and powerful reply and coversheet generation facilities. Supports US and European telephone systems. Requires PcBoard v15. Will work with many modems and Fax software. Very good docs. Highly configurable. This copy has a 30 day Demo key, but will run without it.

 MAGFOSS .ZIP 26K 06-22-95 Magnum Driver - Run DOS Doors on OS/2 BBS

 MACROCVT.ZIP 7K 06-22-95 MACRO CONVERT v1.0; Program for converting the @MACRO codes in FeatherNet BBS v4.2a's screens to the NEW code names in FeatherNet BBS v5.0. This will work for ASCII, ANSI, XCODE & RIP screens and menus.

 LOOK100 .ZIP 14K 06-22-95 Allows one to view files with WWIV ^P codes with their proper colors, from DOS.

 LOGITV29.ZIP 171K 06-22-95 LogIt v2.9; Create bulls from WildCat BBS v3 activity logs

 LIVECHAT.ZIP 49K 06-22-95 Chat Voice W/User On SpitFire BBS Systems

 LICN0100.ZIP 34K 06-22-95 LOGINICN v01.00 - Download RIP icons at Login Let your users download your RIP icons at login, without having to search file areas or bulletins to find the icon file name. Now works for any BBS system that uses a DOOR.SYS .ANS/.ASC/.RIP external display file support. Auto-RIP mode detect. Non-Standard Com Ports. *FREEWARE*

 LASTON59.ZIP 43K 06-22-95 Versatile last caller lister for BBSs.

 LASTIN .ZIP 19K 06-22-95 Lastin! v0.1b, Spitfire BBS Bulletin Generator for The Last Caller In....... $1.00 registration!

 KCONF120.ZIP 9K 06-22-95 Kat Conference v1.2 WildCat BBS Conference screen maker

 KC200 .ZIP 14K 06-22-95 Displays who called today for Wildcat bbs.

 IP150 .ZIP 48K 06-22-95 InterPCB 1.50 by InterZone Software - Convert fido style *.msgs <-> PCBoard message bases. Allows Hi-Ascii, Netmail and more. Lastest release before a MAJOR change coming soon to beta. All registered users eligible to join in the beta testing of the new IP. Totally uncripppled shareware. Registration: $20.00

 INWINEQ2.ZIP 4K 06-22-95 Batch Utility: test if Windows is loaded *** Archive description file (file_id.diz)*** *** created by the authors of BigSky ROMs ***

 INTVL185.ZIP 56K 06-22-95 INTERVAL v1.85; Program which will run a DOS command or program once during a user defined period of time. INTERVAL will keep logs on activity and is batch file friendly. INTERVAL can also set an errorlevel to indicate its completion status.

 ID_CHK11.ZIP 8K 06-22-95 ID_CHECK v1.1; Checks Caller ID file against a list of numbers and deletes the file if a match is found. Useful to check for PC PURSUIT phone numbers so callers can get properly verified instead of by-passed and logged at local number or blocked as an already verified number. Now can build list of numbers from known PC Pursuit users. Source code included.

 IDXDUP10.ZIP 7K 06-22-95 IDXDUPES v1.0: Scans a PCBoard .IDX file for duplicate files based on a fuzzy search algorythm that locates revision-level naming differences and reports the matches that are found as possible duplicates. For example, it would report FILE.ZIP and FILE.ARJ as dupes, FILE10.ZIP and FILE12.ZIP as dupes, FILE-10A.ZIP and FILE-10B.ARJ as dupes, etc.

 ID10 .ZIP 38K 06-22-95 ID v1.0; Create, edit and modify FILE_ID.DIZ and DESC.SDI files. ID is a menu driven ded- icated text editor that will create either FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI or BOTH file formats and place them in ZIP files for you. ID takes all the guess work out of using these file description schemes and makes the authors work easier. A must have! 1/08/92; Ron Brandt

 IBBS23 .ZIP 54K 06-22-95 INTERBBS.EXE v2.3 Current version . **** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection *** As more Sunrise Doors are updated to support the InterBBS option, this program will be updated to reflect those changes as well as other enhancements/bug fixes. Now includes a DOC file that will contain the information that is common to all the InterBBS capable Sunrise Door programs. INTERBBS will now handle REGIONAL HUBS !!!

 HOTSHV1 .ZIP 35K 06-22-95 HotShell provides easy local access to DOS on an

 HOLDON21.ZIP 31K 06-22-95 HOLDON Version 2.10 is a variable delay program for batch files. HOLDON has three different ranges. Seconds, milliseconds, and eighteenths of a second. These delays are totally independent of the CPU speed. Registration is only $6.00 SMSnet, SDN

 HOLDN212.ZIP 44K 06-22-95 HOLDON Version 2.12 is a variable delay program for batch files. HOLDON has five different ranges. Milliseconds, eighteenths of a second, seconds, minutes and hours. These delays are totally independent of the CPU speed. A delay time message is also included. Registration is only $6.00 SMSnet, SDN

 HILITE3 .ZIP 25K 06-22-95 Bulletin editor: hilights for bbs systems.

 HALLFAME.ZIP 12K 06-22-95 HALLFAME; T.A.G. 2.6 BBS Statistic Hall Of Fame Bulleting Generator

 GWHQPR21.ZIP 23K 06-22-95 GWHQ PRO! v2.10 Wildcat Prompt Designer. 2/01/94 allows you to easily change the color(s) or prompts within any of the Wildcat BBS Software version 3.90 Single, Multi, Professional or Intelli-port Prompt files. New global Help, utility Configuration, global prompt error checking and both system and software recognition insure a safe effortless utility that any SysOp can easily understand and quickly use.

 GIFT4B10.ZIP 97K 06-22-95 GIFtest 4.010; Command line GIF util for PCBoard 14.5a and ProDoor sysops to test uploaded GIF files for errors and insert resolution into the file descriptions where the sysop desires. Returns an error level, so works with any BBS software. Now supports com ports up to 19,200 baud!

 GIFRES14.ZIP 39K 06-22-95 Put .GIF file resolutions into your TriBBS and SpitFire file listing. Faster file handling. Minor bug fixes. Now with -AV in zip file!

 GIFLK112.ZIP 250K 06-22-95 GIFLink v1.12 - View transmitting GIF images in stunning SuperVGA graphics! Support X/Y/Zmodem/CIS QuickB through direct modem, FOSSIL or INT 14H. Can skip receiving images. Support 13 SuperVGA and VESA adapters up to 1024x768 256 colors. Easy to install. A MUST if you download GIF. By the author of Telemate and GIFLITE

 GETKEY11.ZIP 13K 06-22-95 GetKey 1.01 Batch File Keypress Util This CKWare utility will retrieve a keypress and store the result in a DOS environment variable. It handles many keystroke combinations: CTRL-F12, END, ALT-everything! It is great for making menus with DOS .BAT files, and sample .BAT files are included. *** FREE WARE *** Now, included with GetKey 1.01 is the CKPurge Utility for sifting through

 GETDAY10.ZIP 10K 06-22-95 GetDay 1.00 Batch File Utility This CKWare utility will place the day of the week into a DOS environment variable TODAY for use in .BAT files. You can set batch files up to operate on specific days. For example, you can add a few lines to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file and scan your computer for viruses only on Thursdays, etc. *** FREE WARE ***

 GET26UPD.ZIP 31K 06-22-95 GET.EXE Ver 2.6, Bob Stephan's DOS BATch file enhancer for Environment and ErrorLevel BATch services. GET26UPD is an upgrade for users of Ver. 2.5 and requires the documentation from Ver. 2.5. Many new features are described in the file GET26NEW.DOC incl. string handling, arithmetic, file dates, return codes from other programs and much more. Shareware: No nags, no crippling, no delays.

 GAPNEWS .ZIP 96K 06-22-95 Daily news generator for GAP BBS's. Supports all Forums and/or bulletins. Older file, but is still in use by many GAP sysops.

 GAP0295 .ZIP 8K 06-22-95 GAP BBS Sysop & System Listing Feb. 1995 This is the 7th release of our own official BBS listing. Updates will be published on a quarterly basis unless the need for more frequent promulgation is necessary. Revision Listing: 01 Feb, 1995

 GAP2RBBS.ZIP 4K 06-22-95 Convert Door.sys to Dorinfo1.def.


 FMSFMT10.ZIP 126K 06-22-95 RBBS-PC utility merge/reformat FMS dirs. Merge new file listings into existing, reformat old dirs. Lets you resort dirs with extended descriptions. Will get descriptions from DIZ files. Mass convert category codes, change size. Batch add files to your dir listings. Very useful when incorporating new dirs from CD-Roms. Free, with Basic source, from Ken Goosens.

 FMM10 .ZIP 21K 06-22-95 Forum Menu Maker for Gap/MainMail v1.0; Utility to automate the creation of forum menus on GAP BBSes running the MainMail door. Creates ASCII and Xcoded listings divided by networks. Notes whether forum is private and/ or has files available. Once you've configurd it, you will not have to touch it again if you place it in an event!

 FLPCAT30.ZIP 223K 06-22-95 FLIPCAT v3.0 FLIPCAT! 3.0 - The Multi-Line BBS Screen Rotation Software - by Triad Solutions, Inc. The most complete and definable screen rotation software ever. Rotate by Date, Time, Day of Week, & Priority. Fast! Multiple passes on Locked/Open screens. Up to 1000 sets each with up to 100 screens! All data in Easy to use and maintain database!

 FLL190D .ZIP 147K 06-22-95 The Ultimate BBS Lister for Sysops: Loads of features. Works with any BBS capable of creating a DOOR.SYS. Supports non-standard COM ports. Search and download from the List menu. Remotely configurable. Can generate listing for Bulletin and/or download.

 FLAG32 .ZIP 24K 06-22-95 FLAG.PPE, v3.2, a replacement for PCBoard's internal "more?" prompt, gives PCBoard v15.1 the easiest-to-use system for flagging and viewing files of any BBS around. It gives callers the ability to point and shoot when flagging or viewing files. Includes source code and may be customized to suit your BBS's needs. Version 3.0 adds RIPscrip support and changes flagging to go from top to bottom.

 FIXLIST .ZIP 7K 06-22-95 Convert WC Pro 3.01 Two line file lists to use with WCFILE.

 FILPNT10.ZIP 16K 06-22-95 FilePnt v1.0 for Telegard BBS

 FILEFX15.ZIP 16K 06-22-95 Fix file points/sizes for Renegade BBS.

 FILDR201.ZIP 43K 06-22-95 Waffle BBS friendly file door replacement.

 FILCN11 .ZIP 30K 06-22-95 FILECON V1.1 is the second release of a files list formatter for TRIBBS. The program fully supports both Hard disks and CD-ROMs. It automatically recognizes FILES.BBS and PC-BOARD style files lists and converts both to TRIBBS format. This utility has been fully tested on 11 different CD-ROM collections, and has worked well in testing. Not Crippled. $5 donation requested.

 FDUDE40 .ZIP 147K 06-22-95 FILEDUDE v4.0 for Renegade BBS Software The final answer to your file management woes. Many features: CD-ROM / FILES.BBS import; FILE_ID.DIZ import (unlimited lines); File entry fixing and maintenance; Extremely

 FDC_400 .ZIP 86K 06-22-95 File Download Counter v4.0 FDC is a great PCBoard utility. FDC edits your PCBoard DIR listings to include the number of times a file has been downloaded from your BBS. This allows users to instantly see how popular/unpopular any file on the BBS is. A great program for sysops and users!

 FAX110B .ZIP 42K 06-22-95 Update to BGFAX - take data/fax calls from Class 2 modems. For bbs sysops primarily

 FAX101E .ZIP 56K 06-22-95 NEW way to write your BBS News Files - Very user friendly and sysop configurable - Many new options

 FAX_101 .ZIP 69K 06-22-95 PCB/FaxMail 1.01 from Sparkware. Lets callers easily send messages to fax machines w/internal faxcard on your BBS. NetBios compatible, great for multinode systems. PCRelay-compatible so faxes can be routed across the country. This product changes the way you will think about a BBS. This is a working DEMO. Registration is $30.00 (US).

 FAIL11 .ZIP 5K 06-22-95 << FAILED ATTEMPT v1.1 >> Failed Attempt is a PCBoard 15.1 PPE that shows the user the number of wrong password attempts on his/her account. Compiled with PPLC 2.0 this is a SOLITUDE BBS FREEWARE file.

 EZY2AREA.ZIP 10K 06-22-95 EZY2Area v1.0; Utility for converting EZYcom BBS v1.0x message area configuration to a QBBS/RA compatible type "AREAS.BBS" file.

 EZB_210 .ZIP 111K 06-22-95 EZBATCH version 2.10 run programs from this simple color menu. NOT a TSR program,will not interfere w/DOS. help screens available for each feature. EZ install/upgrade/config from a floppy. Register & get a free BBS subscription. Nice & EZ --- by DL, of course !!

 EVENTDRV.ZIP 95K 06-22-95 allows you to set many events on your BBS very easily.

 ESTAT280.ZIP 33K 06-22-95 EchoStat 2.8 for Wildcat!/Wildmail users. A bulletin generator for Wildcat! BBS sysops who use the Wildmail tosser. Creates up to 10 custom reports of daily echomail traffic. Works with Wildmail 2.x and 3.x. Multi-Line aware. Full working version, not crippled.

 DTL_20 .ZIP 7K 06-22-95 Door Time Limiter v2.0; Limit your users time limit in each door based on their security level. Modifies both DORINFO1.DEF and DOOR.SYS (if found) making DTL compatable with both RA 1.11 AND RA 2.00.

 DSYS2EI .ZIP 7K 06-22-95 This simple utility will read the DOOR.SYS and create the QBBS 2.64 ExitInfo File. It was mostly intended for people to impliment the Silver Xpress Mail System for TAG BBS in HMS format.

 DSMTES .ZIP 84K 06-22-95 DSM Door Screen Manager 1.1! A great door menuing system for your Wildcat/PCB BBS. Shows door number,description of Door, Last User,times used, and last date and time used! DSM is also completly sysop with colors and backgrounds.Very easy to install onto your BBS. 5 Second Delay until registered. For latest updates call TES Software (910)895-0368.

 DS201 .ZIP 26K 06-22-95 **DoorStat** Version 2.01. Create door usage gr ANSI/ASCII user configurable usage bulletins. Graph door usage by number or percentage.

 DS40BPDS.ZIP 224K 06-22-95 Door Source 4.0B - *** FINAL RELEASE *** QBX/PDS 7.x VERSION Write doors quickly and easily in Quick Basic 4.5 with Door Source! Extremely easy to use, but very flexible! Last freeware release - Going commerical! 100% FREE! Beats the competition into the ground! Supports RBBS/ DOOR.SYS/WildCat 2.0/PCBoard 12.x and 14.x! Author Version 4.0B; 05/24/92

 DRTIME_2.ZIP 63K 06-22-95 DRTIME. Includes 2 programs to help the sysop control how much time a user can spend in a particular door program. One for DOOR.SYS, the other for DORINFOx.DEF. Freeware.

 DRS094B .ZIP 62K 06-22-95 The Duplicate Removal System DRS v0.94B. The Duplicate Removal System allows PCBoard sysops to eliminate all duplicate revisions of files from their BBS, thereby conserving disk space. A must for the serious sysop! Written by former Salt Air Sysop, Daniel Chlarson. This release features improved DesqView performance!

 DROPTRK3.ZIP 20K 06-22-95 DROPTRK3 r0.03; Will read the activity log searching for those who dropped carrier, and create a USERxxx.BBS file for each of them.

 DROPMSG3.ZIP 16K 06-22-95 DROPMSG3 is a Wildcat 3.x+ utility similar to my DROPMSG2, except it uses Dave Cody's ex- cellent POSTMSTR utility to create a MESSAGE to users who drop carrier, as opposed to the 'display file' USERnn.BBS. See the .DOC file for a comparison of the two and full infor- mation. (POSTMSTR (c) Dave Cody). This release 8-21-92 has a bug fix, I misread

 DROPLIST.ZIP 32K 06-22-95 Droplist 1.0; Extracts information from door.sys on Wildcat for commandline

 DROP11 .ZIP 210K 06-22-95 DROPPERS v1.1; The main purpose is to create USERxxxx.BBS every time a user drop carrier. USERxxxx.BBS is made up of a HEADER and COMMENT file. Each Header and comment file can be configured for each profile and number of drop carrier. And a lot more.

 DRMW2G11.ZIP 18K 06-22-95 WWIV2GAP v1.1 Reads WWIV and VBBS' CHAIN.TXT and converts it to DOOR.SYS. If you have trouble with DreamWARE doors reading CHAIN.TXT, get this! IT'S F-R-E-E !!!! DreamWARECommunications

 DPARM12 .ZIP 35K 06-22-95 DoorParm v1.2; Reads data from the BBS dropfile DOOR.SYS and extracts ten parameters; comport, baud rate, first name, last name, voice phone, data phone, security level, minutes remaining, color(GR,NG,7E) and MNP(y/n). DOORPARM.COM then passes these parameters to a batch file you define, via PASSPARM.BAT.

 DPARM11 .ZIP 25K 06-22-95 DOORPARM; Reads data from the BBS dropfile DOOR.SYS and extracts ten parameters; comport, baud rate, first name, last name, voice phone, data phone, security level, minutes remaining, color(GR,NG,7E) and MNP(y/n). then passes these parameters to a batch file you define

 DOS5TCH .ZIP 107K 06-22-95 Collection of useful utility programs for Sysops

 DORTIME .ZIP 33K 06-22-95 DOOR TIME; A method of controling the amount of time a user can spend in a particular door. Currently, DRTIME only works with BBS software utilizing DORINFOx.DEF, but a version for DOOR.SYS will be released soon.

 DOORSYS1.ZIP 36K 06-22-95 DOORSYS will make DOOR.SYS file for you to run a even when it does not have a local mode option. Should work with most doors that support door.sys. Version 1.1 minor update <<>> From Brian's World BBS (714) 821-3123

 DOORST11.ZIP 68K 06-22-95 DOORSTOP v1.10 - BBS Controller Door - A *MUST* with doors, Doorstop allows SysOps to display messages to users before entering a door, lock out/let in users set to many different types of criteria, set up certain times to remove a door from service (lock out times), and MORE! Simple to use, run before a door in the door batch file. Works with most major BBS software.

 DOORM10 .ZIP 148K 06-22-95 DoorMan v1.0 - Controls access to your door programs on a door by door basis. "Lockout" users who've dropped carrier in the door on a previous call or who have too little time remaining online. Exempt users above a set security level from being locked out. COM1- COM4 (including non-standard); up to 115200 baud; FOSSIL supported (but not req'd); and support for most drop files. Shareware from Alien Archives!. (02-10-94)

 DOOR2DOR.ZIP 6K 06-22-95 DOOR2DOR simply converts DOOR.SYS into the DORINFOx.DEF that is needed to run certain Bbs DOORS. Plain and simple ..

 DM58 .ZIP 123K 06-22-95 DoorMaster v5.8 - The ultimate door convertor!

 DLINE12 .ZIP 57K 06-22-95 DATELINE Calendar and event database for BBS. Ge bulletins, updates files by deleting outdated entries. Contains a built in Calendar feature for easy monthly planning.

 DISKHOG .ZIP 15K 06-22-95 Diskhog v0.01 (UNIX) Waffle BBS utility; Determines the total number of bytes and the number of files in a users directory.

 DIR_SF .ZIP 9K 06-22-95 Convert PCBoard Multi-Line File Listing (DIR


 DIRLWR .ZIP 24K 06-22-95 Converts PCBoard DIRx file descriptions to lowercase except for first letter of each description. PD program.

 DIGFOS13.ZIP 22K 06-22-95 DIGIFOSSIL v1.3; FOSSIL Driver for DigiBoards you need in order to get a huge number of applications written for FOSSIL systems working on your BBS that uses a Intelligent Digiboard (such as the PC/Xe, PC/Xi or COM/Xi series).

 DFVB19 .ZIP 209K 06-22-95 DoorFrame v1.9 Doors development library for Visual Basic DOS. Has direct support for most BBS software, COM 0 - 15, up to 115K Baud, non-standard IRQ's, multi-nodes, music, high score bulletin, box and line drawing, ANSI and ASCII file send. Now supports multi-port boards using a FOSSIL including PCBoard/M. Also detects and reports the presence of RIPscrip on the remote. New Inkey routine.

 DFRAME46.ZIP 208K 06-22-95 DoorFrame v4.6 Doors development library for QuickBasic 4.x. Has direct support for most BBS software, COM 0 - 15, up to 115K Baud, non-standard IRQ's, multi-nodes, music, high score bulletin, box and line drawing, ANSI and ASCII file send. Now supports multi-port boards using a FOSSIL including PCBoard/M. Also detects and reports the presence of RIPscrip on the remote. New InKey Function.

 DELAY10 .ZIP 5K 06-22-95 << DISPLAY DELAY v1.0 >> Display Delay is a PCBoard 15.1 PPE that can be used to delay displays. This is done with a Timer Bar. All delays and colors are definable. This is a SOLITUDE BBS FREEWARE file.

 DCH101 .ZIP 13K 06-22-95 DCH- Free DOS utility: batch file query v1.01, 09/07/93. (c) 1993 by David Daniel Anderson - Reign Ware. DCH reads a keystroke and sets the DOS errorlevel accordingly. Timeout, valid keys, prompt and color are easily configurable. W/ PASCAL source.

 DCH .ZIP 14K 06-22-95 DCH- Free DOS utility: batch file query v1.01, 09/07/93. (c) 1993 by David Daniel Anderson - Reign Ware. DCH reads a keystroke and sets the DOS errorlevel accordingly. Timeout, valid keys, prompt and color are easily configurable. W/ PASCAL source.

 DCAT16 .ZIP 48K 06-22-95 Door-Cat! V1.6 Door-Cat! will create\update your Door Menus. It will very quickly generate a BBS and fully mouseable .RIP Menus, much faster than the other softwares. Door-Cat! will also convert Dropfiles so that RIP callers may recieve color in the "older" door games. Easy to setup, and only $9.95! D\L me now, and check out the great features including status bar and speed!

 DBUSER03.ZIP 20K 06-22-95 Convert USER.BBS file into USER.DBF.

 DBMS10 .ZIP 51K 06-22-95 BBS_DBMS v1.0 allows users to add to a database

 DATELOG .ZIP 50K 06-22-95 Takes any bbs log and dates it. Then archives the log

 DATAV45B.ZIP 137K 06-22-95 Version 4.5 The BEST online archive [V]iewer for WildCat! 3.xx BBS systems! Supports standard and digiboard ports. Views ZIP, ARJ, LZH, PAK, SDN, ARC, EXE, and all text and binary files. Allows text reading, text searching, virus scanning, integrity scan, internal archive viewing, and much much more!

 CWEXP104.ZIP 25K 06-22-95 Waffle BBS news expire utility.

 CV_MSGRA.ZIP 9K 06-22-95 Converts Ra 2.0's message.ra file to v1.11.

 CV_FLSRA.ZIP 9K 06-22-95 Converts Ra 2.0's files.ra file to v1.11.

 CVT2TO8 .ZIP 31K 06-22-95 Use with "SysOpMaker" to convert versions

 CVT2QB11.ZIP 185K 06-22-95 TAG to QBBS convertor. Now Creates 2.76 Files. Many New Features.

 CTNEWS21.ZIP 16K 06-22-95 CATNEWS! v2.1 - A WC Newsletter Generator ANSI/RIP for Wildcat! v3.x BBS's. Wouldn't it be great to have a utility that would add on newsletter so users could scroll thru from date to date. CatNews! will let you imbed the Wildcat! @CODES@ right in the Newsletter. The Newsletter consists of a Banner with your BBS name and the Date that you entered, followed by the News. Freeware! By Maddog Productions BBS (215) 855-4621

 CT20 .ZIP 86K 06-22-95 CT20.ZIP Calltracker version 2.00 is a WILDCAT! Specific program that will create a NICE @CODE@ BBS screen that will list all your callers to the system for that day. Unlike a few others, this program will NOT crash if no-one has called or there is no activity log created yet.

 COPYDESC.ZIP 17K 06-22-95 Copy PCBoard description files, converting short lines to long lines. Intended for offline processing. Adjustable positioning. Free, with TC source

 CONVPCB .ZIP 57K 06-22-95 Convert RYBBS and EXEC-PC Directories to PCBoard 14.5 Format

 CONVDIRS.ZIP 33K 06-22-95 Convert PCBoard format file directories to other BBS software format file lists. Great for BBS's that run CD-ROM or sysops switching to other BBS software.

 CONFV20 .ZIP 17K 06-22-95 Confinfo v2.0 *Conflist.BBS generator* Shows Con

 COMAID10.ZIP 8K 06-22-95 Add COM3 and COM4 to the BIOS device table.

 CLOG_30 .ZIP 8K 06-22-95 CALL-LOG v3.0; For TAG BBSs to make a log of who called, and record their first name, last name (which may be handles), baud rate, and time called (24 hour format) in a text file named CALLS.LOG which must be in the same directory as CLOG-30.COM.

 CLDOOR41.ZIP 30K 06-22-95 Call-Door v4.1; Door Converter for Wildcat 3.x converts to: QuickBBS, PCBoard v12, PCBoard v14, Spitfire, RA, RBBS, DoorWay, GAP, GTPowerNode, and WWIV!

 CKWHO11 .ZIP 12K 06-22-95 CKWHO v1.10 - Utility for viewing your BBS's activity while you are on the network. Displays a screen with similar information to PCBoards WHO command. Can have as many nodes as PCBoard since it allows you to page up and down between screens. For Version 15.0 of PCBoard.

 CKIT258 .ZIP 219K 06-22-95 CKIT2.58; Door Developer kit for Microsoft C, Quick C, Turbo C and BC++. Supports PCBoard 12.0, 14.0 -> 14.5, WILDCAT!, DOOR.SYS, DORINFOx.DEF and ANY BBS known.

 CHOOSE20.ZIP 23K 06-22-95 CHOOSE v2.0 - Simple, yet powerful, means of menu controlled branching within AUTOEXEC or other BATCH files. Unlimited cascading/nesting. A menu selection causes a branch in the batch flow to perform needed DOS commands as well as present other menus with more choices and more branches. IBM-PC, DOS 2 (runs between applications). Keywords: MENU, BATCH, AUTOEXEC, ERRORLEVEL,

 CHKFLS12.ZIP 31K 06-22-95 Chkfiles utility for Waffle BBS v1.65; Scans a Waffle 1.65 dirs file and the associated info files checking for problems.

 CHECKAGE.ZIP 123K 06-22-95 CHECKAGE v2.6 - limit user's access to doors by age. NoBitchware WildCat! utility from DrawBridge BBS.

 CENSOR .ZIP 15K 06-22-95 BBS Censor for Renegade; Censor Adult File Descriptions.

 CD_ADD1 .ZIP 8K 06-22-95 CD_ADD; Useful for adding CD-ROM to TAG BBS

 CCALLER .ZIP 6K 06-22-95 Convert Caller List v1.0 for Tag; Converts "Callers.Log" into a more colorful version.

 CCALL220.ZIP 62K 06-22-95 ______ ______ _______ / ___/\ / __ /\ /__ __/\ / /___\/ / /\/ / / \_/ /\_\/ / ___/\ / / / / / / / / / /___\/ / /_/ / / / / / /_____/\ /_____/ / /_/ / \_____\/ \_____\/ \_\/ End of TiME Software Presents... CCBBS Call v2.00 The BEST caller's log scanner for Wildcat 3.0+! Totally Customizable Outputs

 CBBSSTAT.ZIP 4K 06-22-95 User Stat screens!! Done in ANSI & the New RIP!!

 CATS50AU.ZIP 71K 06-22-95 CatStat v5.0a - WC3.xx Utility to augment WCPro. A Wildcat 3.x+ Utility that replaces /augments WCPro for creating Stats on a Wildcat 3.xx BBS. Can do the following: 1) Keeps a breakdown of calls by hour and Day for History of BBS. 2) Keeps track of the use of each door by name for that Day. 3) Includes dynamic Download/Upload Screens including type of Protocol Used and problem listings.

 CALLS23 .ZIP 21K 06-22-95 CALLER LOG 2.03 FOR WILDCAT 3.xx (S or M) Easy to install E easy to operate! Creates bulletins for who called the bbs today, & who called yesterday. Generates bulletins using activity logs. Also generates a Summary Screen. Supports multi-node or single line WILDCAT & uses WILDCAT's @ codes for all color changes. 'NO KEY IS REQUIRED' Program is shareware & completely functional. This version

 CALLERS .ZIP 16K 06-22-95 Callers is a utility for SpitFire BBS's. It generates a listing of the last ten callers to your BBS.

 CALLBLOC.ZIP 7K 06-22-95 Unwanted caller blocker. Utility (PPE) for PCBoard 15 to prevent known phone number callers from gaining access to your BBS. Displays your text message to caller and generates a SysOp message about event. You list the numbers you want blocked. Must have a callerid capable modem.

 BYEBYE15.ZIP 4K 06-22-95 ByeBye PPE v1.5 by Richard Stewart This PPE program is an automatic logoff prompt replacement, for PCBoards db command This will enhance the PCBoard's "Goodbye in 10 seconds..." prompt. In addition to the count down there is a graphical time bar, which operates in one second intervals. This is a shareware program. Please read the Doc for further info. =========================================

 BUSY .ZIP 8K 06-22-95 Answers Your Modem When Your BBS is Down,

 BTMK26 .ZIP 374K 06-22-95 BatchMaker Plus 2.6 - BTMK26.ZIP BATCH MENU, DIR UTILITY, EDITOR, UTILITY Menu of up to 500 batch files. Double directory DOS utility to manage disk files. View and print files, print tree and dir's. Editor with help & assist. Disk functions. Mouse support and installation program. Loans & Savings program to get you started. from Northland Multisoft Brian Pfaffl $25.00

 BTD_301 .ZIP 32K 06-22-95 BBS Telephone Doorway - non mailer BBS front end.

 BSHOW121.ZIP 49K 06-22-95 Online viewer for any archive type you define.

 BRAINEX1.ZIP 301K 06-22-95 BRAINEX DOOR MANAGER All Brainex Doors require the Door Manager. Makes installation of new doors easy! Configures your CDROM, comports, nodes, etc. Works with most BBS types. From The Brainex System. 310-275-2344 / 310-273-5234

 BOUNCR54.ZIP 74K 06-22-95 v0.54b GUARD your Adult/Cd-Rom/Private Areas Keeps the kiddies/Unwanted out of the Adult Games, Can be used to allow Trial Periods on your CD-Roms, or Validator tool for Prvt Bbs

 BOM_249A.ZIP 399K 06-22-95 BBS UTILITIES v2.49a; File Area, User, Prots Editor Ratio Enforcer. Many Others! Supports: Cel/V-X/OBV/LiQ/FuS

 BOM_235 .ZIP 273K 06-22-95 ** BBS UTILITIES v2.35 ** File Area Mgr. User Editor Node(s) Status Many Others! Supports: Cel/V-X/OBV/LiQ/FuS

 BOI120P .ZIP 47K 06-22-95 Pascal code for BBS Onliner Interface library.

 BNU170 .ZIP 663K 06-22-95 BNU Rev 5 FOSSIL Compatible Communications Driver Release 1.70

 BMPS10 .ZIP 16K 06-22-95 Encrypt BATCH Files With Password Protection

 BL12 .ZIP 13K 06-22-95 Know when your BBS booted from Power Failures buy using this little Utility.

 BGFAX110.ZIP 106K 06-22-95 BGFAX 1.10 [04-Jan-94] - A non-TSR S/R fax ==> SYSOPS: RECEIVE FAX AND DATA CALLS <== program for people with Class 2 modems and adaptive answer. Program does NOT have to answer the phone, but CAN if you are not already running a frontend to your BBS. Can also SEND faxes from the command line. Works with FrontDoor, D'Bridge, PC Board, GT Power, WWIV, Supra, PPI, Zoom, ZyXEL... Fido 1:106/400 .......

 BFX13 .ZIP 46K 06-22-95 Use your faxmodem for bbs but still receive faxes. BBS frontend.

 BFE1403P.ZIP 205K 06-22-95 BBS Front-End System v1.40.3p

 BEXE_250.ZIP 177K 06-22-95 binkleyTerm 2.50 BBS program front-end

 BETA83 .ZIP 45K 06-22-95 Bimodem Deluxe v0.83 for T.A.G. BBS; Enhanced interface between T.A.G. and the Bimodem 2-Way transfer protocol.

 BEN310 .ZIP 252K 06-22-95 Batch ENhancer v3.10 Add colors, sounds, boxes, menus, directory controls and other SPECTACULAR features into batch files. Now with new Menu Designer! VG!

 BCDUPE11.ZIP 13K 06-22-95 BCDUPES - v1.1 - Reports folks that BobCat caught trying to be called back at a phone number that was already in use. FREE! FREE BOBCAT DUPLICATE POSTMASTER REPORT Bryan Henderson IRONHEAD BBS! (614) 794-2646

 BBSTXT12.ZIP 25K 06-22-95 BBS text viewer door for most bbs's.

 BBSSTRIP.ZIP 33K 06-22-95 Remove '@' control codes from Wildcat! .BBS file

 BBSPR10 .ZIP 619K 06-22-95 BBS Page Rotater v1.0; Rotate up to 999 different page songs on your Remote Access BBS. Completely Command-Line Driven and very efficient. Does include page songs for use with this program.

 BBSPLAN .ZIP 15K 06-22-95 Wildcat! utility to limit conference/dir list to

 BBSKIT .ZIP 58K 06-22-95 Pascal unit to write your own BBS software.

 BBSINF16.ZIP 15K 06-22-95 BBSINFO v1.6. Makes a great looking bulletin of your BBS stats. Including callers baud rates, # of callers, minutes, all file stats, and all message stats. Configurable colors.

 BBSFAX10.ZIP 23K 06-22-95 BBSFAX - VERSION 1.0 Finally, software which will allow your fax-modem to distinguish between modem and fax calls. Program will call the appropriate fax or BBS /Host software. Requires X00 or BNU Fossil Driver. Allows local logons for BBS operation also!

 BBSEOM11.ZIP 39K 06-22-95 ***** BBSEOM.EXE v1.1 ****** End Of The Month Utility for Spitfire BBS. Efficient and highly configurable! FREE! ****************************


 BBSB102 .ZIP 22K 06-22-95 BBS system booter. Good tool for Sysops.

 BBS2PCB .ZIP 8K 06-22-95 Converts FILES.BBS into PCBoard *.DIR format.

 BATPOPUP.ZIP 13K 06-22-95 BATPOPUP allows a user to add a popup menu to their batch files. BATPOPUP lets the user specify the canter of, foreground/ background colors,and options of the menu and will return the selected option as an errorlevel.

 BATMGR12.ZIP 110K 06-22-95 Batch File Manager & Menu System

 BATLITE .ZIP 22K 06-22-95 Compile BATCH Files Into Self-Running COM File

 BATKIT .ZIP 77K 06-22-95 BatKit - is a set of 5 batch file utilities.

 BATCHLOG.ZIP 22K 06-22-95 BATCHLOG is a simple non-memory resident program to facilitate log keeping during a batch file. BATCHLOG creates and appends to a text file in the current directory. The output format is: YY-MM-DD ! HH:MM:SS ! "Notes entered on the command line."

 BAT2EX15.ZIP 34K 06-22-95 Convert .BAT file to .COM, w/ASM source.

 BADUSER .ZIP 29K 06-22-95 ----------[BADUSER.ZIP]---------- A utility to be loaded before running a door. Keeps an eye on "special" users and their activity. Will sound an alarm and post to an activity log. Uses DOOR.SYS. ---------------------------------

 BADUSE26.ZIP 91K 06-22-95 BadUser v2.6 - lock bad users from your door. BadUser supports all the major BBS formats, COM1-15, DESQview aware, and many other features. Simply add the users name to a data file and they'll never know what is wrong. Has a STANDARD and CUSTOM mode available to the SysOp. This version also supports fossil drivers! T&J Software Program

 BADFV10 .ZIP 30K 06-22-95 BADFILES Processor v1.0 - Replace file .ext with in BADFILES.LST to prevent duplicate uploads.

 B2C10 .ZIP 12K 06-22-95 BFX2CAT v1.0; This program will convert the BBSEXE.BAT file generated by BFX to a form that will properly start Wildcat! 3.01.

 AXSMYCFG.ZIP 7K 06-22-95 Batch Reconfigure System, Uses DOS6 Choice

 AVDOOR11.ZIP 46K 06-22-95 Door programming routines in Pascal.

 ASK11C .ZIP 15K 06-22-95 ASK v1.1c, ask questions in batch files, get one-char resp. W/optional timeout. w/TASM src

 ARCMNT .ZIP 10K 06-22-95 A Tribbs archive comment & bbs ad utility that also handles gifs/ testing/ etc.

 ARBITRON.ZIP 18K 06-22-95 Waffle BBS Arbitron listing generator.

 ANTI124 .ZIP 37K 06-22-95 AntiAd version 1.24 - The ultimate BBS ad detection and removal utility. Utilizes two methods to detect BBS ads: a conventional database algorithm for static BBS ads and a keyword algorithm for ads that are changed frequently. AntiAd's keyword algorithm can detect extensively modified BBS ad files that fools other detection schemes! Now detects 0-byte ad files!

 ALLSTATS.ZIP 5K 06-22-95 AllStats.PPE v1.0 Not just another stat program...This one contains 99% of all stats available on two screens....No hots keys or menus...Just load and view...All macros are available on a display file that you may edit as you wish...."Freeware" by Al Massari... Galaxy BBS Software...Requested and inspired by The Galaxy BBS users....

 ALLDOOR .ZIP 16K 06-22-95 This program will convert ANY door type to a certain type. It has configurable input, can read from door types that don't exist today.

 AGECHK11.ZIP 91K 06-22-95 AgeCheck! Door v1.1: Check users age before door entry. Works with DOOR.SYS drop files as long as birthdate info is valid. Supports various COM ports, non-standard IRQ's, fossil drivers, and more! A free utility program from T&J Software.

 ADPRO10G.ZIP 13K 06-22-95 AdPRO 1.00; This program will add ad's for your BBS to ZIP or ARJ files so you will get more business!

 ADJTIME .ZIP 5K 06-22-95 TimeCheck Version .09 - January 22, 1994. Do you need to allow a certain caller on your BBS at a certain time? If the answer to that question is 'YES', you might want to take a look at this PPE program for PCBoard 15.1. This program will adjust users times, execpt for the users that is exempt from the adjustment, to allow that exempted user onto the system at a specific time. CAP/ANALYSIS (708) 854-0255

 ADDS450 .ZIP 85K 06-22-95 BBS Advertisements v4.50; NON-DOOR Version. (Stand alone) This program is a ANSI screen advertisement program. User of this program can choice which states they are in so to find boards that are not long distance.


 ADDAD35 .ZIP 24K 06-22-95 Puts info. file in uploads. Now adds comments,+M Inserts a text file into a new uploaded file showing information such as, Who uploaded it When uploaded, File name and description. It will also detect if program .ext was changed, by another program, and will automatically compensate for it. If no desc. given, the program will look for a desc. file in the upload and use it. WC3 BBSs,by Larry Edwards

 ABTVEW11.ZIP 139K 06-22-95 Utility collection for enhancing batch files.

 250FLIST.ZIP 27K 06-22-95 List generator for TAG BBS systems. Respects all security, will update file sizes, write files.bbs list files.