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 TESTDIR .TMP 0K 02-24-08 [No description available]

 00INDEX . 17K 02-24-08 Madness v1.18 Online Game Door; Onlin

 _1BIOCMP.ZIP 81K 06-23-95 Biorhytm door program * Supports DOOR.SYS and others.

 ZWORDZ21.ZIP 149K 06-23-95 Z-WORDZ v2.1 - Multi-BBS Door Program What do you get when you mix a little bit of CrossWord puzzles with a little bit of Scrabble? Toss in a colorful screen display along with a 950+ word dictionary & you have Z-WORDZ! Support for fossil based multi-port boards including PCBoard /M. Baud rates to 115,200, COM 0-15, non-standard IRQ's and fossil drivers supported. 01/29/94 Author:Robert Neal -------- NOT CRIPPLED!

 ZV0822 .ZIP 207K 06-23-95 ZVerifyv1.00; The ultimate in caller verification for your system. Providing CallBack Verify, PostCard Verify, Voice Verify Methods forcaller verification. Highly configurable for maximum usefulness.

 YT36B2 .ZIP 201K 06-23-95 Yankee Trader Door Game

 YACHT .ZIP 170K 06-23-95 Yacht Door Game v1.1 ------ By JNS Software. Released 6-4-93. Nice Yacht Dice game that awards points for the high score of the day. Non Standard Com Port addressing & Fossil Driver Support. NO EVALUATION KEY required. The registered version features Make-Up & Play Ahead options as well as a Bulletin maker and User Score Data Editor which is built in. Now detects and adjusts screen for

 XSTMK10 .ZIP 45K 06-23-95 The Story Maker Door; Supports DOOR.SYS, DORINFOx.DEF, CALLINFO.BBS, SFDOORS.DAT, CURRUSER.BBS, and CHAIN.TXT dropfile formats.

 XCAL354B.ZIP 149K 06-23-95 Excalibur!; Unique BBS game in a medieval setting.

 WW306 .ZIP 299K 06-23-95 WARWORLD; The object of the game is to conquer all of the villages in the world, or at least to be a part of an alliance which does so.

 WM3DV101.ZIP 56K 06-23-95 *** Wizard Maze 3D Door Game *** Players enter as an apprentice who has mistakenly put him/herself on trial. They must climb through 100 3D levels to reach the top. They have spells and a compass to help them, but time is against them. Who will be the next Wizard? (SHAREWARE) Supports DOOR.SYS, DORINFOx.DEF, and WILDCAT! (all versions). From the author Matthew Hudson DATA# (703)963-3878.

 WLEDIT .ZIP 173K 06-23-95 Warlords II Map Editor

 WIO105 .ZIP 48K 06-23-95 Who Is Online Door for RemoteAccess 2.00. Version 1.05 allow users to see who is on the other lines of the BBS and to send and recieve online messages. It's screen update feature allow the user to see changes in other users status as they occure.

 WHODUN53.ZIP 232K 06-23-95 237524 01-22-94 No ID File Found For This Arch

 WHODUN41.ZIP 126K 06-23-95 Who-Dun-It multinode door v4.1.

 WFIRE35S.ZIP 327K 06-23-95 Wildfire Door control program for Spitfire. Allows you to run up to 1400 doors.

 WEEK100G.ZIP 135K 06-23-95 BBS Trivia v1.0g; This door works with DOOR.SYS, CALLINFO.BBS, DORINFO1.DEF, PCBOARD.SYS

 WC_CHG12.ZIP 66K 06-23-95 WC-CHARGE v1.02 Charge Door for Wildcat 3.xx Runs multi line and will upgrade users level if so desired. Will handle BBS subscriptions or sell software registrations. In fact it will take CREDIT CARD orders for any product. Supports Mastercard Visa Discover and AMEX. Full credit card number checking. Maintains charge logs, activity log, and will create receipts for purchases.

 WBRAIN .ZIP 94K 06-23-95 Brainex Weather Brain; Now you can provide your users with local and state weather information, updated every 3 to 4 hours... Weather Brain will call online weather services and create ANSI and ASCII news files with your local and state weather.

 WA_136 .ZIP 227K 06-23-95 Wizards Arena; BBS door game, allowing a number of players to wander around in a large maze-like area and fight it out, using a wide variety of spells and a certain amount of ironmongery.

 WARSHARE.ZIP 91K 06-23-95 War lords v4.0 multi-user bbs game. Sophisticated.

 VPIX19M .ZIP 335K 06-23-95 Now Users Can View GIFs while online! Great Program for SYSOPS to install on their Bulletin Boards as GIF viewing Door! Easy installation, innovation and application makes this program a must on all BBS's.

 VPDOOR1A.ZIP 83K 06-23-95 VGA Planets BBS Door Interface Program v1.00; Interface program for Tim Wisseman's VGA Planets. This release supports v3.00 and v3.10 of VGAP. Features include: Run up to 10 games at once; Support for Cplayer, the new AI computer player; Aliases; Each game has it's own configurable settings, such as minimum players needed; The players can edit their empire names and download the RACE.NM file for each game

 VPBI223 .ZIP 159K 06-23-95 VGA Planets BBS Interface 2.23 Simple to use door that is compatable with many of the current BBS systems in use today.

 VP0910 .ZIP 365K 06-23-95 VGA Planets BBS DOOR Interface. New Version 1.40, now supports aliases as well as computer operated races. Added support for new version 3.1H of the Game Host files. This is great Online Game, supports door.sys, pcboard.sys, doorinfo.def plus added fossil driver support. You need VP300.ZIP (Game files). This file includes the BBS DOOR Interface files only as well as the new upgrade HOST version

 VP300 .ZIP 813K 06-23-95 VGA Planets is a multi-player space conquest game for up to 11 players. The game is designed for online use!

 VGAP300 .ZIP 825K 06-23-95 VGA Planets Door Game; Meant to be a Play By E-Mail game for up to 11 players. One person hosts the game by gathering up all the mail packets from all the players and running a Host program and sending the result mail packets back to all the players.

 VCRSHOW .ZIP 99K 06-23-95 Show VCR files for VGA Planets.

 UUTERM12.ZIP 92K 06-23-95 UUTERM beta; EGA term program for playing Ultimate Universe. Get more done faster and wiser while on-line. 3D graphics along with many important features that help you play better; Planet Alert, Procurator alert, Explore universe quickly and more.

 UU204 .ZIP 672K 06-23-95 Ultimate Universe Version 2.04 Space Warfare Door Game

 UU161 .ZIP 416K 06-23-95 Ultimate Universe v1.61; Bored with Trade Wars? Try Ultimate Universe, the most complex & challenging Space Conquest Door, ever. Features over 450 Ship Devices, many Specialty Ports, Space Madness & up to 45 players in a single campaign. Playing fields can be up to 10 dimensions of 4000 Sectors each. Battle enemies, form teams etc. while plotting to become a Lord of Creation. Extremely Challenging Strategy Game.

 USADRM .ZIP 71K 06-23-95 USA Today on-line door for pcboard. Multi-port version. Works with non-standard IRQ and more. Easy set up.

 USADR100.ZIP 66K 06-23-95 USA Today News Reader Door; News magazine reader for PCBoard 14.5 and Wildcat 3.x. This BBS door allows a SysOp to place the daily USA Today news files into the door directory and read the news file on-line.

 UFRD100A.ZIP 58K 06-23-95 The Ultimate File Request Door V. 1.00A This is a File Request Door with the features all the others forgot! Has tag messages so your users can help each other, sends mail to users who's requests have been fulfilled, etc.! It's great! Comes with sample setup for PCB 14.x and Maximus but can be used with most BBS software. Registered version comes complete with editor and data to text file

 TWWINNER.ZIP 25K 06-23-95 Determines the winner in a TW2002 Game.

 TWW10 .ZIP 113K 06-23-95 Trade Wars Weapons v1.0 for Telemate; Great collection of scripts designed to help serious Trade Warriors get the winning edge over their competetion. TWW also has some unique scripts never released or seen before!

 TWVIEW94.ZIP 192K 06-23-95 Create a database of info on your TW playing. Comes with Turbo Pascal Source Code

 TWSHIP21.ZIP 58K 06-23-95 Ship editor for Trade Wars 2002.

 TWROB .ZIP 15K 06-23-95 Utility for evil players of Tradewars 2002. Tells you which ports are safe to rob.

 TWMIS085.ZIP 89K 06-23-95 Tradewars Missions (For Tradewars 2002 Door) Revised Version.

 TWMALL30.ZIP 89K 06-23-95 Tw2002 mall v3.0 (supposedly major upgrade).

 TWMAD079.ZIP 108K 06-23-95 The Mad Hatter's TW2002 Universe Expander V0.79 A new utility for the Trade Wars 2002 BBS door game. The unregistered version allows you to hook 2 universes together giving a total of 2000 sectors for your players to use. The registered version allows for up to 20,000 sectors, and will soon offer the Intra-Universal Stardock. Fixed Wormholes are now supported.

 TWHEX10 .ZIP 36K 06-23-95 TW 2002 HEX Editor. For use with Tradewars 2002 on-line game.

 TWHELP72.ZIP 285K 06-23-95 Trade Wars Helper release 7.2 is a terminal program used ONLINE with the BBS door game "Trade Wars 2002". It maintains a database of sectors with the known port and warp to information. Several commands are available to utilize this data in addition to commands that automate repetitive processes and map the TW universe GRAPHICALLY. Don't leave FedSpace without it!

 TWDOC98 .ZIP 26K 06-23-95 TradeWars Doctor v98 beta. Fix all problems with Tradewars instead of re-rolling game.

 TWCRYSTL.ZIP 36K 06-23-95 The Crystalline Entity v1.00a Door Game

 TWCIT210.ZIP 69K 06-23-95 The Trade Wars 2002 Citidel v2.1 Production Increaser

 TWCAPD10.ZIP 59K 06-23-95 Tradewars 2002 Capture v1.0 Creates capture file for local or remote players containing all reports used by TWASSIST. Sysops, this utility will allow you to map your universe.

 TWBULL12.ZIP 48K 06-23-95 TradeWars Bulletin Generator v1.2; Generates an easy to read bulletin of your current TW2002 game. If you are a sysop, Get It!

 TWBIBL11.ZIP 34K 06-23-95 The TradeWars 2002 Bible v1.1 (by Psycho)

 TWAST11 .ZIP 153K 06-23-95 Trade Wars 2002 Assistant version 1.10.

 TWALED07.ZIP 32K 06-23-95 Tradewars 2002 door game utility to edit alien records that were left out of TEdit and AEdit. 01/09/93.

 TW21020 .ZIP 275K 06-23-95 TradeWars v10.20; THE most popular door game of all time!

 TW2_1120.ZIP 463K 06-23-95 TradeWars 2 rel.11.20 - DOS version; The TradeWars from the original creators! LAN aware, Does NOT need a BBS to run. BPS rates to 115.2K. EGA/VGA mode using the TW2 graphics shell program GGGraph! Chat with other players on-line, Attack other players on-line, Multi-BBS mode, & MUCH more!

 TW2TOOLS.ZIP 36K 06-23-95 Complete player's database for tradewars 2002 will analyze capture files from sessions and turn them into listings of profitable trade routes, planet and port lists, and builds a comprehensive norton guides database that can be used on-line to give you important information about what ports nearby sell/buy the commodities that you have on board.

 TW2_1114.ZIP 414K 06-23-95 TradeWars 2 Release 11.14. LAN compatible, internode player chat, internode attacking, network-between-bbs's mode, BPS rates to 115K, EGA/VGA graphics mode locally and from remote using GGGraph the TW2 graphics shell. Has local-only mode (no bbs needed)

 TVD124R2.ZIP 211K 06-23-95 The Verify Door v1.24 for PCBoard v14.x & v14.5a. is a callback verification door compatible with COM 1-8, IRQ 1-7 & up to 115,200 baud. Registered version prevents users from having more than one account per phone number. Documentation and mailing address update. Now supports multilingual operations!

 TRIVDOOR.ZIP 117K 06-23-95 Trivia Unlimited, Multi-Node v2.0a

 TREKQUIZ.ZIP 116K 06-23-95 Star Trek Trivia Quiz BBS Door; Features questions from TNG, and TOS. Registered version has question editor and 479 questions to test the skill of the most dedicated Trekker! Supports GAP, PCBOARD, WILDCAT 3, RBBS, WWIV, SPITFIRE or any DOOR.SYS BBS.

 TREK40 .ZIP 113K 06-23-95 Ver 4.0 Trek Trivia, allows callers to choose between Original Series or TNG Trivia Questions. Multi/Node/BBS. Fossil Driver / DV Aware. Com-Ports 0-15. Bauds to 115K. Also added a BONUS round for winners. Sysop now configures how many questions each visit into the game. No additional file needed. Fixed NO ANSI errors.

 TRAPPER .ZIP 151K 06-23-95 Trapper Door Game v2.1 --- By JNS Software Released 6-4-93. A fun and challenging game where you try trap the varment on a block. Non Standard Com Port addressing & Fossil Driver Support. NO EVALUATION KEY required. The registered version features Make-Up & Play Ahead options as well as a Bulletin maker and User Score Data Editor which is built in. Now detects and adjusts screen for

 TRAF3_15.ZIP 100K 06-23-95 Traffic Jam v3.15; Door Game Newly Released Traffic Jam door game for PCB14 or systems using 31 line door.sys files. ANSI graphics game where you have to get from home to the airport in two hours and avoiding uneccesary delays. Must stop along the way to pick up snacks for the kids. The door features auto roll-over of the scores the 1st of the month, play back/ahead days. Fully configurable in registered version by the sysop.

 TPREP06 .ZIP 335K 06-23-95 ** TRIVIA PREP V3.0 ** This program will help you create Question Databases for use with the Trivia Shell program Developed By Dan Linton & Jason Blochowiak.

 TOC4_7 .ZIP 456K 06-23-95 Time of Chaos v4.7; Basically a futuristic, demographical, role-playing type of game, or simulation, which leans mainly towards scientific theory and fact.

 TOC_ME .ZIP 9K 06-23-95 Map editor for Time of Chaos door game.

 TMASTR40.ZIP 163K 06-23-95 Trivia MASTER V4.0; This release of Trivia MASTER is configured as a ROCK 'n ROLL Trivia game with 500+ questions and a TOP-20 Diamond scoreboard. Live BBS Game for Wildcat!, RBBS, SpitFire QuickBBS, GAP, GTPower Etc.

 TLD_220 .ZIP 238K 06-23-95 The Labyrinth Door v2.20; A Maze Game pure and simple. No role playing! Setup program to create the config file. Multi- Tasker detection and support. Very Configurable! 5 Mazes included, SysOp can make more!

 TKTES .ZIP 227K 06-23-95 Trivial King 3.9 from TES Software. Lets users compete for points from a database of over 1800 questions! Supports COM 1-4 with various IRQ's. All options are completly sysop configurable! It features a 1800 question database!. Also you can get ADDTK.EXE to add more questions to the database. For the latest releases or to report a bug please call Terminal Entry 919-895-0368 HST. 1:3634/32 TESFREQ is

 TK202 .ZIP 185K 06-23-95 Trivial King 2.2 1700+ question Multi BBS trivia door. Trivial King is a multi user trivia door that will bring many hours of enjoyment to your callers. Users get to answer questions from a database of over 1750 questions on lots of different topics. This door has been tested on Desqview and Lan BBS setups and had proven reliable for even the most complex BBS setups.

 TK103 .ZIP 372K 06-23-95 Thabean Knights v1.3; Quest is the game!

 TIMLOK22.ZIP 104K 06-23-95 TimeLock v2.2 Node-Door time access control. Allows Sysops to restrict BBS Node and Door access to designated callers during sysop defined time slots. Can now be configured for caller name or password validation. Now distributed as shareware, not crippled. Registration adds many additional features. V2.2, Maintenance Relase, [03-27-92].

 TERRA505.ZIP 514K 06-23-95 Great game. 10,000 sectors. Fixes & beta info included.

 TD10C_03.ZIP 119K 06-23-95 Trivia Unlimited, Multi-Node v1.0c

 TBRAIN .ZIP 109K 06-23-95 TIME BRAIN v4; A Time Bank and Time Casino for GAP BBS Version 6

 TAROT100.ZIP 53K 06-23-95 Tarot Master v1.0; Will allow callers to get their fortune read using Tarot Cards. The program uses real definitions and layouts.

 TARGET32.ZIP 35K 06-23-95 Target v3.2; The ANSI Shooting Game Door

 TAPEDR43.ZIP 205K 06-23-95 Tape Door 4.3, Use Your Tape Drive As A on-line Door!. Support for most bbs's. Don't Buy Another Hard Drive!, Use Your Tape Supports com 1 to 4 IRQ 1 to 15. all Bauds Local Mode, File Checking, Menus and More Try The Rest!, Tape Door's The BEST. Made For COLORADO DRIVES / Will Use Others.

 TANK30 .ZIP 93K 06-23-95 Tank Command v3.0 door by Mike Wilson.

 S_I_300 .ZIP 175K 06-23-95 Steel & Ice Hockey v3.00; Welcome to the next level of online sports simulations! This latest update to a great hockey online includes a roster of 520 NHL players, Anaheim/Florida, more stats, more ability scores and expanded game play. Supports DORINFOx.DEF/DOOR.SYS, fullscreen ANSI/Avatar

 SWAR216 .ZIP 49K 06-23-95 Street Warrior v2.16; Street Warrior is a door with ANSI graphics. Unlike most fighting doors, it offers you a wide range of complexity, with extremely little randomness. No longer will how well you do in a game be effected by the roll of a die! You must learn effective techniques to disable your opponents and win the championship!

 SVRD330 .ZIP 215K 06-23-95 Svalvards Door v3.30. A D&D type door for PCB/QBBS/RemoteAccess BBS's. Very fun and addicting. It takes about 3-5 months to complete the game as a beginner. Very intense.

 SUPRDOOR.ZIP 35K 06-23-95 Great BBS utility for converting door information between door types. Supports PCBOARD.SYS, CHAIN.TXT, DOOR.SYS, DORINFO.DEF and more. Even let's you create manual information files.

 STUDS_15.ZIP 212K 06-23-95 Studs! v1.5 -- Adult action door game! Be the TOP STUD on your BBS! Supports all the major BBS's, mulitnode, COM0-15, non-standard IRQ's, colorful ANSI screens, TOP TEN bulletin creation, sysop configurable for # of girls/day, plays/day and time limits, DESQview aware, animated ANSI too! Your users will love it! From T&J Software!

 STUDET12.ZIP 207K 06-23-95 Studette! v1.2 -- Adult action door game! Be the TOP STUDette on your BBS! Supports all the major BBS's, mulitnode, COM0-15, non-standard IRQ's, colorful ANSI screens, TOP TEN bulletin creation, sysop configurable for of men/day, plays/day and time limits, DESQview aware, animated ANSI, and fossil driver support too! Your users will love it! This door compliments Studs! and was written with the ladies in mind. T&J Software!

 STORY .ZIP 92K 06-23-95 MAKE A STORY DOOR; Callers can read and add to never ending multiple choice story adventures. Includes a story editor.

 STOOGE30.ZIP 137K 06-23-95 Stooge Mania v3.0 BBS door by Mike Wilson.

 STON101 .ZIP 169K 06-23-95 POWER STONES 1.01 A simple ANSI online board game where players maneuver their "stones" in an attempt to capture their opponent's stones with two of their own. Multi-node capable. Supports DigiBoard, FOSSILs, & non-standard ports! A simple DevOnline game by Radical Wave.

 STBBS368.ZIP 80K 06-23-95 Star Traders version 3.68 Online Game Door StarTraders is an onliner written with the BBS Onliner Interface, meaning it will run under virtually all DOS based BBS systems. StarTraders is a one player game of interstellar mercantilism with a monthly Hall of Fame. Another fine game from the warped mind of Andrew J. Mead.

 STATE110.ZIP 29K 06-23-95 State Capitols v1.1; Trivia Door Game Which Allows Users To See How Well They Know The USA. Try to guess the Capitals of all 50 States, Fun To Learn.

 SRE0992B.ZIP 315K 06-23-95 321806 11-04-93 No ID File Found For This Arch

 SR130 .ZIP 209K 06-23-95 Space Race - Release 1.30 Space Race is a space colonization /combat door game. Users attempt to increase their empire from 1 planet to be the most powerful in the game. Unlike many doors, this one allows the users to play multiple turns in a single day. This doors need no nightly maintance. Supports: RBBS/DOOR.SYS/WildCat

 SPOKER10.ZIP 185K 06-23-95 Strip Poker! v1.0; The adult card game! Play against 10 computer male or female players who also get listed in the top 10 bulletins! Supports COM0-15, DESQview and Network ready, top ten, alltime high, last weeks high, fossil drivers, easy setup and configuration via the SPUTIL program!

 SOLITPYR.ZIP 107K 06-23-95 On the Seventh Day! You are one of the many Gods that is trying to be the ONLY God with a number of followers when the game ends.

 SMURF110.ZIP 189K 06-23-95 Smurf Combat v1.1; Four Star Onliner from the best makers of onliners! Battle 10 levels of evil smurfs! Capture hostages, rendez-vous with SMURFETTES! SysOps, grab your copy before inflation gets YOU!

 SM_V103 .ZIP 176K 06-23-95 Sky Mountain v1.03; Searchlight specific Trivia door Game

 SLOTS .ZIP 90K 06-23-95 BRAINEX VEGAS SLOTS Brainex Video Slot Machine, just like Las Vegas. Great ANSI graphics! From The Brainex System 310-275-2344.

 SHOWBIZ .ZIP 104K 06-23-95 SHOW BIZ TRIVIA QUIZ DOOR; Test your ShowBiz trivia IQ! Great entertainment trivia door

 SHGN251C.ZIP 122K 06-23-95 ShoGun v2.51; Good BBS Game Door

 SEXTRV44.ZIP 127K 06-23-95 Sex Trivia v4.41 Adult Entertainment A trivia door program containing over 200 questions on america's favorite pasttime, SEX! This is a full-featured release with only a small delay at the start. Registration will remove the delay. Sex Trivia supports a FOSSIL driver.

 SEA_DV16.ZIP 53K 06-23-95 Sea Hunt Door Ver 1.6 with OnLine Play! Allows Online Play even UnRegistered! Allows 3 games per user UnRegistered! Can leave messages in Games for opponent! Allows Diagonal Ships, ScatterBombs, Mines,& Fatal mines, & Supply ships! Prevents Sysop from Viewing while Users Enter Ships. Sysop may include a credit line in the Exit Screen. Allows Sysop vs User Direct play while User is Online.

 SE210 .ZIP 183K 06-23-95 Star Empire V2.10 - Online Game - Free Registration - Supports DOOR.SYS & DORINFO#.DEF, plus a lot more. Built in SysOp editor, sysop configurable, real time battles with enemy ships. Very well written. Detects loss of carrier, supports locked ports. From The So Much(tm) MODEM MADNESS(tm) CD-ROM

 SDB130B .ZIP 140K 06-23-95 StarDock Beta (v1.30b) by David Proper. (c)1993. Fixes Assimilation Bomb Coding Bug In SDB130. Second StarDock Dramatically Expands TW2002 With A Stock Market, Casino, Underground, Travel Agency, Bar, And More!

 SDB111 .ZIP 72K 06-23-95 Stardock BETA for TW 2002. Great enhancement for Tradewars 2002.

 SD40UTIL.ZIP 542K 06-23-95 The Online SalesDoor v4.0 [2/4]; The SalesDoor Sysop Utilities and Configuration files and executables.

 SD40SYST.ZIP 375K 06-23-95 The Online SalesDoor v4.0; The SalesDoor has been improved with the addition of BTRieve Database capabilities, online viewing of product PCX's, full set of menu driven Sysop utilities, credit card validation, security level discounts, international taxation, markup/margin price calculation, support for over 70 BBS software packages, passing orders to a BBS message base, file attachments for D/L, plus mumerous other features. [1/4]

 SD40DOCS.ZIP 308K 06-23-95 The Online SalesDoor v4.0 [3/4]; The SalesDoor Documentation and Online Help System files and executables.

 SD40COMM.ZIP 599K 06-23-95 The Online SalesDoor v4.0 [4/4]; The SalesDoor Remote User Communications Includes CLICKCOM: Full Communications with PCX viewing capabilities. SALESPCX: Communications TSR: for PCX viewing capabilities using other communications programs.

 SCRAM_39.ZIP 234K 06-23-95 Scramble! Door v3.9 - unscramble the words in a set time period, ships with OVER 30,000 words, supports COM0-15, DESQview aware, all major BBS's supported, speeds up to 115.5k, tournament play, high score and monthly high score saved, and colorful ANSI screens! This version also supports fossil drivers! A door for all your users to enjoy! T&J Software Program

 SCORBD11.ZIP 39K 06-23-95 Global War scoreboard generator v1.1 allows colour choices including random colours. From The So Much(tm) MODEM MADNESS(tm) CD-ROM

 SCHMZ12 .ZIP 132K 06-23-95 Schmooz! 1.2, BBS Game Door from DavisWARE that will blow you away! Highly addictive game that challenges the mind! Users can chat with each other while playing. Very competitive game for just about any BBS system! Written by James R. Davis!

 SANTA93 .ZIP 70K 06-23-95 Callers talk to Santa Claus on your BBS. DOOR written for PCB & WC! but any BBS that can use DOOR.SYS or DorinfoX.Def can use this. Fossil compatible. XMAS gift to sysops from The Drawbridge BBS in Florida & The Freeware Hall of Fame in Virginia.

 RVPA1002.ZIP 85K 06-23-95 Advanced Door Supporting VGA Planets V3 & V3.1. REMOTE access to host AND Master. Multiple game support, multiple external protocols. Registration $15.

 RVB_10 .ZIP 184K 06-23-95 RIP Voting Booth Door! v1.0 -- Users vote for their favorite RIP graphic screens! Supports COM0-15, DESQview and Network ready, fossil drivers, easy setup and configuration via the RIPUTIL program! Will run on ANY BBS that supports Doors! End users must use a RIP compatible com program. From T&J Software!

 RUSH10B .ZIP 67K 06-23-95 Gold Rush v1.0; Online door that put you in the role of a miner to mine gold. Supports Multitasker awareness, COM1-4 and just about any door drop file. Very Easy set up.

 RUNAWY13.ZIP 113K 06-23-95 RunAway Version 1.3; RunAway is a fun, addictive, highly interactive ANSI door game.

 RT_MENU4.ZIP 85K 06-23-95 REALtime Menu System a LIVE DOOR MENU GENERATOR for LiveCat, LivePRO & WildFire by Steve Cox. Generates Live Door Menus REALtime in ASCII and ANSI, Lists last accessing caller and times the door was played. Complete USER Stats and AWESOME game menus! Generates bulletins on doors and users.

 RTP190A .ZIP 172K 06-23-95 RISE TO POWER Door Game - Vers 1.90 Game of intrigue in 15th Century Germany. Using treachery, diplomacy, marriage, assassins, combat and other strategies common to the middle ages can you become king and unite Germany in this Machiavellian game? Now with Ansi art provided by ANSI Artist Violet Stymacks. Supports most popular BBS Software packages, including PC Board Vers 15 & WildCat 3.9. The game is RIP aware, does

 RTOTH21 .ZIP 107K 06-23-95 Real-Time Othello v2.1. Play Othello online in real-time against a human! You may also choose the one-move-at-a-time option or play against the computer. Game save for all 3 options. Supports most BBS software, multi- node, COM 0-15, 115K Baud, & non-standard IRQ's. Now supports multi-port boards using FOSSIL drivers including PCBoard/M!

 RTGAM21 .ZIP 112K 06-23-95 Real-Time BackGammon v2.1. Play Backgammon online in real-time against a human! You may also choose the one-move-at-a-time option or play against the computer. Game save for all 3 options. Supports most BBS software, multi- node, COM 0-15, 115K Baud, & non-stand. IRQ's. Now supports multi-port boards using FOSSIL drivers including PCBoard/M!

 RTCON19 .ZIP 109K 06-23-95 Real-Time Connect 4 v1.9. Play Connect 4 online in real-time against a human! You may also choose the one-move-at-a-time option or play against the computer. Game save for all 3 options. Supports most BBS software, multi- node, COM 0-15, 115K Baud, & non-stand. IRQ's. Now supports multi-port boards using FOSSIL drivers including PCBoard/M!

 RTCKRS26.ZIP 106K 06-23-95 Real-Time Checkers v2.6 - Play checkers online in real-time against a human! Can save unfinished games. Requires minimum of 2 Nodes. Supports almost any BBS software, multi-node, COM 0 - 15, up to 115K Baud, and non-standard IRQ's. Now supports multi-port boards using FOSSIL drivers including PCBoard/M!

 RTCHES23.ZIP 118K 06-23-95 Real-Time Chess v2.3 Play chess online in real-time against a human! Can save unfinished games. Requires minimum of 2 Nodes. Supports almost any BBS software, multi-node, COM 0 - 15, up to 115K Baud, and non-standard IRQ's. Now supports multi-port boards using FOSSIL drivers including PCBoard/M!

 RTBS20 .ZIP 116K 06-23-95 Real-Time Battleship v2.0; Play online in real-time against a human! You may also choose the one-move-at-a-time option or play against the computer. Game save for all 3 options. Supports most BBS software, multi- node, COM 0-15, 115K Baud, & non-standard IRQ's. Now supports multi-port boards using FOSSIL drivers including PCBoard/M!

 RR14_400.ZIP 37K 06-23-95 Restaurant Review Door. Supports several BBS formats and baud rates up to 115,200.

 ROMD202 .ZIP 258K 06-23-95 Ultimate CD door for WC! And PcB 14.5 BBS's. 12/25/92.

 ROMBRAIN.ZIP 472K 06-23-95 CDROM FILE DOOR; Rombrain works with door.sys, chain.txt dorinfo.def, sfdoors.dat. Supports multi- cd drives. Features fast searches, archive functions (read, transfer, view, download) and more. The best CDROM door! (Demo)

 ROBWAR15.ZIP 151K 06-23-95 Robowars online door game door ver 1.5. 02/04/93.

 ROB_101E.ZIP 136K 06-23-95 Robot Gladiators door v1.01e.

 RMWH105 .ZIP 34K 06-23-95 Roaming WormHole. Put a roaming WormHole in the game to mess up the TW database programs and warp calculations, etc.

 RKTRV .ZIP 61K 06-23-95 Hard Rock Trivia Game with graphics, sound and extra-obnoxious attitude.

 RIPMAGIC.ZIP 97K 06-23-95 98376 11-04-93 No ID File Found For This Archi

 RIPDICE .ZIP 94K 06-23-95 96154 11-04-93 No ID File Found For This Archi

 REVIVE10.ZIP 7K 06-23-95 Fantasy Land BBS game utility.

 RESCUE20.ZIP 114K 06-23-95 Rescue Door Game v2.0; Rescue all the hotel guests before the bombs explode! Fast-paced, frustrating and FUN! BRUN45.EXE no longer required! Supports Fossil-based Multi-Port cards, including the PCBoard /M version.

 REQBETA6.ZIP 73K 06-23-95 File Request Door for PcBoard.

 RED100A .ZIP 104K 06-23-95 Red Dragon door game for Gap an PCB. If you and risk then you'll love this game. It has the moves of chess but the men can all be on your turn, so the game is like commanding a real army.

 RECALL44.ZIP 98K 06-23-95 Total Recall v4.4; You will need Total Recall to get a perfect score in this Concentration-type board game! Supports most BBS software, multi-node, COM 0-15, 115K Baud, and non-standard IRQ's. Now supports multi-port boards using FOSSIL drivers including PCBoard/M!

 RD202IM .ZIP 304K 06-23-95 Ultimate CD-ROM door for WildCat!, Pcboard and other BBS's.

 RCMD20 .ZIP 12K 06-23-95 Remote Command: Safer Doorway to DOS

 RAW210 .ZIP 439K 06-23-95 ROMANS at WAR Door Game in 220 BC

 RATTERM .ZIP 83K 06-23-95 RATTERM graphics terminal program: the complete distribution package of the RATTERM graphics terminal program for use with the BBS game Rat Race 93 (version A.01)

 RAD215 .ZIP 101K 06-23-95 RAD Plus - REMOTE ACCESS DATABASE is a dBASE compatible Database Door. Lotus like online menus or a command mode using basic xbase like commands. Has SysOp related features like Chat, Jump to DOS, Toggle User Levels, immediate hangup, etc. Displays info files on databases, has user passwords. Can be maintained remotely. For any BBS system that can create a Dorinfo1.def file.

 RACE155 .ZIP 59K 06-23-95 BBS Drag Racing vn 1.55. Great door game where you race against the other callers. You can go to the pits and outfit your car before you head to the track and bet a bundle against your opponent or the track. Try it.

 QUIZRD51.ZIP 186K 06-23-95 Quizard's Mountain v5.1; Trivia Adventure type game. Climb the Mt. by answering Trivia questions & use Spells to help/hinder the progress of the other Wizard's on the Mt. Supports most BBS software, multi-node, COM 1-15, 115K Baud, and non-standard IRQ's. Now supports multi-port boards using FOSSIL drivers including PCBoard/M!

 PTIME12 .ZIP 116K 06-23-95 PostTime v1.2 - A Horse Racing BBS Door Place you bets, it's Posttime. A Door program to allow you and your users to enjoy the excitement of horseracing without the smell. Bet and borrow to your hearts content but watch out, the bank wants and will get its money back.

 PSYCHO30.ZIP 27K 06-23-95 V3.00 Psycho is a multi-player game that pits your cunning against an opponent. The idea is to find your target and terminate them.

 PSTORY1B.ZIP 52K 06-23-95 ProStory version 1 Beta. Story telling door for PCBoard. This door uses the standard Prokit interface. Written by the same author that brought you Prochat.

 PSOL_132.ZIP 51K 06-23-95 Palace Solitaire door v1.32 (Uses DORINFO).

 PRVIEW18.ZIP 149K 06-23-95 PREVIEW; A GIF file previewer door Create one GIF from 79 and even include A BBS logo in the GIF created. Currently supports 9 different BBS types and COM 1 thru 15. Non-standard interrupts are also supported. File downloading handled within the door. External protocol support for complete custom configuration. Custom menus with file search and flagging capabilities

 PONIES1 .ZIP 392K 06-23-95 Ponies: bbs door game of horse racing. Freeware.

 PLANTOOL.ZIP 42K 06-23-95 A utility for VGA Planets.

 PLANET .ZIP 126K 06-23-95 FORBIDDEN PLANET TEXT ADVENTURE DOOR Works with door.sys, chain.txt, dorinfo.def, sfdoors.dat. Can you save beautiful Altaira from the deadly Forbidden Planet. Weird, fun, exciting text adventure. No save/load games in this unregistered version, otherwise fully functional.

 PLAN11 .ZIP 140K 06-23-95 Planets: The Exploration Of Space Version 1.1 Planets: The Exploration Of Space is a new door, of the absolute highest quality! It is basically a completly original trading/battle space game

 PITPLAYR.ZIP 11K 06-23-95 The PIT players manual. 01/13/93.

 PIT353 .ZIP 388K 06-23-95 The Pit Door Game v3.53, Excellent!

 PICTUROR.ZIP 65K 06-23-95 Picturor! ANSI viewing door for remote access bbs's and any other bbs's supporting files.bbs. Picturor may also be used for catolog's, ANSI contests, and any other idea that you need viewed by your user's.

 PHNT81AS.ZIP 191K 06-23-95 Phantasia v8.1 BBS Door Game Phantasia is a role playing game where the user creates a character to guide through wilderness fighting monsters and rescuing virgins. The game supports attacks between players on multiple node systems. ** DO NOT DISTRIBUTE PHANT81S.ZIP ** ** REPLACE ANY COPY OF PHANT WITH ** ** PHNT81AS.ZIP. ** Compiled on 11-01-92

 PGSYSP .ZIP 45K 06-23-95 A 'page sysop' door for BBS's.

 PEGJMP23.ZIP 96K 06-23-95 Peg Jump v2.3; logic puzzle game similar to the classic Hi-Que peg puzzle. Object is to jump the pegs in such a way as to leave only one peg, preferably in the center hole. Supports most BBS software, multi-node, COM 0-15, 115K Baud, and non-standard IRQ's. Now supports multi-port boards using FOSSIL drivers including PCBoard/M!

 PEANUT16.ZIP 56K 06-23-95 PEANUTS! 1.6 Players have 10 minutes to stack 52 cards in 4 suit piles for a perfect hand in this variation of solitaire! Supports 52-line DOOR.SYS. Registration Fee: $10

 PCYATZEE.ZIP 56K 06-23-95 PC-YAHTZEE Dice Game v1.7; Stand-alone version of the Triple Yahtzee Door game. Plays the same and is also as addictive.

 PCT05B .ZIP 64K 06-23-95 Science Class Trivia 0.5 from TES Software. Lets users answer hard SCIENTIFIC Trivia questions to gain points and compete against other BBS Users. This door has NO EXPIRE and is sysop configurable for the questions per day given. There are a total of 120 hard questions in the database. This door has been tested on DesqView and Lan networks and privaen to work well in a Multi-User,Multi- Node setup. For the latest releases or to

 PCRESCUE.ZIP 51K 06-23-95 PC-Rescue Game v1.2; Rescue all the hotel guests before the bombs explode! Fast-paced, frustrating and FUN! Plays exactly like the popular BBS Door game found on many BBS around the world. Game opening sound and music is now OPTIONAL!

 PCOVE504.ZIP 100K 06-23-95 Pirate's Cove Door. Team / individual play. Multi-BBS support and baud rates to 115,200 bps. Compiled with Door Patch 3.8.

 PBV_110 .ZIP 64K 06-23-95 PBBSVote; Online BBS Voting door. Mutli-nodes, desqview, and most of the major BBSes supported.

 PBL_1422.ZIP 147K 06-23-95 PBBSList Online BBS listing door; Mutli- nodes, desqview, and support for most BBSes

 PAGEEM .ZIP 11K 06-23-95 Page 'Em Door v2.1; The "Page 'Em Door" was created as an alternative way for users to page you, the SysOp of the BBS. This way, in case of an emergency, your users can get a hold of you. Also, your users can contact you while you are a few rooms away where the regular page bell would not reach.

 PAGEDOOR.ZIP 70K 06-23-95 Multi BBS sysop paging door. Semiuseful?

 PAGE119 .ZIP 70K 06-23-95 Page 1.19 - Door For Any BBS Software To Ask The User WHY They Wish To Page You, Then Continue With The Normal ProDoor Page Procedure. Loads PROTRNS File So That You May Customize Display. Seamless Page Door! Now Includes An Emergency Password Option So That Users With The Password Can Page You Even If The Page Bell Is Turned Off.

 OUTCOMM .ZIP 40K 06-23-95 Send a file out the comport when a door is in use. Supports non-standard comports and is freeware. Specifically written for PCBoard 14.5 or above! You can use it in other situations as well such as testing an upload, the $$LOGO??.BAT files or wherever you think you can use it. Have fun!!

 OSD23 .ZIP 35K 06-23-95 The Online Shopping Door v2.3

 ORDERDOR.ZIP 142K 06-23-95 OrderDoor v1.0. On-Line Credit Card and BBS Subscription Door.

 OOTERMSB.ZIP 666K 06-23-95 681270 11-26-93 No ID File Found For This Arch

 OOTERM .ZIP 48K 06-23-95 48208 11-26-93 No ID File Found For This Archi

 OO100_2 .ZIP 485K 06-23-95 Operation: Overkill v1.00 BBS doorgame [Disk 2/2

 OO100_1 .ZIP 544K 06-23-95 Operation: Overkill v1.00 BBS doorgame [Disk 1/2

 ONTHEDGE.ZIP 125K 06-23-95 On The Edge BBS door from Rusty Johnson and JNS Software.

 ONR3_93 .ZIP 47K 06-23-95 Online News and Review! A monthly online magazine written by and for online BBS

 ONLIN_18.ZIP 154K 06-23-95 OnLine! Door v1.8; View/Search TEXT files online! Supports COM 0-15, multinodes and DESQview aware, automatic maintenance, colorful screens, and much more! Have up to 40 sub-menus, 1600 articles! Now Supports X,Y,ZModem downloads from within the door and MUCH more!

 OLV100 .ZIP 197K 06-23-95 Allows BBS callers to "preview" GIF files before downloading them.

 OLA_11 .ZIP 198K 06-23-95 On Line Legal Advisor Door v1.1; Legal advice on your BBS! Many different help topics broken down into 36 text files. Over 400 legal trivia question! Supports COM 0-15, multinodes and DESQview aware, automatic maintenance, colorful screens, top ten bulletin, EASY setup and much more!

 NUXTN204.ZIP 64K 06-23-95 NU-XTERN 2.04 for TradeWars External maintenance add-on for the popular door program Trade Wars 2002. This utility adds bank interest, cloak failures, Ferrengal upgrading, new bulletin, Krystalline Entity, Federation Officer pay, port replenishment, ship editor and Underground Contracts. All options are configurable. Fixes error on early expiration. Extends trial period to

 NEXTC_12.ZIP 21K 06-23-95 Door to let users leave message to next caller.

 NEWNEWS .ZIP 48K 06-23-95 NewNews v1.1 - Bulletin Door. NewNews is a door for RA 2.xx that show bulletins to the user that he or she has NOT seen jet. NewNews is Freeware.

 NEWMOVIE.ZIP 8K 06-23-95 New Cineplex Videon movies for Trade Wars 2002.

 NETRUN .ZIP 9K 06-23-95 Instructions for Netrunner Online Door.

 NETRN101.ZIP 224K 06-23-95 NetRunner Door V1.01 for PCBoard, Gap, WC!, RBBS, QBBS and Others! The first true 'Cyber Punk' online game. You're a NetRunner, bold and arrogant! Use your cyberdeck and an assortment of hacking 'wares to invade the corporate systems and raid their credits. NetRunner uses ANSI graphics and keypad for movement in the grid and systems. By Seattle Cybertechnologies, Jan 28, 1992

 NES132 .ZIP 70K 06-23-95 The Never Ending Story v1.32 Chain Story BBS Door. Supports DOOR.SYS and DORINFO1.DEF

 NDOOR018.ZIP 102K 06-23-95 NDOOR - Night Owl's CDROM Door Ver 0.18 Offline file requests and up to 40 ROMs For PCBoard V14.x and higher Features include: text search across multiple ROMs, external protocols, viewing contents of ZIP, ARJ and LZH files, rezipping selected files from an archive, full ANSI support! Easy for Sysop to install and maintain!

 ND_300 .ZIP 63K 06-23-95 Node-Door v3.00; A simple to install node list searching door that will allow users maximum flexability when looking up addresses and other information. Compatible with: RA, SBBS QBBS, MAXIMUS, TAG, PCBoard, Wildcat, Spitfire and more

 MWV198B .ZIP 176K 06-23-95 Latest Version of Mech Wars.

 MW19F .ZIP 390K 06-23-95 MECHWARS v1.9F; Online Door Game

 MV14_300.ZIP 34K 06-23-95 Movie View (Review) Door. Supports several BBS formats and baud rates up to 115,200.

 MURDR230.ZIP 213K 06-23-95 Murder Mansion (Door Game) v2.30; Search throughout a mansion to discover to solve a murder. WARNING: If you take to long, you maybe the next victim! Require ANSI. Now ues DOORFRAME Library, supporting Non-Standard Comport & IRQ's

 MTRIV11 .ZIP 80K 06-23-95 MASTER'S TRIVIA v1.1 BBS Door Game!! Five Category Databases Available. Includes Entertainment Data- base with 300 Multiple Choice Questions. 4 Other Category Databases Available to Registered Users. Very Entertaining and Highly addictive!! Supports All Major BBS Types. Non-Std. Port, FOSSIL and Digiboard Support. By MAJIC SOFTWARE!!

 MSTRM10D.ZIP 92K 06-23-95 Master Mind [V 1.0-D] *> Part of the TEMPEST Network Collection <* This is the old game of Master Mind. You and the computer match witt's. You try to figure out the code generated by the computer based the clues given you after each move. This is the Door Version..

 MSGV20 .ZIP 47K 06-23-95 Next Caller Door for most BBS packages

 MSGD100 .ZIP 54K 06-23-95 Message door v1.00 - do doorwork software.

 MR14_300.ZIP 34K 06-23-95 Music Review Door. Supports several BBS formats and baud rates up to 115,200.

 MO_MALLB.ZIP 137K 06-23-95 Mail Order Mall V.1.0B - FREEWARE Another Mall door but built for the average sysop/businessman in mind. Uses mail in form rather then Credit Cards. Has Seperate Store editor for easy editing/sorting/ deleting. Can add up Tax, Shipping and products ordered on a nice, easy to read form. Supports PCBoard, WC!, RBBS and 31-line Door.sys. Fixes problem in calculating Tax, and other minor changes.

 MMUTIL .ZIP 192K 06-23-95 Murder Motel utilities that were left out of the original 3.0 beta release.

 MM42 .ZIP 328K 06-23-95 The original MURDER MOTEL! v4.2; Don't settle for a substitute Now supports all BBS's Fossil drivers

 MINE102 .ZIP 49K 06-23-95 Minefield v1.02 Online Game Door: Online game written with the BBS Onliner Interface. It will run under virtually all DOS based BBS systems. The object of Minefield is to clear a path from one side of the screen to the other. This is another fine game from the warped and dangerous mind of Andrew J. Mead.

 MHCB19A1.ZIP 150K 06-23-95 M.H CALL BACK 1.9A1 Beta Version Another call back door this Version is fully functional callback which will store callers numbers. Supports DOOR.SYS / GAP 3.X - 6.X /RBBS WildCat 2.X,3.X / PCBoard 12.x and 14.x

 MEL_199 .ZIP 470K 06-23-95 Melee 1.99: 21st century gladiatorial combat door.

 MDFE1A .ZIP 60K 06-23-95 MEGADOOR Front End v1.0a; Allows the use of multiple protocols and local sysop usage of Megadoor through one convenient doorway.

 MBPROTD .ZIP 297K 06-23-95 Modembase Pro: finally a database door for dBase files. Online database door for displaying or gathering info in a dbase file.

 MBDOOR13.ZIP 85K 06-23-95 Myers Briggs Personality Test Door V1.3

 MAZWAR .ZIP 19K 06-23-95 MAZE WARS 1.1 Absolutely Amazing 3-D Maze Game! Get a real feel for virtual reality! Lightning Fast!! Supports VGA and a Mouse (rodent not req'd). Multiple maze levels & levels of difficulty. Monsters to kill and mazes to solve! Arcade style graphics. Fully functional Shareware version, not crippled in any way. This is NOT just another maze game!

 MATCHM22.ZIP 272K 06-23-95 The Match Maker! Door v2.2; Game written for GAP or any BBS using a DOOR.SYS file. This door will allow users to match up with each other based on responses given to questions you set-up. Nice looking and Configurable for your BBS's individual feel/theme.

 MALL .ZIP 46K 06-23-95 Trade Wars 2002; Electronic Mall and ADD-ON

 MAKEPORT.ZIP 4K 06-23-95 Fix to doorway problem when "no port is mapped into low memory

 MAKEPK10.ZIP 36K 06-23-95 MAKEPACK is for PCBoard sysops that have taken P systems but still want to use Sam Smith's PROPACK for message-base packing. MAKEPACK reads the contents of a PCBoard 14.5 or 14.5A CNAMES file and generates a PACKALL.BAT (or equivalent) file.

 MAKE15V3.ZIP 51K 06-23-95 Make 15 v3.0. Solitaire card door program.

 MAD118 .ZIP 58K 06-23-95 Madness v1.18 Online Game Door; Online game written with the BBS Onliner Interface, meaning it will run under virtually all DOS based BBS systems. Madness is a simple to play hard to master and extremely addictive screen clearing game.