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 TESTDIR .TMP 0K 02-24-08 [No description available]

 00INDEX . 20K 02-24-08 {THP}'s One Liners Door v1.4b (3-25

 BIODOOR4.ZIP 81K 03-02-02 Biodoor v4.0 -- A door where callers can get to know each other. Profiles, mail system, graffiti walls, live chat, voting center, classifieds, flowers, marriages, and more!! Get this now, your BBS won't be so boring again.

 L_DV10 .ZIP 136K 11-06-02 [No Description File Found]

 FILES .TXT 92K 11-06-02 [No Description File Found]

 FILES .LST 92K 11-06-02 [No Description File Found]

 FILES .TXT 92K 11-06-02 [No Description File Found]

 MW19G .ZIP 395K 06-23-95 MECHWARS v1.9G : Released 12/07/93. Bug fix upgrade with no missing files! * Supports most BBS types. * Fossil and non-standard IRQ support. * Multitasker aware.

 MURDR242.ZIP 212K 06-23-95 Murder Mansion (Door Game) ver. 2.42 Search throughout a mansion to discover to solve a murder. WARNING: If you take to long, you maybe the next victim! Require ANSI. Now ues DOORFRAME Library, supporting Non-Standard Comport & IRQ's Programmer: William Rountree Release Date 11\14\93

 MMAZE10 .ZIP 13K 06-23-95 Multi-Maze; Set of SysOp generated puzzles, in which the user must try to reach an objective. Mazes can be 2 or 3 dimensional depending on the SysOps imagination.

 MMAKER40.ZIP 348K 06-23-95 MATCH MAKER II - DOOR - v4.0 * ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection ** Allows for the matching of callers with like interests, up to 100 questions, DESIRED MATCH AND SELF-DESCRIPTION questionaires (configurable), sending/receiving of private messages, ATTACH PICTURES to user profiles!! DOWNLOAD questions and PICTURES & UPLOAD answers! Multiple answers per question!! Exchange of user and msg bases with other

 MATCHTWO.ZIP 156K 06-23-95 Match-Two Door Game v1.2 - By JNS Software, Released 6-4-93. This is a poker style card game in which you bet on matching cards. It is tuff. Non Standard Com Port addressing & Fossil Support. NO EVALUATION KEY required. The registered version features Make-Up & Play Ahead options as well as a Bulletin maker and User Score Data Editor which is built in. Now detects and adjusts screen for RIP Graphics back to 25 line mode.

 MANDOWN1.ZIP 100K 06-23-95 102348 10-26-93 No ID File Found For This Arch

 MAJYK125.ZIP 75K 06-23-95 75945 10-27-93 No ID File Found For This Archi

 MAD118 .ZIP 58K 06-23-95 Madness v1.18 Online Game Door; Online game written with the BBS Onliner Interface, meaning it will run under virtually all DOS based BBS systems. Madness is a simple to play hard to master and extremely addictive screen clearing game.

 L_DV20 .ZIP 184K 06-23-95 Life & Death v2.0; An Online game where your users are the doctor. Your users are taken to a room where they are shown a patient's chart. Their job is to read the chart and then make a diagnosis to save the patient's life. This game gives your users 20 cases to solve/diagnose.

 LVCRAPS .ZIP 139K 06-23-95 LAS VEGAS CRAPS GAMBLING DOOR Works with door.sys, chain.txt, dorinfo.def, sfdoors.dat Supports WWIV's gold. Plays just like a real Las Vegas crap game! Uses ANSI color. High score bulletin not saved in this version.

 LUCKY19 .ZIP 96K 06-23-95 Lucky-7 v1.9; Let callers buy some lotto tickets and bank time. You set the cost per ticket, winning odds & max to save in the Online Time Bank! Now fossil driver/DV aware and will run on most all BBS Softwares, runs at 115K baud, multi-node, etc. Fixed the NO ANSI errors. Handles /M ver.

 LOTTO35 .ZIP 138K 06-23-95 Super lottery bbs door for most systems. Includes a time door.

 LOTERY47.ZIP 104K 06-23-95 Lottery Door v4.7; players can win at Pick-3 or Pick-4. You can set the prizes that they win and also set the amount of times in the door per day! Multi-bbs, Multi-node, bauds to 115K. Fossil Driver aware and NO other file needed to run door. Com-ports 0-15. Fixed the NO ANSI errors. Works with PCBoard /M!.

 LORD21 .ZIP 238K 06-23-95 Legend Of The Red Dragon NOT a Role Playing Game, it is disguised as one sort of, being set in medivel times, but this is really a war game created for BBS's. Playing with real people is what makes it fun.

 LOD380G .ZIP 88K 06-23-95 90026 10-20-93 Land of Devistation v. 3.8 - Fi

 LOD380E .ZIP 297K 06-23-95 303119 10-20-93 Land of Devistation v. 3.8 - F

 LOD380D .ZIP 419K 06-23-95 428431 10-20-93 Land of Devistation v. 3.8 - F

 LOD380C .ZIP 291K 06-23-95 297906 10-21-93 Land of Devistation v. 3.8 - F

 LOD380B .ZIP 424K 06-23-95 433687 10-21-93 Land of Devistation v. 3.8 - F

 LOD380A .ZIP 121K 06-23-95 123008 10-25-93 Land of Devistation v. 3.8 - F

 LOB215 .ZIP 62K 06-23-95 Land of Blood online game v2.15.

 LINKS40 .ZIP 189K 06-23-95 Links Golf v4.0 - BBS Door Program Links Country Club Golf. Play a round of 9 or 18 holes. Includes course architect so that you may customize your course to your board. Now includes ANSI display for each hole. Supports baud rates to 115,200, COM0-15, non-standard IRQ's and fossil based multi-port digiboards. 08/31/93 Author:Robert Neal NOT CRIPPLED! Supports USERS.SYS, DOOR.SYS, DORINFOx.DEF,

 LIBRARY .ZIP 108K 06-23-95 Online Library 1.6; Add a librarian to your BBS! User's can view/download and upload ANSI/AVATAR and any text files you have available! Stores all files in an archive file (ZIP/ARJ or whatever you define). Files are unpacked as they are needed. 100 categories and up to 200 files in each category! An impressive addition to any BBS

 LEVELGAP.ZIP 12K 06-23-95 Allows you to run several callback doors with a different security level for each door.

 LDV281B .ZIP 83K 06-23-95 Long Distance Caller Validator v2,81 beta, This is a door to validate the SysOp's Long Distance Callers, at the cost of the regular.

 LCIM10 .ZIP 52K 06-23-95 TW2002 util to get CIM data locally - for sysops who play.

 KTSHOP11.ZIP 145K 06-23-95 KTShopper is the On-Line Shopping Center Door for Bulletin Boards. KTS can be set up to have multiple shops/categories, track customer purchases, maintain an extensive products database, and can be configured either locally or remotely by the SysOp using two levels of password protection.

 KTFM_213.ZIP 224K 06-23-95 KT-FleaMarket is a BBS Door program which will provide your users with a complete, full featured Advertisement System. KT-FleaMarket will support unlimited categories, up to 1 billion Ads, Non-standard Ports including the DigiBoard MC/X and PC/X Multi-Port Adapters, DOOR.SYS, DORINFOx.DEF, PCBOARD.SYS

 KTFMED10.ZIP 154K 06-23-95 KT Flea Market offline editor ver 1.0.

 KNK42 .ZIP 86K 06-23-95 Kannons and Katapults is a fun door game simulation of the old time castle vs. castle wars. Your users will try to defeat "King Computer" in a battle to the finish. King Computer is no push over and fights a decent battle. Only the best strategists on your system will be able to win consistantly.

 KNGHTSMV.ZIP 106K 06-23-95 Knight's Move v1.4 Door Game; Requires skill and thought. Move the chess Knight around the board trying to land on each square only once. Supports most major drop files. No expiration time or demo key required.

 KINGLAST.ZIP 152K 06-23-95 Kings Last Door Game v2.1 - By JNS Software Released 6-4-93. A pure luck Solitaire game that children really like, and adults too! Non Standard Com Port addressing & Fossil Driver Support. NO EVALUATION KEY required. The registered version features Make-Up & Play Ahead options as well as a Bulletin maker and User Score Data Editor which is built in. Now detects and adjusts screen for

 KING814U.ZIP 255K 06-23-95 King of the Board Version 8.14

 KING814 .ZIP 376K 06-23-95 King of the Board Version 8.14

 KENO .ZIP 95K 06-23-95 BRAINEX KENO; Features automatic number picks. ANSI/RIP display. Fun! Top weekly/all time scoring. Requires the Brainex Door Manager.

 KALWRK27.ZIP 60K 06-23-95 Kalworks - the TradeWars 2002 extension kit.

 JTG_BBS4.ZIP 85K 06-23-95 Jimmy the Geeks trivia gems v1.3 live door game.

 JSGO130 .ZIP 202K 06-23-95 Galactic Overlord 1.30 BBS Door Game GO is a game of galactic conquest. Each player will attempt to control a universe of planets. GO has 20+ ANSI screens/animation and is Multi-node friendly! GO can create text, ANSI, or Wildcat! ranking bulletins. Most of the CRIPPLING has been removed! Uses JSW Resource Files that contain all of the ANSI, doc, etc. files for the game. Easy to use player interface. Now has

 JSGO122 .ZIP 189K 06-23-95 Galactic Overlord 1.22 BBS Door Game; GO is a game of galactic conquest. Each player will attempt to control a universe of planets. GO has 20+ ANSI screens/animation and is Multi-node friendly! GO can create text, ANSI, or Wildcat! ranking bulletins. Uses JSW Resource Files that contain all of the ANSI, doc, etc. files for the game. Easy to use player interface.

 JOB1 .ZIP 163K 06-23-95 166630 02-15-94 No ID File Found For This Arch

 JAIL1000.ZIP 174K 06-23-95 JAIL BREAK! v3.0; Online door from Secret Service BBS. Good Ansi Graphics, Colorful

 JACKPOT .ZIP 12K 06-23-95 Jackpot! For Sysops who hold drawings. Picks winner randomly. Bulletin and more!

 IRT100 .ZIP 136K 06-23-95 I Remember That...!(Door Game) ver. 1.00 Trivia Game that user attempts to guess the year an event took place. No nightly maintance is required. Requires ANSI. Now ues DOORFRAME Library, supporting Non-Standard Comport & IRQ's. Programmers: Jim Pierce William Rountree

 IRONOX10.ZIP 229K 06-23-95 Iron Ox v. 1.00 -- Great strategy door! Scheme to become the richest colonist on an alien world. Nine player races that can claim land, steal, sabotage, spy and trade. Multinode and DV-aware with support for FOSSIL, many dropfiles, and "smart secure mode." Up to 255 concurrent games with game-by-game and monthly scoring; sysop-configurable daily, weekly, and monthly time prizes for the leader. Fun

 IRATEV22.ZIP 236K 06-23-95 PitStar Quote DOOR v2.2: program to display index and interest rate futures quotes on a PCBoard BBS system. The program is free.

 IRAQNOID.ZIP 249K 06-23-95 Interesting Wilson door set in the desert. Colorful Ansi Graphics

 INUSE10 .ZIP 98K 06-23-95 INUSE Utility v1.0 . ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection ** Use this utility when you have a DOOR that is NOT Multi-Node aware. If you create a file in the Door directory when the NON-MultiNode aware Door starts, this utility will check for that file everytime someone tries to play from another Node. Just about everything is configurable from colors to verbage! Supports

 INTRIG21.ZIP 236K 06-23-95 Newest release of Intrigue (player term program included).

 INFRN092.ZIP 133K 06-23-95 INFERNO v0.92() Online Door Game

 INFOV20 .ZIP 110K 06-23-95 INFO-DOOR DOOR program for most bbs software. Creates menued, searchable database from simple text file. MENU is created automatically. Easy to install. Built in support for most bbs software. Excellent for displaying online services such as USA TODAY, BOARDWATCH MAGAZINE, or create your own Caller Registrys, BBS Lists, Classified Ads etc.

 INFODOOR.ZIP 87K 06-23-95 INFO DOOR DISPLAY TEXT FILE Use this to display a text file. Requires the Brainex Door Manager. From Brainex System: 310-275-2344

 IMP352 .ZIP 314K 06-23-95 THE WARGAME OF THE MILLENNIA Multi-Player Version 3.52 A door game designed to run under PCBoard v12 & 14

 IDTEL14 .ZIP 59K 06-23-95 59594 10-27-93 No ID File Found For This Archi

 IDM_100 .ZIP 152K 06-23-95 Interstellar Domination. New Interbbs Door.

 IDELIGHT.ZIP 150K 06-23-95 Idiot's Delight Door v1.3 - By JNS Software, Released 6-4-93. You can't be an idiot if you want to win this solitaire card game. Non Standard Com Port addressing & Fossil Driver Support. NO EVALUATION KEY required. The registered version features Make-Up & Play Ahead options as well as a Bulletin maker and User Score Data Editor which is built in. Now detects and adjusts screen for

 HSA15 .ZIP 94K 06-23-95 High Seas Armada online door game.

 HOST31H .ZIP 145K 06-23-95 Newest host (3.1h) for VGA Planets.

 HOLODOR1.ZIP 37K 06-23-95 AVATAR ->ANSI filter for doors, DORINFO1.DEF.

 HOF100 .ZIP 11K 06-23-95 Hall of Fame utility for Global War.

 HOCKEY .ZIP 262K 06-23-95 Hockey Door Game

 HL131 .ZIP 15K 06-23-95 Hi-Low 1.31: Searchlight BBS door game.

 HISTRY17.ZIP 99K 06-23-95 Year in History v1.7; which lets players guess what year events happened. Multi/bbs/node bauds up to 115k, fossil driver and dv aware, com-ports 0-15. No other files needed! Fixed the NO ANSI errors. Will work with Fossil Drivers now.

 HAWAII20.ZIP 102K 06-23-95 HAWAIIAN TRIVIA On-line Door Game asks the caller a series of questions on the Famous People, Famous Places, and Famous Dates in Hawaiian History. Educational and fun for all ages. Improved!

 GWTERM26.ZIP 36K 06-23-95 Term program for Global Wars door game v2.6. Make maps appear instantly. Better mouse

 GWMODEM .ZIP 111K 06-23-95 Ground War II; Two-player tank game, that involves both hand-eye coordination and strategy. Find a friend and take a position at the controls, then try to outfight and outsmart your opponent! One player takes the position of the Allies, while the other takes the position of the Iraqis.

 GWDOOR .ZIP 317K 06-23-95 Galactic Warrior: bbs door game. This is a space trading/fighting multi-node game. Users can compete real-time against other players on multi-node boards. Baud rate up to 115k.

 GWAR242 .ZIP 127K 06-23-95 Global Wars door game v2.42. Will now support higher baud rates.

 GTERM380.ZIP 620K 06-23-95 634060 10-20-93 No ID File Found For This Arch

 GTERM370.ZIP 410K 06-23-95 GTERM is a terminal program for use with my land of devestation doorgame. It provides EGA graphics support. Basically, the wasteland map and user inventory have pictures.

 GRWE11 .ZIP 165K 06-23-95 GALACTIC RIM WARS ELiTE v1.1 a new humourous parody of online space games, and an addictive onliner in it's own right.

 GRID100 .ZIP 55K 06-23-95 GridLock v1.00 Online Game Door: Yet another online game written with the BBS Onliner Interface, meaning it will run under virtually all MS-DOS BBSes. GridLock is a player vs. computer updating of the school room game of connect the dots

 GREATWHT.ZIP 154K 06-23-95 The Great White Card v4.1 - By JNS Software, Released 6-4-93. A fantastic card guppies clone that adds a lot more fun to the play. Non Standard Com Port addressing & Fossil Driver Support. NO EVALUATION KEY required. The registered version features Make-Up & Play Ahead options as well as a Bulletin maker and User Score Data Editor which is built in. Now detects and adjusts screen for

 GPWAR091.ZIP 117K 06-23-95 Geo-Political Warfare v 0.91 GPWAR is an online game for PC Based BBS systems. Forget SRE's continuous scroll! GPWAR has a *FULL SCREEN ANSI INTERFACE* In GPWAR each player much take on many economic, military and diplomatic problems. The only way to win is by trading with other players & getting well prepared for the military showdown. GPWAR

 GOLF181 .ZIP 291K 06-23-95 LAN/BBS TOURNAMENT GOLF; LBGolf is a very unique multi-user tournament oriented graphical golf game that can be played on BBS's, networks, and on your PC at home. 99 simultaneous players can compete against each other in real-time for optional prizes.

 GOLD3_00.ZIP 96K 06-23-95 Gold Hunt! ver 3.00 Door program. Welcome to Gold Hunt ! The game is simple to play with all instructions in the door itself. You start at the entrance to a mine and all you have to do is explore the mine looking for gold. Along the way are storage boxes which could hold some items useful to you on your quest. Be careful for disasters which could befall you on your journey through the mine. This release fixes makeup days problems.

 GOC100 .ZIP 174K 06-23-95 GODFATHER OF CRIME Door Game - Vers 1.00 A rip-roaring, knock-em-dead ANSI door game of the 1930s New York organized Crime Scene! Carefully researched, the game provides authentic flavor as well as a fun to play game of the period. Using treachery, bribery, corruption, illegal businesses and, of course, some criminal acts, you attempt to work your way up from a young family Lieutenant to become the GodFather and most powerful

 GOBBLE .ZIP 15K 06-23-95 Ver. 2.0 - Gobble Man game door. Object of the game is for you, the Gobble Man, to try and get all of the .'s before the Monsters get you. (requires DORPCH38.EXE and BRUN30.EXE)

 GILLIGAN.ZIP 53K 06-23-95 Ver. 2.1 - Gilligan's Island Trivia game door. Trivia game with questions testing your knowledge of the Gilligan's Island TV show and movies. (requires DORPCH38.EXE and BRUN30.EXE)

 GE105 .ZIP 88K 06-23-95 GalacticEmpires 1.05 multiplayer game door GalacticEmpires is a game of treachery and strategy. A cross between Risk and Chess, with each 4 to 9 player game lasting for months. This game is not for those with short attention problems. This is another BBS Onliner Inteface game from the warped and highly dangerous mind of Andrew Mead.

 GAPBANK .ZIP 119K 06-23-95 TimeBank for GAP. Version 1.8, GAP 5.x & up. Store & retrieve time while on-line. Easy to set-up. Configurable... allows different security levels to store different amounts of time. Multi-node aware. Event-aware, will not allow withdrawals at the wrong time! Includes editor to alter or disable accounts. Supports 38400 speeds. Complete logging of what takes place. Cheap!

 GAMEST11.ZIP 43K 06-23-95 GameStat v1.10 - for Sysops - an online game game summary showing the top 15 games played on the BBS.

 FOODFITE.ZIP 8K 06-23-95 Caller's documentation in how to play Food Fight door games. 12/21/92.

 FLV125 .ZIP 168K 06-23-95 FLV File-List-Viewer v1.25 File list viewer for CD-ROMs/BBS filelists. Let your users download your filelist and view it with an easy-to-understand viewer w/ searching, printing, DL estimates, and more! Up to 500 file areas. Includes area editor and filelist compilers for PCBoard and Wildcat. Full color, attractive scr- eens. From LCL Software. By Brian W. Ward.

 FLBDV120.ZIP 295K 06-23-95 301174 11-23-93 No ID File Found For This Arch

 FFIGHT33.ZIP 168K 06-23-95 FOOD FIGHT BBS Door v3.3 - Addictive, Colorful, Fast-paced, fun. Very simply, the callers find money, buy food, and throw it. You get points if hit, and lose points if you miss. There is a bank to save your money, get loans and protect yourself from robbery. There is protection to help you out. Food items, protection and a dozen other options are 100% configurable by the sysop.

 FEUD25 .ZIP 110K 06-23-95 Ver 2.5 Feud, Game similiar to TV's Family Feud. Allows players only 3 strikes to be out. Multi-bbs/node and handles baud rates to 115K. Now Fossil Driver Aware. Fixed the bulletin reports plus much more. com-ports 0-15. Fixed the NO ANSI and too many files error. Now can run in local mode.

 FAXMAIL .ZIP 74K 06-23-95 Faxing door for PC Board

 FAXEM20 .ZIP 106K 06-23-95 FAXEM v2.0 Online Fax Door for Any FaxModem Faxem has direct support for most BBS software, COM 1 - 15, up to 115K Baud, non-standard IRQ's, multi-nodes, Now supports multi-port boards using FOSSIL drivers.

 FAXDOR20.ZIP 82K 06-23-95 FaxDoor v2.0 - Released Mar 93. Now with two modes of faxing - Immediate or DELAYED, making it available on all nodes! Supporst Long Distance, FaxBack as well as many other user options. Requires the use of DoorPatch 3.8 and Brun30.Exe. Works with Bitfax and your fax-modem. Now $20 to register. G.Freymann Doorware.

 FASTVOTE.ZIP 162K 06-23-95 *FastVote* v3.30 -- NEW! Updates include better multi-tasking support and more! Great Voting System for almost ANY BBS System. Includes internal BBS support, full communications routines, multi-node support, attractive ANSI graphed results, and access-level security. Allows users to create, edit and delete booths, add choices, change votes, and much more. EASY SETUP!

 FARKL219.ZIP 156K 06-23-95 Farkl 2.19 Interbbs Dice Online Door Game.

 FANTDATA.ZIP 14K 06-23-95 FANTASY DATA - v1 by Randall LaBrake This Archive contains the .ARE and .MAP files that will give your DOOR "FANTASY" a 200 room playing area, and the map of the layout as well. Read the file "READTHIS.ALL" to get the instructions on how to install this file.

 FANT150 .ZIP 217K 06-23-95 Fantasy adult online door version 1.50. 01/17/93.

 FAMOUS18.ZIP 107K 06-23-95 v1.8 Famous Celebrities. Can you guess what Celebrity name that was picked? Multi/bbs/node and handles bauds to 115k. Fossil Driver aware and needs no run time file. Sysop selects to give correct answer or not. Now handles com-ports 0-15! Fixed the NO ANSI errors. Works with fossil drivers and in local mode.

 FAMILIAR.ZIP 82K 06-23-95 Old Familiar; Multi-Node version 1.0a

 EZV121 .ZIP 129K 06-23-95 EZVERIFY 1.21; The first and only full-featured callback verifier created specifically for the Ezycom BBS! Guaranteed to work with Ezycom 1.02! It's easy to set up, yet includes many configurable options for the advanced sysop.

 EZROM120.ZIP 78K 06-23-95 EZ-Rom 1.20, CD-ROM file download door. For Wildcat or any DOOR.SYS BBS. CDROM or magnetic drive, Multi-disk, Multi-node, Batch download, File tagging, Text search, Logs downloads, Enforces daily limits. By Mike Robinson

 EXCAL37 .ZIP 149K 06-23-95 Excalibur! Onliner: A Door Game Of Challenge and Adventure. Many new features.

 EVD35 .ZIP 159K 06-23-95 EVDoor v3.5; NEW USER Automatic Verification Door For PCBoard 14.5x - Features Long Distance calling. Special LD time table setup. Phone Number Database, for recording used numbers/names. Areacode - Prefix - TOLL phone Number database files to tag and lockout certain numbers. Fully SysOp configurable setup and display screens. Supports Fossil drivers, and odd ports. Now includes Multi Node concurrent access!

 ENQUIR61.ZIP 99K 06-23-95 The Enquirer Door v6.01; When you call up Enquirer, Headlines like you might read in a Enquirer type newspaper will come up.

 ELIM51 .ZIP 141K 06-23-95 Eliminate v5.1. The computer selects a secret word. You try to guess it by entering words of the same length. Choose 4-9 letter words. Features 3 levels of difficulty. Supports most BBS software, multi-node, COM 1-4, 115K Baud, and non-standard IRQ's. Now supports Digiboard and multi-port boards using FOSSIL drivers! One of the MicroNet collection of quality doorware programs by Ted Freeman.

 ECGBBS1 .ZIP 680K 06-23-95 the online version of The Electronic Computer Glossary, to be used as a door and available free of charge to SysOps only.

 DWARZ200.ZIP 752K 06-23-95 Dragon Wars Interbbs door game version 2.0.

 DW930301.ZIP 127K 06-23-95 DOORWAY 2.22b Fixes for DesQView.

 DULWC10 .ZIP 9K 06-23-95 Door Usage Logger v1.0 - Wildcat! 2.x & 3.x Syst Makes Log file of door usage. Inludes upto user's name, door # entered, time/date called/door entered, connect rate, ansi/mnp enabled, databits, security level, minutes left, whether or not caller dropped carrier in door, com port #, dte locked rate, and many more! BRUN45 is required but not in archive.

 DTDBBS32.ZIP 86K 06-23-95 BBS Sysops drop to DOS Simulation, for your "hacker callers" - lets them think they're at your DOS Level. Simulates a wide variety of DOS commands and appears to "run" programs.

 DTAPE22 .ZIP 71K 06-23-95 DoorTape 2.2 for Colorado Memory Systems tape software

 DS_101A .ZIP 18K 06-23-95 Tracks door usage and will generate a BLT.

 DS200 .ZIP 24K 06-23-95 DoorStat v2.00; Create door usage graph for almost any bbs. ANSI/ASCII user configurable usage bulletins. Graph usage by number or percentage.

 DRWY222 .ZIP 224K 06-23-95 DOORWAY v2.22; Allows BBS's to add normal programs to BBS's as DOORS, and provides a shareware alternative to expensive commercial programs for remote accessing of a home or office computer. Contains both a HOST and COM program for full functionality without any 3rd party software, yet is still compatible with most other com programs.

 DRMLST13.ZIP 69K 06-23-95 DreamLIST v1.3; DreamLIST is an online BBSList Data Base. Users can enter BBS information, view, & dl others. Can search for Name. SysOp, Area Code, City, State, etc. Supports all the major Data Drop Files.

 DRMANN10.ZIP 52K 06-23-95 Announce! v1.0; A GREAT Announcement Door! This is your BBS' own running 'NewsRoom'. Run it as a logon event and/or Door. Fully editable messages/news. Supports all the most popular BBS'

 DRAWPOKE.ZIP 160K 06-23-95 5 Card Draw Poker Game v2.1 By JNS Software Released 6-4-93. A nice poker game where the user plays against the dealing computer. Non Standard Com Port addressing & Fossil Driver Support. NO EVALUATION KEY required. The registered version features Make-Up & Play Ahead options as well as a Bulletin maker and User Score Data Editor which is built in. Now detects and adjusts screen for

 DORMAN26.ZIP 45K 06-23-95 -=> The Doorman Doormanager <=- Ver 2.0 Ultimate door management utility. Limit the # of times per day a caller can access any door(s), limit time entering any door, sub. locked DTE rate for callers rate, Deny alternate nodes from accessing doors by Lock/Unlocking the door. Registration provides Twit file to deny any caller from any door(s), set the operating hours of door(s), mark any door as DOWN, and more.

 DORDELAY.ZIP 68K 06-23-95 Door Delay; A great way to help encourage users to subscribe to your BBS! Now you can put in this program to delay a user on the way to a popular door if they haven't subscribed. Completely sysop definable! Won't delay subscribing users. Easy to install. Not crippled. By Todd Miller;ver 1.0 A TechWare Productions Release

 DOORWREG.ZIP 7K 06-23-95 7055 02-01-92 Calculates Registration Code For

 DOORTIME.ZIP 5K 06-23-95 Doortime is a small and quick little program that will let you restrict Doors or any DOS activity to certain times during the day.

 DOORM10 .ZIP 148K 06-23-95 DoorMan v1.0 - Controls access to your door programs on a door by door basis. "Lockout" users who've dropped carrier in the door on a previous call or who have too little time remaining online. Exempt users above a set security level from being locked out. COM1- COM4 (including non-standard); up to 115200 baud; FOSSIL supported (but not req'd); and support for most drop files. Shareware from Alien Archives!. (02-10-94)

 DOMINO21.ZIP 178K 06-23-95 DOMINOES - Door Game v2.1 . ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection ** An all time favorite! Fast-paced, challenging simulation of the ever popular game played by everyone. Automatic game reset & Hall of Fame bulletins, at end of month. Makeup games missed, during the month. FOSSIL support for Multi-port cards including PCBoard /M........ NEW SCORING Features!!!......................

 DMAN_310.ZIP 354K 06-23-95 DoorMan v3.10; Complete Doors Mgnt System. Will work with vitually ANY BBS software! A Doors a Doors Menu Door, Drop File Converter, Bat File Creator, Menu Editor, Stats Generator, and more! Will handle up to 15 categories of 15 doors for a total of 225 doors! Fully multi-node compatable! VERY EASY to set up and run! Everything is menu driven or prompted! Optional Statistics Graphing program available (Demo Included).

 DM58 .ZIP 123K 06-23-95 DoorMaster v5.8 - The ultimate door convertor!

 DLOCK10 .ZIP 25K 06-23-95 Lock single node doors from being run on multi-node BBS's with this door utility. Works with any BBS type that relies on batch files for doors. Simple to set up and maintain! Almost FREE Software!

 DIGIBORD.ZIP 55K 06-23-95 How to use Brainex Doors with the IM DigiBoard

 DICE221 .ZIP 69K 06-23-95 You-Blew-It Dice; Local mode or Door Play

 DHSCOP34.ZIP 128K 06-23-95 DHSCOPE3 Your Daily Horoscope v3.4; Uses astrology and the positions of the planets to plot out your daily horoscope. Allows you to save the horoscope for every sign into an ASCII text file to display as you wish. Will know the sign of a user every time he or she enters this door upon initial run. Lots of features for registered owners. Creates PCB, ASCII and ANSI text files.

 DESTRUCT.ZIP 86K 06-23-95 DESTROY HARD DRIVE JOKE DOOR Let your callers destroy their hard drives! Just a joke... Does no harm!

 DEPOS102.ZIP 65K 06-23-95 The Depository Bank v1.02 [PPE] This PPE is written exclusively for PCBoard version 15.x. The purpose of this PPE is to allow your users to bank TIME or BYTES and to recover them when needed. It will also allow the user to exchange the saved time for bytes or bytes for time. No maintenance is required by the Sysop once the PPE is installed.

 DEPO22 .ZIP 139K 06-23-95 The Depository Door v2.2 for PCB 14.5 Allows your User store TIME&BYTE's for later use. Now Includes editing the Databank file. New Features! Byte & Storage Charges All Text data is Extarnal and can be changed. Code rewrited in OOP! style!

 DDJR15 .ZIP 73K 06-23-95 DIAMOND DICE JR 1.5 BBS Game Door Challenging & highly addictive dice game! Supports PCBoard 12.0 -> 14.5, WildCat!, DOOR.SYS and DORINFOx.DEF System files. Supports non-std ports & FOSSIL Drivers.

 DCHASE10.ZIP 114K 06-23-95 Deluxe Chase 1.0: a great graphical ANSI Door fo

 DAWN100 .ZIP 142K 06-23-95 DAWN v1.00 - The semi-intelligent bbs door. Dawn is an example of artificial intelligence that supports most bbs drop files. Simple installation.

 DATING .ZIP 43K 06-23-95 The Dating Game v3.0; The Dating Game is a Game for a board who has enough 'babes' to play since the fact that there is enough guys is always a fact.

 DARE30 .ZIP 100K 06-23-95 Triple Dare v3.0 BBS door by Mike Wilson.

 DAMV100 .ZIP 7K 06-23-95 Door Access Manager; Allows you to take control of your doors. It has two configurable close times. And allows you to list the users that may access the door. It will also check for access level to be used with a subscription BBS.

 C_TOWN20.ZIP 109K 06-23-95 CHI-TOWN v1.0; In CHI-TOWN you are a kingpin in control of a small but growing mob of gangsters. By investing in legal and illegal business, smuggling guns, running liquor, and making hits on rival gangs, you can work your way up to total control of Chi-Town. The game will support a total of eighteen players, and will run on most popular BBS packages.

 CTAROT12.ZIP 152K 06-23-95 The Complete Tarot Door v1.2! Written using DWDoor v1.2 for PowerBASIC v2.10f. Supports comports 1-4, virtually any BBS program, has complete ANSI animation and generates bulletins. Five different Tarot card spreads reveal the future of any question asked using AI logic! A must for any BBS's door area!

 CSVER240.ZIP 56K 06-23-95 CSVerify is a Callback Verification Door for PCBoard 14.5 or greater. Many SysOp Options for configuration. Modifies users record upon successful verification with security levels you provide. Supports Fossil Drivers PCBoard 15.0 Compatible.

 CSIEGE .ZIP 6K 06-23-95 Instructions Castle Siege Online Door.

 CSHARK57.ZIP 143K 06-23-95 Card Sharks v5.7 Multi BBS Door; Based on the TV show of the same name. Fast paced game to play, encouraging continued play. Supports baud rates up to 115,200 baud, non-standard IRQ's, com 0-15. Now supports fossil based multi-port digiboards.

 CSGOLF10.ZIP 122K 06-23-95 Chip shot golf v1.0 online golf game door. Supports most bbs systems.

 CRAZY18 .ZIP 107K 06-23-95 Crazy Eights v1.8 Play the card game of Crazy Eights against the computer (he's tough!). Supports most BBS software, multi-node, COM 0-15, 115K Baud, and non-standard IRQ's. Now supports multi-port boards using FOSSIL drivers including PCBoard/M!. A Livewire Door.

 CRAZY17 .ZIP 97K 06-23-95 Crazy Eights v1.7; Play the card game of Crazy Eights against the computer (he's tough!). Supports most BBS software, multi-node, COM 0-15, 115K Baud, and non-standard IRQ's. Now supports multi-port boards using FOSSIL drivers including PCBoard/M!

 CP3A3 .ZIP 55K 06-23-95 Computer Player for VGA Planets.

 COVR3_00.ZIP 97K 06-23-95 COVER 11 v3.00; A Solitaire Card Game for PcBoard , GAP and other systems.

 CONNDR13.ZIP 160K 06-23-95 ConnDoor file door for bbss using FILES.BBS text files and EXITINFO.BBS or DORINFO1.DEF. 'Points' system, rewards uploaders when their files are downloaded, provisions for CDROM and online TAPE DRIVE interface. Bulit-in BIMODEM interface.

 CMED402 .ZIP 48K 06-23-95 CMEdit 4.01 - ChessMAGIC! System editor. Required if you have ChessMAGIC! 4.01. Maintain databases, configure ChessMAGIC! Requires CMEDLIBC.ZIP (conven. memory) or CMEDLIBE.ZIP (EMS lib req 2 MEG)

 CMCOM34 .ZIP 123K 06-23-95 Chess Magic remote graphics interface. Used with your normal communications software. CGA/EGA. Graphic menu and chess board.

 CMAGX310.ZIP 284K 06-23-95 ChessMagic v3.10. Graphics version. The BEST chess door available. Many features. Supports most BBS'.

 CMAGI416.ZIP 487K 06-23-95 ChessMAGIC! v2.16; ChessMAGIC! is the most powerful, full-featured BBS door chess program available! These are but a few of its MANY features: real-time online; up to 9,999,999 games; unlimited gaming areas; up to 115k baud supported; USCF-style ratings; easy to install; and much, much more!

 CLOSEDOR.ZIP 67K 06-23-95 Door to use whenever another door is temporarily closed. Displays your own ansi or ascii message to explain the reason for the closure.

 CLBKV161.ZIP 69K 06-23-95 MY CallBack verifier; How many CallBack verifiers have you tried? I cannot count that high. So I wrote my own. They all did a little of what I wanted so I combined 'em all! Works in DV, AND on a LAN. Works with Multiple LD exchanges with a "NO 1" dial. Control if & when LD calls are verified and SysOp configurable screens for helping the user.

 CLASSAD1.ZIP 131K 06-23-95 Classified Ads v1.0; BBS door program that accepts Ads from your users. SysOps may specify 10 different categories. ClassAd will output a full color bulletin as well as an ASCii text file. Wildcat! SysOps also have the option of having Classified Ads writing bulletins to a specified conference path.

 CLASFY32.ZIP 365K 06-23-95 CLASSIFIED Ads - Door v3.2 . ** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection ** Callers enter Classified Ads into categories configurable by the Sysop. Sysop sets number of days Ads remain active, by category. Auto purging via nightly event. SUPPORTS ALL Door Capable BBS pgms. EXCHANGE ADS DATABASES WITH OTHER BBS'!! INCLUDES its own MESSAGE BASE! Download ads, read/reply offline! Allows for

 CLASFY30.ZIP 332K 06-23-95 CLASSIFIED Ads Door v3.0; Callers enter Classified Ads into categories configurable by the Sysop. Sysop sets number of days Ads remain active, by category. Auto purging via nightly event. SUPPORTS ALL Door Capable BBS pgms. EXCHANGE ADS DATABASES WITH OTHER BBS'!! INCLUDES its own MESSAGE BASE! Download ads, read/reply offline! Allows for the SELLING of AD SPACE (NEW)! PCB /M AWARE!

 CHKSEC21.ZIP 21K 06-23-95 Limit door access by AGE or multi- security levels. WC!3

 CHGSEC10.ZIP 15K 06-23-95 Change Security v1.0; Utility for checking a door's data file to see if the door has modified the user's security level. If the user's security level has been changed, Change Security will change the user's record accordingly.

 CHESSC29.ZIP 107K 06-23-95 ChessCOM V2.9 The GRAPHICAL Connection to BBS-Chess (c)

 CHATBOX .ZIP 83K 06-23-95 CHATBOX multi-line Chat Door Let's any number of nodes talk to each other without the need for NETBIOS. Works with DesqView, Windows, or any Network.

 CHARGE2 .ZIP 266K 06-23-95 InTeleCharge Credit Card Door v2.0 (Credit Card Processing Services INCLUDED!) At last here is a Door that makes you Money! Once you download the InTeleChargeTM Door and install it, you then can automatically accept BBS membership registrations and/or shareware program registrations via American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa. We then process the charges for you, send you a monthly statement...and a check!

 CDSUB46 .ZIP 111K 06-23-95 v4.6 CDSub door that allows callers to attempt winning a FREE subscription to BBS Callers Digest or buy online with there Visa/MasterCard. Sysop gets FREE listing as authorized BBS in Print Ver. of BBS Callers Digest. Fixed Color Mode? Fossil Driver/DV aware, com-ports 0-15.

 CDROM15A.ZIP 41K 06-23-95 The CD-ROM Access Door v1.5a; Completely uncrippled Shareware door for Sysops wanting to use a CD-ROM on their BBS, Supports any bbs that can support a door. This version supports any CD-ROM, 1000 File areas and is totally Sysop configurable. More features than any other ROM door.

 CDICE10 .ZIP 64K 06-23-95 CHALLENGER DICE v1.0 BBS Door Game!! Multi-Player Dice Game for 2 to 4 players. Simular to the Don't Go To Jail dice game by Parker Brothers. Very Challenging, Fast-Paced and Highly Addictive! Supports All Major BBS Types! Non-Standard Port - IRQ (1-15), FOSSIL & Digiboard Support. By MAJIC SOFTWARE!!

 CDCOM11J.ZIP 278K 06-23-95 CdCom - CD-ROM Support Door v1.1j; Full featured door program for allowing your users access to the shareware types of cdrom disks. The door allows listing of files by category, searching for text, viewing of files and downloading. Batch downloading is available for protocols that support it. Protocols are totally configurable by you.

 CCDOR300.ZIP 63K 06-23-95 Credit Card Membership Registration Door v3.00 CCDOOR is for the sysop of a pcboard v14 or later bbs who uses a paid subscription for user access. CCDOOR will take the information from the user, decide if it meets the required criteria, update the USERS file with the new security level and subscription date (if desired), and add all the Q's & A's to a specified file.

 CBV155 .ZIP 110K 06-23-95 Call back verifier for SLBBS: detailed, highly configurable.

 CBGS100 .ZIP 36K 06-23-95 CybOrgs 1995 (USA) is an online game for 2 A.M., DoorWay, Force,Forum, GAP, GT, ModuleX, PCBoard 14.x, Opus-CBSC 1.14, Phoenix, RyBBS, Search- Light, Spitfire, Telegard, WildCat, WWIV, EIS-PC, FoReM, OLEcom, Quick BBS, RBBS 16, Remote Access , TAG, and TP-Board BBSs.

 CAS_100 .ZIP 167K 06-23-95 Castle Siege is a multiplayer realtime interactive adventure game where players attempt to build their forces in order to topple the Castle. There are magic items, wizards, beasts, enemy warriors and many other items of interest

 CASTLE76.ZIP 136K 06-23-95 Dark Castle door game.

 CARIB28 .ZIP 68K 06-23-95 Caribbean Contraband v2.8; BBS Door Game. Test your skills at buy ing & selling contraband while traveling the Caribbean Sea! Highly addictive and Entertaining Game! Supports PCBoard, Wildcat!, DOOR.SYS, MikeBBS and DORINFOx.DEF System Files. Supports Non Std Ports, FOSSIL Drivers and Digiboard.

 CARDSH17.ZIP 70K 06-23-95 Card Sharks is based on the popular TV game show of the same name. A "pyramid" of cards is displayed to you face down, except for the starting card.

 CALLDR18.ZIP 36K 06-23-95 Caller Log Door v1.8 for PCBoard; Allows any user to view or search the caller log.

 CALLBACK.ZIP 106K 06-23-95 CALLBACK DOOR FOR GAP; Easy to use CallBack door for GAP BBS. Many sysop options, very reliable! Uses the Brainex Door Manager System. Fully functional demo.

 BZONE10 .ZIP 84K 06-23-95 Battle Zone V1.0 door.

 BUSTED53.ZIP 117K 06-23-95 118968 03-16-94 No ID File Found For This Arch

 BUSC100 .ZIP 67K 06-23-95 Online database where users can enter their business information in a business card format.

 BUCK210 .ZIP 95K 06-23-95 Buccaneer v2.10; Permits users to roam about on a 13x13 grid, attacking each other and treasure ships.

 BTLSHPD1.ZIP 50K 06-23-95 Battleship attack door program for multi bbs systems.

 BRE0955 .ZIP 364K 06-23-95 372177 12-20-93 No ID File Found For This Arch

 BRAINEX .ZIP 277K 06-23-95 BRAINEX DOOR MANAGER; All Brainex Doors require the Door Manager. Makes installation of new doors easy! Configures your CDROM, comports, nodes, etc. Works with most BBS's

 BRAIN22 .ZIP 111K 06-23-95 Time bank door for BBS's using DOOR.SYS.

 BOUNC054.ZIP 74K 06-23-95 BOUNCER v0.54b your Adult/Cd-Rom/Private Areas Keeps the kiddies/Unwanted out of the Adult Games, Can be used to allow Trial Periods on your CD-Roms, or Validator tool for Prvt Bbs

 BORG109 .ZIP 90K 06-23-95 Borg v1.08 Online door game

 BORD_142.ZIP 243K 06-23-95 Bordello! Door v1.42 -- Run your own whore house and fight against other players! Supports COM0-15, all speeds, top ten bulls, built-in message editor, fully sysop config- urable, non-standard IRQ's, and even supports fossil drivers!. This door has some great player interactions! Steal money, whores, destroy other houses, fight with opponents thugs, and much more! From T&J Software!

 BOOKS11 .ZIP 78K 06-23-95 BOOKS On-Line Books Description Door v1.1 Allows your users to view the Greenwood Publishing Group's book descriptions via a colorful interface with true pop-up buttons and more. ANSI, AVATAR/1, DESQview, Windows, OS/2 (DOSbox), and multinode support, too.

 BOOKDOOR.ZIP 41K 06-23-95 Bookdoor v1.0; Created to ease the task of displaying the Greenwood Publishing Group's book files.

 BOOBYTRP.ZIP 106K 06-23-95 Booby Trap v2.4; Door Game requiring skill and thought. Find the 25 booby traps without blowing yourself to bits in the field of 152 squares. Supports most major drop files. No expiration time or demo key required.

 BOGL1_00.ZIP 336K 06-23-95 Big Boggle BBS Door Game v 1.00 New release from ParrotSoft Doors. Big Boggle is based on the game by Parker Brothers. You have a grid of 25 letter cubes and have to make as many 4+ letter words as you can find. The letters have to be touching and can only be used once per word. Users allowed to play make-up days and all users get to play the same letters each day.

 BLB001 .ZIP 97K 06-23-95 The Online MultiPlayer Baseball door v.1.0.0 Works with any bbs, has 2 minute warning, colorful interface, up to 19.2k

 BLAXHOLE.ZIP 120K 06-23-95 Black Hole Door is a game of deduction. Ten Nuclear ORBs have been hidden in a black hole near earth by the dreaded Others, a race of pure energy beings. If they are allowed to explode, earth will be destroyed, and the eventual downfall of the Humanoid Alliance will be assured.

 BK14_400.ZIP 36K 06-23-95 Book Review Door; Supports several BBS formats and baud rates up to 115,200.

 BJF .ZIP 106K 06-23-95 BlackJack Frustration, a door game for Wildcat!(c). This is a game where luck and strategy combine for you to win big money.

 BJACK .ZIP 103K 06-23-95 BRAINEX BLACKJACK RIP ANSI Great Blackjack, just like Las Vegas. Features Double and Split hands, and great ANSI/RIP graphics! From The Brainex System 310-275-2344.

 BJ318 .ZIP 40K 06-23-95 BBS BlackJack/21 card game door. v3.18; PCBoard 14/15., DOOR.SYS compatible. Fully functional. Supports fossil driver(s). ANSI.SYS required. Com 1-4. BPS to 115,200. Multinode BBS support.

 BIODATES.ZIP 60K 06-23-95 Ver. 2.5 - Biorythms & Birthdays door. Offers Biorythm charts and in-depth astrological information for your date of birth. (requires DORPCH38.EXE and BRUN30.EXE)

 BINGO .ZIP 51K 06-23-95 Amoeba Bingo game door from AMOEBA WARE, no expiration!

 BIGROL12.ZIP 97K 06-23-95 BIG Rollers Dice Game Door Version 1.2 Compatible with most BBS software. DESQview aware

 BGTERM .ZIP 456K 06-23-95 Battle Grid 3.5 terminal package.

 BGRIDENH.ZIP 26K 06-23-95 Battle Grid 3.0 - Enhancement files/Documentation Updates!!

 BGRID .ZIP 685K 06-23-95 Battle Grid 3.0 - 100% REWRITE Many New features EGA DOOR.

 BGHOST .ZIP 494K 06-23-95 Battle Grid version 3.5: a must have update. FROM THE SO MUCH(TM) MODEM MADNESS(TM) CD-ROM

 BGAME34A.ZIP 55K 06-23-95 Multi Player Backgammon V3.4A - Now uses DoorPatch 3.8 and supports multiple BBS types and baud rates up to 115,200 Baud! Has auto-play Sysop vs. User mode. Only $10.00 to Register.

 BEER110 .ZIP 48K 06-23-95 Searchlight bbs 1st door game for 1992.

 BCADE .ZIP 104K 06-23-95 Barricade!, a door game for Wildcat!(c). This is a game where luck and strategy combine for you to win big money.

 BBSV101 .ZIP 313K 06-23-95 THE BBS MARKETER v1.01; Utility for SYSOPS. Successfully market your BBS with this nice user interface system. Supports PC Speaker and SOUND BLASTER. Prints Your Subscription Form! Edit your own screens the way you like, in just minutes. PCB/WC/SF/GAP and others.

 BBSTXT12.ZIP 25K 06-23-95 BBS text viewer door for most bbs's.

 BBSPKR20.ZIP 46K 06-23-95 BBS Poker v.20; Sysop configurable limits of Cash, Sessions, Hands.

 BBSL21_2.ZIP 360K 06-23-95 BBS LIST v2.1 [2/2]; The BBS List Database Door v2.1. MANY NEW features. Downloading within the door by users of the list or database. Bulletin file generation. Import & export utility to allow sharing of the database with other systems. Many unique features. A definite must see. Need both BBSL21_1.ZIP and BBSL21_2.ZIP

 BBSL21_1.ZIP 156K 06-23-95 BBS LIST V2.1 [1/2]; The BBS List Database Door v2.1. MANY NEW features. Downloading within the door by users of the list or database. Bulletin file generation. Import & export utility to allow sharing of the database with other systems. Many unique features. A definite must see. Need both BBSL21_1.ZIP and BBSL21_2.ZIP

 BBSGLF10.ZIP 96K 06-23-95 BBSGolf ver1.0 - Latest game from "FairWare" Excellent Putt-Putt golf simulation door! Like none you've seen yet. You control the direction and putt strength. Good looking interface. Top scores, realtime scorecard, Chat function, More! Registration brings you a Course Maker which allows you to change/create new courses as often as you wish. Must see this one. Ver 1.0 is beta!

 BBSBG226.ZIP 42K 06-23-95 Bbs Backgammon door game v2.26.

 BBD_201 .ZIP 73K 06-23-95 FrontSoft BBDoor Lister V2.01

 BATGUY30.ZIP 101K 06-23-95 Batguy v3.0 BBS door by Mike Wilson.

 BASKET10.ZIP 267K 06-23-95 Basketball betting door. Supports interbbs score sharing. Season starts 11/93.

 BACKDR12.ZIP 39K 06-23-95 Backdoor Version 1.2. Gives users access to Colorado tape drive for restoring and downloading. Works really well.

 B_52 .ZIP 107K 06-23-95 B-52s Over Iraq, a door game for Wildcat!(c). This is a game that gives you a chance to get involved in war without risk!

 AXRUD594.ZIP 164K 06-23-95 Latest version of Advanced Xoru adventure DOOR, great sound and color exploration of mysterious dungeon, crack puzzles, kill monsters, find treasure. PCBoard, Wildcat, QuickBBS and others sport. 300-115,0 baud on 8 com ports. This is a maintenance release.

 AW63 .ZIP 88K 06-23-95 Android wars online bbs game v6.3.

 AVIEW65B.ZIP 75K 06-23-95 AViewCom allows BBSers to view archive contents while online, read ASCII files, and download files from within archives. The download feature is useful if a caller wishes to read a document file prior to downloading the entire archive, or to retrieve one file that may have been corrupted during a previous transfer. Supports arj, arc, pak, zip, zoo, lzh, lha, as well as some exe and com archives.

 AVB23 .ZIP 114K 06-23-95 ANSI Voting Booth Door v2.3 - for all BBS types! Supports COM1-4, DESQview aware, non-standard IRQ's, colorful ANSI screens. This is great for online competition between your users on their favorite ANSI screens. Keeps a tally of votes for each screen, etc... Also has support for fossil drivers

 ASNPC108.ZIP 217K 06-23-95 Assassin v1.08 On-Line Door Game Medieval Adventure, where you must persue and assassinate victims. Multi-Player, Multi-Node Aware, MultiTasker Aware. Voted BEST game on 8 of 10 BBS's polled.

 ASNPC .ZIP 143K 06-23-95 ASSASSIN v1.06; Each assassin is a fighting machine, the goal is simply to become the most powerful and efficient one.

 ARENACRP.ZIP 86K 06-23-95 Arena Craps Door: requires door.sys. Public domain. Supports modem speeds of upto 57600.

 ARENA21 .ZIP 85K 06-23-95 Arena Blackjack for PCB14.5, WC, Gap etc. DOOR.SYS required. Supports modem speeds over 57600. Registration not required.

 AQBIBL15.ZIP 204K 06-23-95 AQBIBLE Version 1.5 An excellent Bible quiz game door with 600 questions in 60 category areas. Runs on many BBS interface files. FREEWARE!

 APOC61 .ZIP 99K 06-23-95 The Apocalypse v1.00 Beta; Earth has been invaded by what Governments have been hiding for years, the presence of a hostile & intelligent life outside of our Universe.

 APD10 .ZIP 26K 06-23-95 Adult Profile Door v1.0; A Questionaire door for ADULT ONLY BBS's. The door allows the caller to enter information about him or herself, view it and save it automatically.

 AOTD555B.ZIP 244K 06-23-95 ARM OF THE DRAGON --------------------------- Third Edition, Release 2, Version 5.55b This is the latest unregistered version of a simple sci-fi (for lack of a better term) online game from DevOnline.

 AOSS130D.ZIP 190K 06-23-95 AVATARS OF SCREAMING STEEL 1.30d; A simple Arena-type game using anticipatory attack techniques instead of the tired-old "hit" and "hit" and "hit", ad nauseum. From the creator of ARM OF THE DRAGON and METRO-MEZZANINE! Contemporaries are Melee! and The Pit. Supports DigiBoard, FOSSILs, & non-standard ports!

 ANSIDR11.ZIP 25K 06-23-95 AnsiDoor v1.1; Easier way for the users of a BBS to view ANSI pictures from a Files.BBS file (QuickBBS/RA compatible) description. It is very configurable, and was created with Turbo Pascal 6.0 and TP routines from JPDOOR

 ANSI320 .ZIP 97K 06-23-95 ANSi Art Gallery 3.20 BBS Door: The ULTIMATE ANSi Art/Music BBSDoor. Supports almost all door drop files. Lets users upload, download, and view ANSi pictures. Allows descriptions for each ANSI picture. Contains an option for sysops to screen files that users upload before being allowed to viewed by others to check for keyboard redirection, viruses, etc.

 ANN37 .ZIP 90K 06-23-95 The Announcement Door! v3.7 by T&J Software. Send a screen of your choice/design before or after your real door. Helps you thank users for registering the door, or nudge them to help. Supports all major BBS's, COM 1-15, non-standard IRQ's, multinode & DESQ- view aware.

 AMN_DV13.ZIP 52K 06-23-95 Total Amnesia Door v1.3! for BBS's Good Memory Game like Concentration! Allows Online Play even UnRegistered! Allows 3 games per Day UnRegistered! Configuration allows the sysop to set how many chances you get or how many games per day! Saves Highest Score info as Last Months Champ, shown in scores!

 AMAZING .ZIP 151K 06-23-95 Amazing Memory Door v4.2 - By JNS Software, Released 6-4-93. Simon clone where the game displays a sequence and the user repeats it. Non Standard Com Port addressing & Fossil Driver Support. NO EVALUATION KEY required. The registered version features Make-Up & Play Ahead options as well as a Bulletin maker and User Score Data Editor which is built in. Now detects and adjusts screen for

 AMAZE231.ZIP 299K 06-23-95 Adventurer's Maze (Door Game) v2.31; Quest to find and kill the feared DRAGON! This is a D&D style door. No nightly maintance is required. Requires ANSI. Now ues DOORFRAME Library, supports Non-Standard Comport/IRQ's

 ALADDIN .ZIP 104K 06-23-95 ALADDIN MAGIC LAMP TEXT ADVENTURE DOOR; Works with door.sys, chain.txt, dorinfo.def, sfdoors.dat. Can you summon the Djinni and escape from the mystic grotto? Weird, fun, exciting text adventure. No save/load games in this unregistered version, otherwise fully functional.

 AFREQ301.ZIP 103K 06-23-95 Automatic file request door for bbs. Allows users to initiate mailer file requests.

 ADOPTME1.ZIP 61K 06-23-95 Adopt Me! v1.0 The 'Door Adoption' concept! This runs before or after a door is run by calling it in a batch file. It asks the user(s) for a donation to 'Adopt' the door. If the door is 'Adopted', the adopter's name is shown with a thank you message. Supports all of the most popular door data formats: PCBoard, GAP (Door.Sys), Spitfire, RBBS, WildCat!, TriBBS, and WWIV.

 ADD15D .ZIP 44K 06-23-95 ADD-Door v1.50d 2/1/93. A utility program that allows a SysOp to advertise absolutely anything. This door was designed to run in front of another door. Optionally, this door could be run behind another door, or even as a stand alone login door. Advertise subscriptions, other doors, contests, you name it!!. This is easy to set-up and works with ANY BBS that supports BBS Doors. Get it now!! $5.00 reg!!

 ADATR .ZIP 53K 06-23-95 A Day at the Races simulates real track bet- ting! Callers may race Horses, Dogs, Crabs or Bugs, and may name their racers. NEW Door Game by: BDSoft/PbP Productions...

 ACES11 .ZIP 100K 06-23-95 ACES HIGH! v1.0; The Ultimate Card Game Door!. The object of Aces High is to remove all the cards from the deck. Cards are dealt four at a time into four columns.

 ACBJ22 .ZIP 65K 06-23-95 Atlantic City blackjack door game.

 AC6_0950.ZIP 159K 06-23-95 Alpha Colony game door, supports most BBS's

 AAL10 .ZIP 79K 06-23-95 Add a Line graffitti wall door v1.0. 03/07/93

 2002103D.ZIP 273K 06-23-95 Bug Fix to Tw2002. 4 Files to lay over existing files. Removes a bad bug that makes it easy to make lots of money.

 2002V2B4.ZIP 590K 06-23-95 603479 03-16-94 No ID File Found For This Arch

 2002HLP2.ZIP 20K 06-23-95 Utility for TW2002: creates user databases.

 1001V102.ZIP 178K 06-23-95 An excellent multi-node game. Includes DESQview awareness and COM 1-4 support. Best if used underneath DESQview because of con- current processing. Comes with 165 rooms and 28 different monsters, but can easily be adapated by the sysop for their system. Includes ability for unlimited monsters.

 99V13 .ZIP 83K 06-23-95 99 Year Conquest:A Galactic Conquest Door Game

 15PUZZLE.ZIP 15K 06-23-95 Ver. 2.5 - 15 Puzzle game door. Object of the game is to move the blocks into numerical order on a 16 grid board with only one empty space available to move the blocks. (requires DORPCH38.EXE and BRUN30.EXE)

 10CD104 .ZIP 87K 06-23-95 *** VIP*10C Game Door - Version 1.04 *** VIP*10C is an exciting and extremely challenging BBS game door of 10 Colors and 10 Chances. The object of VIP*10C is for the Challenger to correctly match randomly selected colors from a master list of 10 Colors. There are 10 Chances in each round. Color clues are provided to assist the Challenger after each turn. Easy setup on single or multi-node BBS.

 5DWS16 .ZIP 99K 06-23-95 BBS game door - 5D word search game. Version 6 compatible with most PC-Based bbs systems.

 4CORNR11.ZIP 82K 06-23-95 Four Corners door game for Gap: match rows or corners to gain points. Part of the TomTron collection of GAP BBS programs.

 4CAST104.ZIP 232K 06-23-95 237011 12-05-93 No ID File Found For This Arch

 1LINE14B.ZIP 55K 06-23-95 [THP]'s One Liners Door v1.4b (3-25-92) Door designed to load in login, to let users add a line of garble, displays last few callers, and user stats screen. All options