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 WWIVEDIT.ZIP 336K 02-28-07 WWIVEdit v2.5 for Synchronet v1b rev 4+

 WWEDSBBS.ZIP 6K 02-28-07 Documentation for configuration WWIVEdit v2.5 for Synchronet v1b rev 4+

 IDW20B .ZIP 66K 02-28-07

 FILES .LST 32K 11-06-02 [No Description File Found]

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 ZL_CLR10.ZIP 36K 06-23-95 The ZenList Colorizer v1.00 - BLand Software Inserts ANSI color codes into filelists created by ZenList. Configurable colors and header.

 ZAVT111 .ZIP 46K 06-23-95 zavt; Enhanced MS-DOS ansi/avatar console driver which understands ANSI control sequences as well as Avatar level 0. It has several advantages over most other drivers. It supports any display mode the BIOS can set up; It can be addressed by two different names so the default output can be left in raw mode; The blasted bell is now 1/9 second

 YESTCALL.ZIP 13K 06-23-95 YESTCALL; Yesterday/Last 24 Hours Caller List Generator: Creates ANSI/ASCII Caller Lists for the PREVIOUS DAY or the LAST 24 HOURS! The ANSI/ASCII files display name or handle, node number, logon, logoff, times called, and Location.. just like the internal Today's Callers List!

 XTRA3 .ZIP 45K 06-23-95 Bulletin and News Maker; Creates Ansi and Ascii Screens and now has command line options for larger files! Supports over 10 BBS types and loaded with features!

 WCANSI .ZIP 115K 06-23-95 WildCat & Ansi Viewer

 WANSI1_2.ZIP 38K 06-23-95 WinANSI Windows ANSI Editor; WinANSI provides a Windows 3.x user with the ability to edit ANSI display screens without exiting Windows.

 V_EDIT13.ZIP 408K 06-23-95 V-Edit v1.3 - ANSI, PCBoard @X, VBBS/WWIV heart code, ASCII screen editor. A host of improvements over version 1.2! V-Edit now uses many of the new PCB macros, has many trick new functions such as rotation, new code for faster operation, reads/writes via disk for memory conservation. Just about a total re-write. Too much to mention here. Works as text/ANSI editor in PCBSetup. Full Motion Net(tm) Software.

 VIDIO120.ZIP 9K 06-23-95 * BIOS-DOS-ANSI text mode video benchmarks * Compatible with SVGA/VGA/EGA, snow-free CGA, and MDA/HGC+ adapters, PC and PS/2 machines.

 VANSIL43.ZIP 4K 06-23-95 Extended ANSI driver specifically designed to work with the ATI VGA Wonder series cards. This driver also supports 43 and 50 lines under DOS as well as 132 columns.

 TYPEANSI.ZIP 10K 06-23-95 Type ANSI screens without ANSI.SYS

 TURBOBLA.ZIP 11K 06-23-95 Turbo bbs lister in ANSI.

 TOPDR007.ZIP 35K 06-23-95 Top_Draw v0.07; designed to create ANSI / AVATAR screens for BBS systems. It's not an all-round ANSI creation program. It's main purpose is to design and create ANSI and AVATAR screens that are useful on a BBS

 TOPCALL .ZIP 43K 06-23-95 Creates ANSI/ASCII top user bulletins screens for SBBS/RA.

 TDXL3 .ZIP 34K 06-23-95 TSR for TheDraw to create PCBoard @X ANSI color screens. View, Load and Save @X format files from within TheDraw(R).

 TDRAW463.ZIP 282K 06-23-95 THEDRAW SCREEN EDITOR VERSION 4.63 - (10/93) A text-oriented screen design tool. Similar is some regards to a graphics paint program. Offers multiple page SPRITE editing, powerful Ansi ANIMATION support, Ansi/Ascii FONTS, pulldown menus, full mouse support & online help. Saves files for ANSI, ASCII, AVATAR, PCBOARD, WILDCAT, COM, BINARY, BSAVE, OBJECT (C/Pascal/QuickBasic), and source code in Asm

 TD131 .ZIP 67K 06-23-95 create ASCII or ANSI files with text from a list of large fonts(big letters). The text can be saved to be used in batch files, text files, or THEDRAW using color

 T2A20 .ZIP 41K 06-23-95 T2A Version 2.0 Create Ansi/Avatar files from ANY LENGTH text files. For RemoteAccess. Insert RA variables with simple Ctl-Key presses. Fast and flexible.

 STATSC1D.ZIP 32K 06-23-95 StatusC: Generate Export, Import, Last Import and Monthly Total bulletins using Cam-Mail logs. Multi-Network. Rollovers. ANSI, ASCII and PCB color/mono support.

 SMILE20 .ZIP 80K 06-23-95 SMILE v2.0; Viewer is an ANSI display/library utility that allows the user to view files containing ANSI sequences, Music strings in BASIC "PLAY" format and Sounds using a custom SOUND code.

 SFLF_31 .ZIP 51K 06-23-95 SFLAST5 v3.1; Create an ASCII and an ANSI file for your SPITFIRE BBS which lists the last callers to your system. SFLAST5 can also be used to create an ASCII and ANSI bulletin which graphically illustrates when users call your system and what bps rate they connect with.

 SFAZ100 .ZIP 10K 06-23-95 *-=] SFANSIZIP ver1.00 [=-* AFANSIZIP will ZIP the important C:\SF\DISPLAY files and move the ZIP file to a directory for safe keeping. A must for ALL SF Sysops. Run as an event or from the DOS Prompt. "Low Dough" Registration!

 SF_DAILY.ZIP 15K 06-23-95 ------------ SF-DAILY V1.00 -------------- System Stastics Bulletin Creator For SF.. Ansi/Ascii/RIP Screen(s), 2 Days of Stats! *************** FreeWare ******************

 SCR2BBS .ZIP 14K 06-23-95 Wildcat or PCB ANSI screen converter to codes. Mainly Wildcat.

 RATE102 .ZIP 339K 06-23-95 346928 09-27-93 No ID File Found For This Arch

 RANSI_3 .ZIP 79K 06-23-95 Random ANSI opening screens 4 Searchlight & other bbs's.

 RANDANS2.ZIP 48K 06-23-95 RandANSI v2.0; Easy to use program allows sysops to randomize their Login or logoff screens. It now supports .ANS, .ASC, .AVT, and .RIP Gives your BBS a new look every time a user logs n.

 QTIME18 .ZIP 11K 06-23-95 11233 11-26-93 No ID File Found For This Archi

 QI200 .ZIP 46K 06-23-95 QuoteIt v2.0; Generate ASCII/ANSI quote bulletins for almost any bbs system, using your own quote list. Three quote lists are included. The bulletins generated are completely user configurable.

 QBFBST10.ZIP 38K 06-23-95 Generates ASCII, ANSI bulletin statistics for QBBS.

 PND10B .ZIP 71K 06-23-95 Pronews deluxe BBS news/ANSI generator.

 PEEKR174.ZIP 4K 06-23-95 Add ANSI capability to Mark Kimes Peeker and RBBS-PC.

 PAVT150 .ZIP 235K 06-23-95 PAvatar v1.50; Add Avatar, ANSI, & VT-52 emulations to Turbo/Borland Pascal programs. Now 30-40% faster, adds ANSI music and AdLib sound support.

 PANSI2 .ZIP 8K 06-23-95 PANSI v1.50; ANSI emulator for QB 4.5/PDS

 NWANSI11.ZIP 17K 06-23-95 NW_ANSI v1.1 - If ANSI driver installed, set ERRORLEVEL. Excellent for network batch files that need to make sure the end user still has an ANSI driver loaded! By Steve Meirowsky of New World Designs.

 NUB17 .ZIP 41K 06-23-95 New User Bulletin v1.7; This is a little utility that will list the new users on your system in an ANSI and ASCII bulletin. You may configure the number of days to consider a new user, minimum access levels to include, and fully configure the colorization of your bulletins. v1.7 allows you to specify 7 bit characters to be used for the ASCII bulletin.

 NODEBL11.ZIP 35K 06-23-95 NODEBUL 1.1 from HOTware. Utility to create ASCII and ANSI Bulletins from the NODELIST.BBS. This utility is compatible with the recent changes to the BAUD rate field in the NODELIST.BBS.

 NNANSI3 .ZIP 37K 06-23-95 37724 03-08-90 No ID File Found For This Archi

 NNANS591.ZIP 57K 06-23-95 NNANSI.SYS -- Enhanced MS-DOS ANSI Console Driver For EGA/VGA Displays

 NANSIUTL.ZIP 7K 06-23-95 Utilities For NNANSI.SYS ANSI Driver MORE.COM and VIEW.COM For ANSI Text Reading

 MTYPE .ZIP 10K 06-23-95 MTYPE will display any ANSI or Renegade screen from DOS. It expands Renegades MCI codes, so you see your screens as they will appear to users.

 MMV30 .ZIP 155K 06-23-95 Melody Maker - lets you create ANSI music. It supports a PC speaker and Sound Blaster/Adlib compatible sound card.

 MKSFMENU.ZIP 19K 06-23-95 MKSFMENU v1.5; Create Display File Menus For SpitFire BBS! Supports ASCII, ANSI and RIP Graphics

 MEC2ANS .ZIP 10K 06-23-95 Mecca to ANSI Converter. Companion for bulletin maker, all versions.

 MBULL219.ZIP 122K 06-23-95 MaleBull; ANSI/PCB/WC! CDE Support For BBS

 MAXMEN01.ZIP 43K 06-23-95 43594 12-11-93 No ID File Found For This Archi

 LCALL1 .ZIP 40K 06-23-95 Creates ANSI/ASCII bulletin of last callers to SBBS/RA.

 LASTRANS.ZIP 168K 06-23-95 LASTRANS v1.0; displays a colorful ANSI screen which lets the user of a BBS know when the last mail transfer was.

 LANSI1 .ZIP 13K 06-23-95 Shell program for ANSI File Viewing From A Menu

 JSPV101 .ZIP 32K 06-23-95 Joes Snow Paint v1.01; ANSI Graphics Drawing Program with plenty of features.

 INFQWK10.ZIP 16K 06-23-95 QWK v1.00 The ULTIMATE ANSI/ASCII Generator for your QWK Packets!! Use With -=- RemoteAccess 1.11 ONLY! -=-

 ILQ20 .ZIP 51K 06-23-95 Ultimate ANSI quotes generator. 401 quotes.

 ICEPACKZ.ZIP 430K 06-23-95 Large Collection Of Ansi & Ice Files & Viewers

 HOLID200.ZIP 225K 06-23-95 ------------- Holidays V2.00 --------------- Creates Ansi/Ascii Holiday and Special Day Screens easily and automatically! For use with Spitfire and Wildcat! Creates about 23 Holiday Screens and Days B4 Christmas!! ------- Registration is a mere $5.00 -------

 HACKDISP.ZIP 27K 06-23-95 HACKDISP v1.2 - The best WC! v3.x ANSI screen converter just got better.

 GTMORE32.ZIP 33K 06-23-95 Utility for browsing ANSI or ASCII text files depending on the settings in the GTUSER.BBS file. Version 3.2 corrects a problem in finding the ANSI setting from the GTUSER.BBS. Problems were also corrected with occasional LockUp problems when the user was not located correctly in the USER.CTL file.

 GBS2BBS .ZIP 24K 06-23-95 GBS2BBS; Works with most ANSI files and converts them to nice ANSI files. Just compare the size of FLAG.GBS (ANSI) and FLAG.BBS (ANSI compiled with this program).

 FRAME11 .ZIP 50K 06-23-95 FRAME v1.1 for RemoteAccess Generate Top User Bulletins, Top Download File List, and File Header for RemoteAccess. All outputs can be customizable and drawn with your favourite ANSI editor. For RemoteAccess 2.0 and up

 FONTPK20.ZIP 29K 06-23-95 [ by The Phixxx ] Font Pack v2.0 for The Draw [ a must for SysOps ]

 FONT130 .ZIP 128K 06-23-95 FONTASTIC v1.30; ANSI Text Editor with 15 Fancy Fonts for ASCII and ANSI applications. Fonts are typed in "real time" and the screen can be saved as an ASCII, ANSI, .COM, or BINARY file. Many features for editing. FONT, DRAW, & TEXT modes. Two pages for loading and block tranfer of data. Special color functions for ANSI fonts. Pulldown menu, borders, box drawing, & more.

 FMNEWS12.ZIP 9K 06-23-95 FormNews v1.2; ANSI/ASCII screen generator. Generates screens in continuous paper mode.

 FMNEWS10.ZIP 9K 06-23-95 8879 08-17-93 No ID File Found For This Archiv

 FLIPCAT .ZIP 22K 06-23-95 Switch ANSI and Ascii files to allow a sort of rotation or flipping of screens.

 EREAD .ZIP 33K 06-23-95 Eeeek bits ANSI reader.

 EDIT174 .ZIP 10K 06-23-95 ANSIed edit/etog merges for RBBS 17.4a/0704.

 DVANSI .ZIP 2K 06-23-95 1778 01-07-92 No ID File Found For This Archiv

 DTEST .ZIP 7K 06-23-95 ANSI driver performance test for EGA/VGA disp. *** Archive description file (file_id.diz)*** *** created by the authors of BigSky ROMs ***

 DGANSI10.ZIP 34K 06-23-95 34520 03-01-92 No ID File Found For This Archi

 DGANSI .ZIP 34K 06-23-95 34520 03-01-92 No ID File Found For This Archi

 DEBUT141.ZIP 89K 06-23-95 90824 07-29-90 No ID File Found For This Archi

 DCHASE10.ZIP 114K 06-23-95 Deluxe Chase 1.0: a great graphical ANSI Door fo

 DANSI .ZIP 5K 06-23-95 DANSI allows you to view ANSI graphics archived with Qmail DeLuxe reader.

 CONDOR30.ZIP 145K 06-23-95 CONDOR; ANSI.SYS replacment of sorts. Enables your CGA/EGA/VGA computer to do bitmap style graphics ANY time from DOS or from any program that uses DOS CON: for text output. With CONDOR you get from 320x200 to 640x480 pixel graphics and ANSI too if you want because CONDOR recognizes most ANSI commands and can execute ANSI commands even while in a graphics mode. CONDOR will enhance online communications with it's abilities.

 CATCOLOR.ZIP 60K 06-23-95 Wildcat 3.0 or PCB converted ANSI codes viewing utility. For viewing color screens.

 BWANSI .ZIP 11K 06-23-95 Allows users to add ANSI sigs to mail uploaded with the Bluewave offline mail system.

 BUBBA2 .ZIP 30K 06-23-95 The Clinton Counter Bulletin Generator! Creates both ASCII and ANSI Bulletins reminding us how many days Clinton has held America hostage, and tells us how much longer till he's gone! FREEWARE (Fixed ascii bug)

 BEIT .ZIP 33K 06-23-95 Adds A ^b To The Beginning Of Ansi Files. Disables Prompt In SpitFire

 BBSAMT20.ZIP 16K 06-23-95 BBS ANSI Music Tutorial v. 2.0: now includes instructions for coding ANSI Music for message posting and information on terminals that support it.

 AV22 .ZIP 34K 06-23-95 ANSI View 2.2 The Ultimate ANSI Graphics Viewer/Shell. Allows 25/50 Lines modes, descriptions, Multiple Paths, External Editor, and much much more... Author: Steffan Surdek

 ATYPE_11.ZIP 15K 06-23-95 Display ASCII / ANSI / ANSI MUSIC / AVATAR files from Dos.

 ASTR201 .ZIP 70K 06-23-95 ANSI view and strip utility for Zmodem and Pro-YAM users, and anyone else that uses a comm program that can capture an online session with ANSI escape codes intact. Ver. 2.01: minor enhancements.

 ART25 .ZIP 203K 06-23-95 ANSIartist SAA-Editor for ANSI Screens v2.5; A handy tool for sysops, advertisers, designers with some pretty features and state-of-the-art userinterface. Easy to use, easy to learn, featuring an intelligent optimizing of code for the smallest amount of bytes. Very good features.

 APLUS3 .ZIP 277K 06-23-95 ANSIPLUS 3.00: Great console driver for VGA/EGA under DOS 3.0-6.0, packed with features: full color control, screen saver, scroll-back, scroll freeze, smooth scrolling, key stacking, ANSI support, Windows aware, international support, easy to use utilities, free BBS updates, and much, much more. New features! Replaces Versions 2.00-2.07.

 ANSV30 .ZIP 61K 06-23-95 **** ANSI View 3.0 - ANSI Viewer **** Full featured command line driven ANSI graphics viewer supporting ANSI animation. Throw away DOS's slow and cranky ANSI.SYS forever! Faster than ANSI.SYS but non-memory-resident. Includes features that simplify menu generation. Great buy at only $20! Dramatic speed increases also! February 4, 1994

 ANSI_J .ZIP 40K 06-23-95 ANSI.COM V1.3j - can be used in place of DOS's ANSI.SYS and gives better performance too. Includes ANSIPCB.COM that implements PCBoard's @ codes for displaying text files at the DOS prompt. This version now includes @freespace@, @who@, @lmr@ and all the new PCBoard 15.0 variables along with supporting @variable:nnx@ formats.

 ANSI_DAN.ZIP 50K 06-23-95 51089 11-08-93 No ID File Found For This Archi

 ANSI_D .ZIP 4K 06-23-95 ANSI-D v1.00; (PCBoard Programming Executable) that you can replace PCBTEXT record #149 with. What this PPE offers that PCBoard does not is to do some ANSI checking before ever even asking the caller if they want graphics or not. By testing for ANSI before the prompt is ever issued, the appropriate default value can be set for the user.

 ANSIWTCH.ZIP 41K 06-23-95 AnsiWatch; ANSI file viewing utility. It has a built-in ANSI interpreter, so you do not need an ANSI driver such as ANSI.SYS

 ANSIVI .ZIP 11K 06-23-95 10572 01-30-91 No ID File Found For This Archi

 ANSIT100.ZIP 45K 06-23-95 ANSIT! version 1.00 There are a lot of ANSI drivers on the PD/SW market and most of them are much faster than ANSI.SYS - but which one is the fastest? ANSIT! will answer that. It's a benchmark program testing how fast your machine (or your current ANSI driver, actually) can execute ANSI escape sequences, screen writes and scrolls. Support available from author.

 ANSISAFE.ZIP 51K 06-23-95 Searchlight 2.25 ansibomb detector.

 ANSIREM2.ZIP 9K 06-23-95 ansi-rem - A program to remove ANSI escape sequences from a text file. This program uses a very simple-minded method of identifying an escape sequence.

 ANSIPLUS.ZIP 218K 06-23-95 222966 06-09-92 No ID File Found For This Arch

 ANSIP302.ZIP 291K 06-23-95 ANSIPLUS 3.02: Great console driver for SVGA/VGA/EGA under DOS 3.0-6.2, packed w/features: vivid colors, full color control, screen saver, scroll-back, scroll freeze, smooth scrolling, ANSI support, Windows aware, larger key buffer, typematic speedup, key stacking, international support, loads to UMBs, HMA or EMS, easy to use utilities and config menu, free BBS updates, and much, much more. New features, replaces Vers.

 ANSIMSG1.ZIP 8K 06-23-95 ANSIMSG V1.0 will read in any text based file (PCBoard message file, QWK packet messages.dat file, or standard text file) and will search for valid ansi escape sequences

 ANSIMS10.ZIP 36K 06-23-95 ANSI Mouse drawing program the drawing workspace with a menu-bar on the top line.

 ANSIMATE.ZIP 80K 06-23-95 The friendly way to learn more about ANSI.SYS!

 ANSIG100.ZIP 70K 06-23-95 AnsiGraphics Toolbox Powerboard PCBoard Convert PCBAnsi to PBANSI Source Code in QuickBASIC for displaying both types -Robert Spier-

 ANSIED10.ZIP 67K 06-23-95 67772 02-19-93 No ID File Found For This Archi

 ANSIDEMO.ZIP 6K 06-23-95 ANSI.SYS Color Table Screen

 ANSICV22.ZIP 64K 06-23-95 Two ANSI utility programs

 ANSICON .ZIP 39K 06-23-95 ANSIcon V2.1 ANSIcon is a program that will convert plain ASCII text files into color ANSI files, This program can convert ANY size file, and you can append the output

 ANSICHK3.ZIP 30K 06-23-95 Latest ANSI bomb check utility. A must for any SYSOP.

 ANSI13L .ZIP 42K 06-23-95 ANSI.COM V1.3l - PC Magazine's ANSI driver. It can be used in place of DOS's ANSI.SYS and gives better performance too. Also includes ANSIPCB.COM that implements PCBoard's @ codes for displaying text files at the DOS prompt. This version now includes all the new PCBoard 15.1 variables and a fix for sized ratios.

 ANSFLT05.ZIP 38K 06-23-95 ANSI FILTER for Wildcat! BBS Systems & TheDraw. Get rid of WildCat screen pauses

 ANS2WLD2.ZIP 9K 06-23-95 ANS2WLD V2.0; (A utility to convert ANSI files to Wildcat! 3.0 format) This program will convert your ANSI screen files into a format which is compatable with Wildcat! 3.0

 ANS2MSG .ZIP 13K 06-23-95 ANS2MSG will translate an ANSI file to a Renegade compatible *.MSG file format using Renegade's pipe color code system.

 ANS2AT10.ZIP 31K 06-23-95 ANS2AT v1.0; This program will translate ANSI screens (*.ANS) to the @-code format for TriBBS 5.x.

 ANEWS11 .ZIP 55K 06-23-95 ANSINews!: ANSINews is simply the hottest newsletter generator that exists for a BBS SysOp! Your newsletter can now take on the appearance and style that a true SysOp can appreciate! After all, your BBS is the "Ferrari" of the BBS programs available. Why settle for a "VW" for a newsletter generator?

 AN2PCB11.ZIP 12K 06-23-95 ANSI2PCB - Converts an ANSI encoded text file into PCBoards AT text file.

 AED244A .ZIP 59K 06-23-95 59890 02-16-91 No ID File Found For This Archi

 ABULL22 .ZIP 115K 06-23-95 ANSIBull!;The ULTIMATE Display File Generator!

 AASS204 .ZIP 166K 06-23-95 169172 10-06-93 No ID File Found For This Arch

 A3E_121G.ZIP 180K 06-23-95 183747 11-19-92 No ID File Found For This Arch